Sunday, 21 September 2008

So much loveliness I could of popped lol

Woke up this morning to the most fabulous sunshine, just the right sort of weather to be going out to a Vintage garden sale. The wonderful Claire came and picked myself and Jade up from home and off we went. And what a gorgeous day for it. The bunting was up, handmade cakes and orange juice at the ready and loads and loads of amazing vintage goodies to be had.

We were like kids in a sweetie shop lol just look at how full my basket is. Jade looks beautiful in this photo I love it, her hair was freshly dyed by me last night and it looks great. Thank you sweet girl for coming along with us and I'm so chuffed to pieces that you love all this old tat as much I do. And a big thank you to the very kind old gentleman that took this photo for us.
Just look at that sky, we couldn't believe our luck or wished for a more perfect day. And how pretty is this roof, it just cry's out Autumn is here. But you would never of known by looking at that sky.
Who's that I spy rummaging around?
LOL smile Claire your on Blog candid camera lol
Stopping our shopping and loveliness finding for some yummy homemade cakes and coffee, we came across this gorgeous girl.
And she kindly helped us finish off our cake crumbs lol Sadly she wasn't for sale but we all got free belly rubs and snuggles. What a cutie.
Jade found it so very funny that her Mum was so excited by these fabulous apple crates and amazed when I didn't buy any, they did have a little to many wood worm holes for my liking, I didn't fancy explaining to our very nice landlord that I'd infested his gorgeous living room wooden floor with wriggle friends. Or maybe I'm just getting even more fussy in my buying habits, who knows!
I did also fear that the amount of Country Living mags I have planned to put into one of these someday soon would have been a little to much for one of these particular apple crates and the bottom would of fallen out. After so humming and arrhing I left them there. I'll find some more soon.
Look at what Jade picked up though, the very lovely Ray Coulthard from Hotel Babylon. He was there looking around with his wife and was so sweet in saying yes to giving Jade his autograph and letting me photo them. We both just loved watching Hotel Babylon and he was my favourite character, so we where head over heels when he said yes he didn't mind. What a nice man. This just made our day even better. :) and put the biggest smile on Jade's face.
She's been worrying about Monday as she has to sing in front of her class, I hope a lovely day out together and ending with an afternoon with her sweet boyfriend John, helps put her at ease. Knock the dead honey I know you can do it. I'll be thinking of you. X
Once home and after Claire and I had a much needed coffee and sit down. I took all my goodies out in to the garden for photos. And with a little help from Daisy, they came out very well.

The very expensive dotty tea cosy ( 50p) is being beautifully modelled as a fashionable hat. Gorgeous Daisy, I that style might catch on lol

Tea anyone? I'll stirr and be mother lol
I'm so pleased with everything and nothing was over a £5. I could of bought more but as we might be moving sometime soon, I was very good left the £120 bookcase, wooden ladder for hanging towels or clothes on, the dress dummy that needed some much loved TLC and the dog lol (I think would of noticest if I tried to pack her in the car).
And anyway there is another one before Christmas, so watch this space for that. I've started saving my 5p's already hehe! owww and I could have things for early birthday presents. I'm so naughty. But whats a girl to do with so much loveliness?
I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend and the sun has been shining for you all.
I have a couple of thank yous before I go off up to Bedfordshire for some zzzzz
Kim you most welcome sweetie, I'm so glad you like your little gift and it has gone to a lovely home. Well done for winning the things that make you smile comp.
And Jane thank you for the lovely message you left me on the phone, sorry wasn't there to take it but it was lovely to hear from you. I know you've got computer gremlins at the moment and it's been sent away to rest lol but I hope you see this on it's return honey. Wishing you and you're little ones many happy cooking with their utensils. And happy washing up with yours.
Much love everyone x
Catherine x


Leisa said...

What a wonderful day out! and so much treasure to be found! I just love the tin - just beautiful!

April said...

What a lovely day out - and lucky you - Ray is gorgeous!

April xx

Kitty said...

Beautiful pictures Catherine - thanks for sharing! So glad you had a good time. x

claire Maraldo said...

Thanks for a lovely day yesterday.

You are evil for posting those horrible pics.

I will be actively seeking revenge.

Sal said...

I wish someone would have a vintage garden sale near my home!! I would love to rummage!!;-)

Petticoat Lane said...

What a gorgous day out you had with your beautiful Jade.
How on earth did you resist..It all looks so lovely!
Computer back but need to download zillions of pictures onto hard drive before I can blog again...
Keep on painting.....

julia said...

How I wish I lived nearer that sale, it's like torture seeing the pics!! Glad you had such a lovely day out, let me know if you're coming to the fair in Chelt this weekend.
Julia xx

saraeden said...

Ooooh what a lovely day you had and all those goodies ... lucky you x

Sara x

Lace hearts said...

I found you from Happy's blog. How lovely to see all your goodies - I'd so wanted to make that sale. And what a lovely blog - I do like your adapted Keep Calm poster. lol.
Could you let me know when the next one is - you've mentioned one before xmas, and I'd love to try and make it. I hope you don't mind me asking, given this is my first visit.