Thursday, 12 July 2007

"Hello Grandma"

Yesterday was simply the best. I set off with the girls on the bus too Grandmas. And we enjoyed the afternoon together. She's 86 and fit as a fiddle, got all her marbles and drives too. A fantastic lady and a very special part of our life's. As you can see the girls just love her to bits.

And had great fun helping Granny cut the rhubarb and clear the weeds from the garden. The sun shone for the best part of the afternoon, so we spend most of it outside.
Daisy was just happy to walk up and down the lawn, screaming with delight every time she wobbled a bit and got her balance again. She's definitely found her feet now. lol Granny was so pleased to see her walking, I'd kept it a surprise. And just popped Daisy down on the floor and off she went, much to the delight of Granny, who clapped her hands with happiness. Bless!

Here's Molly helping collect the yummy rhubarb, I'm going to make a crumble at the weekend and serve it with custard. Hmmm! just right after a nice roast. I'm making myself hungry now.
Look what else I came home with, it's an old fashion bed pan that used to belong to my Granny's Mother and Father in-law. They had it during the war and gave it my Granny as a funny wedding gift.

Now it has pride and place in my little garden next to the wellies. Granny has put pretty purple crocus's in it, they will look lovely when they pop up. Thank you Granny for passing this lovely old potty onto me. I will take good care of it and just love it. X

We left Granny's happy and arms full of goodies, chocolate treats for the girls, cheesy biscuits for Ben and rhubarb and bed pan for me :) Aren't Grandparents just the best? they always have a house full of treats, tea or coffee on tap and fresh fruit and veg to share. I want to be just like that but hopefully have chickens, ducks and cats running around for my grandchildren to play with. And big old house and garden to run in. ( You can see I plan ahead. lol)
This last photo is just a couple of lovely pink polka dot lanterns, I picked them up from Laura Ashley in their sale yesterday. Had a quick trip into town before our visit to Granny. Daisy needed new jeans, as she's worn all her others out with all that bum shuffling. But now she's walking around, I treated her to some cute new ones. Molly got some new knickers, ready for her potty training in the summer. And they both got a Mog book to share. Ben and I both love to read Mog books at bedtime.

I did get some more fabric to, well you know how it is, I just had too ;). Will show you soon.

Those little bird houses are some of what I paint and sell and just thought they looked cut hanging on the line.

Have a good evening, I'm off to watch phonejacker, it's naughty I know but some of it makes me cry with laughter.

Catherine x


Perfectly Lovely said...

My Grandma is still 'with it' at 92, I hope im like that at that age.
I LOVE the Mog books, I had them all when I was little and then when I worked in a nursery a few years ago I had a excuse to read them all over again...
P.s Good luck with the tagging!

The Honourable Billy Blunt said...

Aaah Judith they were great stories.We've got Mog and the V E T.
Love the potty....we call them Guzzunders in these parts.Guzzunder the bed or something....
Your Grandma looks amazing,what a grand lady.

Mary said...

If no one has tagged you yet I would like to. you are so lucky still having a grandmother that you and your children can visit Looking forward to seeing your 8 random things about yourself. Its not as easy as I thought it would be to do this mary

Rubyred said...

Ahh...Your Grandma,sounds lovely and you had a wonderful day with her!That potty's great,perfect for growing your plants in!love the polka dot lanterns too!