Thursday, 11 September 2008

Like a duck to water...

This happy little pink tiger had a fabulous time at pre-school with her big sister Molly on Wednesday and took to it like a duck to water. And the fun was...

...Followed by a lovely day with Great Granny coming over to our house for a visit. This is why it's taken me a couple of days to post about Daisy's first day at pre-school, sorry ladies for the wait.
But having this wonderful lady come over take over my day. She's just had one of her eyes operated on and we all want to pamper her. So we had prawn sandwiches and yummy chocolate eclairs from pudding. And sat and looked at all the photos from Featherdown farm together. The girls enjoyed lots and lots of cuddles. Love you Gran, hope we didn't tire you out to much. X
This was the face that greeted me when i went and picked them up, a big beaming smile and a beautiful painting for our picture wall. Daisy really enjoyed herself and Molly looked out for her, telling her what to do and where to go if she needed the loo, bless her little mother hen.
i got a big kiss and "see you a little later mummy" from them both and off i went. Feeling so very calm and happy that my cupcakes where feeling safe and happy to stay without me. Looking at some of the other poor mum's with little ones hanging off of their legs crying, i felt so very proud of our girls. Well done sweetie-pies.
At home i asked them both if they wanted to go back next week and i got a big thumbs up, yeay! we love pre-school.
Wednesday afternoon i got a little time to photograph some of my new stock, I've been meaning to put these on my website for ages. So when the sun shone again, i got out there.
What do you think? they are £4.25each and i think they would look good in any shoe box and make cleaning shoes a little nicer. They make me smile every time i paint one. Hop onto Mollycupcakes for a cute pink i also have available.

More yummy new items will be coming from the cupcake house very soon and I'm hoping to open a Etsy shop in the next week of so. And will fill it with one off items.
Also I'll be choosing my favourite what makes you happy on Friday and sharing more fun from Featherdowns.

Many hugs everyone, I'm off to bath the cupcakes, splosh-splash!

Catherine x


Debbies-English-Treasures said...

I so love your blog!
Its so colourfull and inspiring!
Debbie Moss

By the way... your girls sure are cute!
I wish you all a lovely weekend1

julie said...

looking forward to the shop, can't wait to see all the new goodies for sale. The girls look very happy.

love jules xx

Things Hand Made said...

Well done for being brave on the pre school thing. Its hard to start letting them go! I have had to let another go up to school and I have warned the third that she has no chance!

Joanne said...

so glad all went well on the pre school start for both, they are a couple of gorgeous girls.

Carol said...

The girls look so very who do they get that from?
The brush is a great idea and great value too.
Carol x

Faye 'Country Chic' said...

Hi Catherine,
Lovely to see your little ones have had a great time at their new nursery. I was just the same as you when Ella first joined hers and now she loves it plus I have made some lovely friends with fellow mums. Love your new shoe brush... very cute! You take care and hope to be in touch soon.

Garden Girl said...

Lovely new stock missis! and so glad the cc enjoyed their time, what a great painting!x