Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Feeling 13 again not 31.

I borrowed my oldest daughters copy of Dirty Dancing last week and have only just sat down to watch it. Molly loves it and dances around the living room, It takes me back to being thirteen again and being swayed by Patrick Swayze and longing to be Jennifer Grey. Aww! memories. I'd forgotten how good it was. And I can still remember the dance to Do you love me. Wow I must have a memory of an elephant.

I made a naughty but nice banana loaf, I'm sure that won't last long, they never do in this house. And it's mostly me, I can't resist a slice with my afternoon coffee.

You can see Molly's enjoying the icing from the spoon. Ben missed out this time on the bowl left overs. Hmm yummy says Molly.
"Here you go Daisy you have a try" Yes I had two very highly strung little girls after that lot. But I only have myself to blame, they looked so cute.
My Sunday dinner looked this good, well done Ben your a great cook and spoil me with roast beef. It's just nice to not have to cook some days, so I thank you Ben x
Just one last photo, my Grannies rubarb made it into a crumble, yum with custard and cream. Hmmm!
Just a small post today, so much to do. Will let you know how the open day goes at Luddesdown Farm. Wish me luck.
And I will be doing a giveaway next week, so watch out for that. Had to put it off for this week, just to busy. I hate not being able to post everyday. Oh dear does this mean I'm hooked lol
Catherine x


Country Cottage Chic said...

Your cake & dinner look delicious!

Good luck at the market.

Hope you don't mind but I've added you as a "Best Blog" on my blog as I do enjoy reading it.

Tracy x said...

hey you x
thank you so much for my parcel - very unexpected and made me smile so much.
you are a sweetie x
tracy x

julia said...

Wow, how many posts have I missed. How come you've had so much sunshine there, you've even been to the beach!

Those girls are just too cute! Glad you're enjoying the summer so far.
Julia x

pink-petal-designs said...

cute girls! i love watching dirty dancing. Sarah x

Ragged Roses said...

Good luck on the Open Day! That banana loaf would not last very long in this house either! As for rhubarb crumble!!!! I'm going to have to go off in search of some now ....
Kim x

Emma Herian said...

MMMM, I live rhubarb! I have just missed so many of your posts! Sorry.
I went to Broadstairs many years ago, it was our only big proper holiday that we had (me being one of 6 children, holidays were rare) so it has so many fabulous memories. We stayed up high in a cottage near someone famous house (can't remember who, sure it was a writer?). We had lovely evening walks by the pier, sun setting and jellyfish were washed up all along the beach!
Good luck with the open day!

annie's abode said...

How nice when someone else cooks for you and it looks scrumptious too.

I loved Dirty Dancing and have heard that it is very good on stage too.

The girsl are sooooo cute!

Love Ax