Sunday, 29 July 2007

Bunting, Boats, Pink Elephants and happy times!

Yeay! Saturday morning was nice and sunny, so off we set for the River Festival. Stopping first at a craft fair being held in a small shop. Got a couple of badges from a fellow blogger Claire who runs have a look at her site, the shop will be open soon. I'll pop a photo of them on next week. On the river all the boats had bunting and flags hanging from everything possible. They all looked very pretty going up and down the river in a parade.

Some even came in disguise. How cool is this pink Cadillac boat. And checkout it's pirate. Molly said Mummy like the pink boat, lol bless her.
Over the other side of the river there was a fun fair. And Molly and Daisy enjoyed a ride on a pink elephant.

All smiles at first.
Then fighting over who's driving the thing lol So funny watching them, just look at Molly's face. There was 2 steering wheels but they both wanted the same one. Why do kids do that?

It was all forgotten once the ride had finished and then they said again, again, again! But the promise of one more time later worked.

And off we went to look at more rides and boats.

Once we'd left the town we made our way up to Grannies for what was left of the afternoon.

Here's Daisy with Granny going up the garden to pull some carrots for the bunny, our bunny just loves them because they still have the green ends on. Posh food for her. Granny also gave us some more of her lovely rhubarb. Will make another crumble for Sunday pudding. Yummy.

You can see for yourself how much Daisy Bunny loves her freshly pulled carrots, she likes you to hold one end of it so she can just nibble away at it. It's Molly feeding her this time. The Bunny's one of her favourite things. She'll miss her when she goes home to my daugthers for the winter. It's for the best though, as she keeps her in a shed all nice and cosy from the cold and any snow or heavy rain. I think she's a very pampered bunny lol
Sunday morning breakfast and it's little Daisy giving her food now and a big kiss on her nose. But I missed that photo, she was to quick for me.
Another lovely sunny day and we decideto have a drive out and find a nursery or garden centre before lunch.
Found a nice little family run one at Hoo and got this lovely pot and 2 mint plants too put in it.
I just love to make my own mint sauce and buying mint from the super markets isn't very eco of me I always fill bad for not growing my own. So this weekend we decided get some.
Recipe for mint sauce is so easy, just chop up some fresh mint and mix with a nice cider vinigar. It's simple as that and tastes great with lamb.
We also found these pretty plants to pop into the wellies, they where only 85p another bargain lol you know me! I don't know the name of them, I just thought they looked nice.
Had a really good weekend and enjoyed another yummy Sunday lunch cooked by my partner Ben. Thank you baby you spoil me. Big kiss X
I do hope you all enjoyed your weekend and are ready for the week ahead. Don't forget I'll be announcing the winner of the pink spoon tomorrow. Good luck to you all that left comments.
I'm off to bed now, all tuckered out. zzzzzzzzzzzz

Catherine x


pink-petal-designs said...

Hi, you sound like you have had a really lovely weekend. It's nice the sun is out n about at last.
Sarah x

Nonnie said...

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. Feels like maybe the summer is finally here.