Friday, 13 July 2007

I've been tagged!

Well I've been tagged by my friend Jennifer at Buttercup & Roses. So I'll have ago and think of 8 random things about myself. Cor it's harder than you think! But here goes.

1. I'm totally obsessed with cupcakes, baking them, eating them, buying things with them on, drawing and painting them. It's like they call to me from where every they are. I can sniff them out from a mile away.

2. When I put the girls toys away, they just have to all be in the right place or I go mad. If one things missing, like the box of wooden eggs has 4 in it. If I can only find 3, I'll stay up all night until I find the fourth one. Yes I'm must be ever so slightly obsessive compulsive.

3. If I'm nervous or being cheeky I bit my bottom lip or put the corner of my thumb in my mouth. A real give away of my nerves, but a cute way of getting something I want. ;)

4. On trips to the beach, I turn into a child again and run around, collect pebbles and dip in the rock pools. Ben says my eyes just light up as soon as I see the sea. I don't ever want to grow out of it.

5. It takes me forever to read a book. I'm so slow and sometimes read the same line 2 or 3 times. Maybe it's time for glasses? I have one book that I started about 4 years ago and am only still half way through it. I will finish it one day.

6. At the moment I'm dreaming of being proposed to. The whole down on one knee and a big rock to wear. I think I'm just an old fashion girl, we have the girls, home and business. Now I'd just like to be the little Mrs. I've got a few pictures in a folder of the sort of dress I'd like and the wedding cake. And is it just me or are there weddings everywhere at the moment? Well I'll just dream for now.

7. I hate armadillos, they make me cringe. Everything about them, just even saying the word makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. It all started when I saw one in Florida at a water park. All I was wearing was my bikini and it ran out of the bushes, right in front of me. They make a funny scuttling, clicking noise as they move. Yuk!

8. Bags, bags, bags! I have loads of them, it must be a woman thing, because Ben just says what do you need another one for? Well I do! and have to have them. lol You can never have enough bags. Especially pretty ones.

Well there you go some random things about me, it was eye opening for me. Am I really that mad?

These beautiful handmade cloth boxes came for me the other day. They are just so cute, I'm going to use them on my stall to display my business cards in.
Thank you Rosablue x I'll be sending your pegs in return for them. Well worth a visit

As promised a photo of the fabric I bought in Laura Ashleys and another little gift from my gorgeous Granny. A pretty embroidered table mat and coasters. So vintage, thank you Granny x
And lastly I'm hoping to find one of these butter dishes over the weekend, would like to go off to some flea markets and look around to see if I can find one like this and some other goodies too. And end up at the beach, so the girls can play and we can have a fish and chip supper. Yum!

Have a lovely weekend.

Catherine x


VA Boutique said...

Loved reading your random things, I was tagged too!
I love the beach too & I hope you get proposed to very soon! I love being married, even though we were together for so long beforehand, I just think it is fab!!!
Hope you have a good weekend and find a lovely butter dish!
Love Alison x

The Honourable Billy Blunt said...

I'm with you on the tidying up thing !!! I drive my man nuts !!!!I also have loads of bags and swap them about to go with different outfits.
I'm sure Ben will propose to you he seems a real honey and those sort of men are soooo romantic.
Good luck with the butter dish.
I would love some red strawberry pegs have a great weekend...........

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Love your list!! I'm just like you, I couldn't wait to get proposed to, and secretly had a whole scrap-book of wedding ideas.... Hope it happens soon for you x

Ragged Roses said...

Fish and chip supper on the beach sounds perfect to me - hope you've been able to do it. You don;t seem mad at all, I used to be very obsessive about finding all the bits for the kids toys now I just leave it to the hoover or the cats' magnets! Hope you're having a lovely weekend.
Kim x

Perfectly Lovely said...

Great list Catherine!You made me giggle!!...
And why on earth has your darling Ben not proposed yet..,You have your beautiful girls, gorgeous home and successful business, a white wedding would be the icing on the 'cup' cake (make sure Ben reads all your comments, hopefully it will inspire him!:)

Tracy x said...

mad as a fruitcake!!
i have been tagged for the third time and i am now sooo scared that people will think i am a complete loon!
the sad fact is i could probably make list after list of all my quirks - ah well x
hope ben reads your blog and gets the hint - and really hope you get to take the girls to the beach today.
hugs to you all
tracy x

Mary said...

I love peoples random facts. I have only just read that you too have a cat called Dougal Hope he is better behaved than my Dougal