Friday, 27 July 2007

All things nice, sugar and spice!

I've been looking forward to this arriving all week, look how yummy it all is. Lovely fresh veg and salad. All delivered to our door. A big thank you to Luddesdown Organic Farm.
We look forward to next weeks delivery.

I took the girls out for a nice walk this afternoon. And on our way back, I found some wild sweet pea pods. Picked as many as I could carry and an now drying them out ready to be planted. My Granny said just get the seeds and throw them in the ground. lol She has green fingers because everything she (just throws into the ground as she says) grows and grows and grows.
So I'm hoping that the pods turn out some beautiful sweet peas, just like these ones underneath.

This handsome pussy cat is Muffin the cat next door. I just had to take this photo because he looks so proud sitting on our mini windowsill. He often comes for a visit and our cats and the girls just love him. He is a very loving cat and likes a good game of chase fresh air. lol Silly thing he sees things that aren't there.
Here's the shelf unit in all it's very sorry state. Painted I don't know how many times and in need of a bit of love and care. Hopefully next time you see it. It will be looking all clean and striped back to it's former wooden loveliness.

Thanks to my Ben in advance, I know it's gonna be a tricky job. But your the man to do it. ;) x

And lastly but not least, A very big congratulations to my best friend Tracey who has just given birth to a beautiful little girl called Kitty.

Welcome to the big world Kitty, I can't wait to have my first cuddle.

Well done Tracey you did a good job baking that bubba. Big X for you.

Good luck to all you lovely ladies that have left me comments this week, I will be putting all your names in to a pink hat and letting one of my girls draw out the lucky winner tomorrow. I'll announce who that is on Monday and popping the spoon and a couple of other goodies into the post. Fingers crossed.

Have a nice weekend rain or shine.

Catherine x


The Honourable Billy Blunt said...

The Organic veg looks yummy,made me think of a lovely roast lunch with all the trimmings,served on big oval plates with good wine and great company.....
It will do your girls so much good all those vitamins.............
Kat xxx

pink-petal-designs said...

cant wait to see it when you have finished (white shelf) xx