Monday, 15 September 2008

And my favourite is?

The fabulous Kim for Ragged Roses a little gift will be flying it's way to you very soon. I love that the flowers you got from your friends wedding made you smile every time you looked at them. I think this can be said for everyone. Flowers truly make us girlie's grin from ear to ear lol
Thank you for joining in my little bit of nonsense, there were some other lovely smiley things mentioned, from pink scooters, cats, cow pictures lol (Anna) kitchen cupboards, dotty teapots and many more. It was fun to reading them all.

I smile every time I read one of your lovely comments.
Many hugs,
Back soon with birthday photos and more from Featherdown farm.

C x


VA Boutique said...

Congratulations to Kim, lucky thing.

Garden Girl said...

Congrats Kim, and on your birthday too. Perfect.x