Tuesday, 9 September 2008

All sadness melted away

These cute little doodlebugs went off walking into pre-school with a big kiss and smile. And melted all of Mummies sadness away. Molly was very happy to go in and stay. She let me hang up her coat and take her shoes off, show her were I'd put them and off she went to do some play doh craft. Turning only to give me a little wave and smile.
Daisy was not very happy to be leaving her there and cried "my Molly" but she soon forgot all about it when we went into her favourite toy shop lol And she gave Molly the biggest cuddle ever when we picked her up at 12pm. So cute (why can't they be like that all the time? lol).

Thanks to everyone that has send me a little message of love and support, I know I've probably been over worrying. But all your cyber hugs and comments have helped.

Look what we woke up to today a beautiful bright sunny sky, just lovely and much needed I think. I definitely feel better today. And wanted to share this photo with you all, so even if you've got rain and grey skies you can have a little bit of sunshine of your own. X

This is what Thomas thought of it all. And flashed his belly to the camera. God he's a big lush bag! lol

I have to say a big thank you to Cathy for my wonderful cupcake & tea swap parcel and a little sorry for the delay in blogging about it. Where does the time go when you're at home the break to Featherdown seems weeks ago already and was only just beginning last Tuesday. Boo Hoo!
Thank you sweetie-pie I love everything you sent and it's all getting used, although Molly's claimed the bag as hers and Daisy has walked off with the note pad lol
Don't forget I'm still asking what you have that makes you smile every time you see it and will choose my favourite on Friday. My new make me smile is a large piece of red dot oil cloth from Cath Kidston, picked up on a little trip out with Ben's Mummy in Cheltenham, thanks Viv for chatting to the shop assistant, she gave me more than half a metre lol
Lol team work, you talk I'll distract from the measuring, oh we're so naughty hehe!
More from the farm and both my cupcakes off to pre-school tomorrow, what will Mummy do with herself?
Many hugs,
Catherine x


Just Original said...

I'm glad Molly enjoyed herself today!

Big up fluttering your eyelashes to get that bit extra.

Vanessa x

jessica daisy said...

Glad Molly enjoyed herself today, it's a credit to you and Ben that you have raised such a confident liitle girl.

Garden Girl said...

Hmm. I feel a trip to the CK shop in Cheltenham coming on...!
Loving the cool shoes x

driftwood said...

with shoes like that you'd have to have a good day!

Kitty said...

I remember so well when my two started preschool. Such a big step, but they both loved it: had such fun there and still talk about it now, all these years later.

You enjoy the 'me' time you get. Put your feet up.


Twiggy said...

So glad pre-school went ok. Little Twiglet started last week and had only ever stayed with us, Grandma, Nana or Grandad so I was sooooooooo worried. Just like your little cupcake he hopped off, gave us a wave and that was that :)
Twiggy x

Curlew Country said...

Bless your sweethearts. "My Molly!" - just heartmelting. Glad it's not been too traumatic, I think all parents feel just like you and Ben our little one's take their first big step into the world. It's amazing how quickly it all becomes part of everyday life though.

Thanks so much for that shot of beautiful blue sky. Looking at my diary it was the very end of July when we last saw a sky like that. You can't believe it can you!

Mary Poppins said...

Lovely blog, I look forward to coming back X

julie said...

happy it all went well, as for how you are going to fill your time you will be amazed how the time flies, you will be wondering how you managed before you had time alone. ps love the goodies you received

love jules xx

Petticoat Lane said...

I want those tights.....
So glad it all went well for Molly. For all my worrying about Imogen's first full day it all went really well and she's asked to go again all day today, even though she stays at home on a Wednesday!
I too experienced one of those gorgeous sisterly hugs when Beatrice greeted big sis at 3pm. She missed her so much and kept telling me how she wanted Immy from noon onwards!!

Anonymous said...

lovely to see that Molly had a good time. It is really so sad and scary when they go off to school for the first time but to be honest, i get those feelings each year when they go back! They are just so sweet.

bigbucketgirl said...

Fab shoes to start school in...absolutely fab!

Happy Harris said...

Hi Catherine....sorry to be ages about the items that you were interested in...all the chairs have gone! sorry! I do have some spotty items...not sure whats left though, I am hoping to list into my website this weekend...so it might be worth a look on monday!...hope you are well, kiddies look cute...love the shoes.

What makes me smile is remembering those times when mine were small, choosing their clothes, dressing them up in bright colours, they have their own style now, but thankfully I still have a great relationship with them 19 and 15 years down the line and wouldn't give up on them for the world!

speak to you soon...

Luv Happy x