Friday, 26 September 2008

Truely scrumptious...

I had great fun decorating these yummy looking cupcakes the other night at 9.30pm, just after watching the few remaining episodes of Greys Anatomy i taped off freeview. I found doing this helped me from screaming that both the last 2 episodes had taped without the endings argh! why can't channel five just stick to the right times and not run 10 mins late, anyhoo I'm gonna ask of HMV vouchers now for Christmas so i can treat myself to the box sets.
Happy with the finished look i hopped upstairs to bedforshire for some zzzzzz

The next morning i packed them up in pink tissue paper and basket and set off with the girls to the coffee morning at the Salvation Army, all money raise is going to the Macmillan Cancer support. Within the first 10 mins of being here they'd all gone lol hungry lot.
I also took a few packs of cupcake pegs and donated £1.50 of each pack sold to the charity. I was very pleased when a couple sold. And sat back and enjoyed a coffee, cake and chat with some other mum's there, while the girls played. Bless the old ladies there, my Nan would be proud of me, she always loved going the Salvation Army in Maidstone and made so many good friends.
Here are my two little cupcakes mixing up the recipe and being a very big help to Mummy. I of course let them lick their spoons after we'd done, it would of been mean of me not too.
Our post lady came knocking the other day with a large brown jiffy bag??? i thought to myself what's in this then. And opened it to find these lovely bead sets for the girls. A little thank you from Imogen and Beatrice, Jane's two beautiful girls.
Molly and Daisy got stuck in right away and made necklaces. They kept quite for hours threading each bead and shouting look mummy, look! and when there Daddy came in later he too helped, (which i think he enjoyed lol).
So a very big thank you for them and we hope to meet someday soon.
And look i wasn't left out in the prezzies, this gorgeous note set is all mine. So yummy looking just good enough to eat. Thank you Jane, you're a very sweet lady. I hope we get to have coffee and cupcake soon, maybe at Anna's cafe. X

These goodies also few on to the mat last week, the fabulous Mandy sent them in return for some of my new Christmas red dotty heart decorations/gift tags. How beautiful are they? I'm just crazy for everything in Belle & Boo's website and Etsy shop. It was lovely to meet you at the London trade show and finally put a face to the blog and emails lol
Wishing you ever bit of luck. Speak soon. X

I hope you're all enjoying the sunny weekend and making the most of it. I'm trying to keep happy as Molly's not been so good at pre-school, last Wednesday she just wailed when she saw me still chatting at the gate to her key worker and they had to take her off me kicking and screaming argh! just heart breaking. I don't know what's set her off but now she doesn't want to go on Monday. But she is, I'm just going to take her and not make a big thing out of it. It is hard not to as she won't give me a reason for not wanting to go, has anyone else had this happen? or have any advice? things where going so well and i really felt for the other poor mum's with crying little ones. And now I've become one of them :(
Fingers crossed she just goes in and smiles.
Many hugs,
Catherine x


Rachel said...

That did happen with us - when my youngest started preschool he was fine for the first few weeks but then became absolutely distraught for apparently no reason at all. I put it down to him just being a very sensitive little chap. It is heartbreaking but you just have to hand them over and leave as quickly as possible. He was always fine once I left, and after a while he did settle down again. I hope Molly feels happier about going soon.
PS. Love the pink cupcakes!

Petticoat Lane said...

Those cupcakes look SO good! No wonder they all sold so quickly.
You're more than welcome for the gifts, they were only small but I'm pleased to see that Molly & Daisy enjoyed making them. Sorry Ben, just what you needed when you got home!!!!!
Isn't the Belle & Boo stuff divine. I have my eye on a certain painting that looks just like Imogen...I just know I'm going to keep thinking about it until it's hanging up on the wall!!
We had exactly the same happen with Imogen, she was fine for a while then one day just snapped and it was agony watching her screaming "Mummy don't leave me" as she dug her nails into my arms to keep me there. I found it SO hard and gave in sometimes but it wasn't the right thing to do and took ages to get her back there. In the end I did the same as Rachel and haded her over really quickly (then stood outside and cried)!!!! She did calm down though and was fine after a few minutes.
She loves it now though and asks to go everyday! Hang on in there, It is hard but stay strong! Don't be soft like I was, as it doesn't help the situation at all
Jane. xx

VA Boutique said...

Hi hunny, just back from Devon & trying to catch up with everyone!
Ooohh those cupcakes look so scrummy missy, glad you had a great time & raised lots of pennies.
Hope you are having a lovely weekend lots of love

julia said...

It is heartbreaking when they suddenly decide that they don't want to go, but hang on in there, don't let her see that you're upset and I can guarantee within 3 minutes of you leaving she'll be fine. It's all part of the great parent guilt trip!
Love the cupcakes and I'm very jealous of the Belle and Boo goodies!
Julia xx

April said...

Oh honey, don't worry she will be fine! Give her a big hug and just go - don't linger as it makes things worse - hide round the corner for 5 mins and pop back without her seeing you if you need to reassure yourself. Be there at the end with a big smile and all will be well!


April xx

claire Maraldo said...

Lovely cakes and i wa sbrought up to have a lot of respect for the Salvation army. My dad always says they work with the people so many have forgotten so it's nice to see your works helping them.

I'm sure molly will be fine in a while. You're such a lovely mum, I'd want to stay with you all day too!

See ya tomorrow!

Mandy @ Belle and Boo said...

I received my BEAUTIFUL heart tags, they are perfect, just what I imagined & my friend Kate & I have been drooling over your cupcake reciepe postcard that you included. Thanks so much for the swap x