Thursday, 16 October 2008

Argh! there is less than 2 weeks before we move

I can't believe it's going so fast the boxes came today and the cats joined in to help with the sorting and packing lol Anything new they think it's their's.

My big order is now nearly completed and then onto the next before we go. It's been easier to get things done while both girls are at pre-school. Molly's been tearful every time she'd been so i made the decision to send Daisy on Monday's as well as Wednesday's. Freeing up some more Mummy time and making Molly that her sisters with her.
I'm a little sad to have to tell them they are leaving, as all the staff there have been lovely. But we have found one just over the road from where we're moving too and it's also very highly recommended and lovely looking. We have a visit booked on Tuesday and the girls are very excited about going, so that's put my mind at rest.
I think I'll bake some cupcakes and give them some of my cupcake pegs for all the pictures they must get from the children, as a big thank you from Molly, Daisy and myself. They have made the girls and i feel very happy about going there, even if Molly does cry every time i leave her, as soon as I'm out the door she's fine. And it's all down to them making her feel safe. Thank you to all the staff at First Tiny Steps, we will miss you, you've been lovely. x

I'd hate to spilt them up, you can see how much they love one another. I'll show them this photo when they're older and fighting boys and clothes lol

Bless my cupcakes.

Right I'm off to do some painting, Ben's been so good and packing up our library of books while i have 5 mins on here, lets see if i can make it 10 lol

Many hugs, hope you're all having a good week.

Catherine x


Alchamillamolly said...

Hope the move goes smoothly and its not long before you are back on line with your lovely pics and postings. I thought I was the only other person apart from my daughter who loves Celine Dion!

julie said...

busy, busy, wont be long now. How exciting

love jules xx

Poppy said...

Good luck with the move!

VA Boutique said...

Eeek, only 2 weeks how exciting.
Good luck with all the packing, it seems to take forever doesn't it?
I hope you will be very happy in your new home.
lots of love

Unknown said...

It is very stressful moving home, but it will all be worth it in the end, and children adapt sooo well to change! They will probably not even look back! x

Petticoat Lane said...

How are you finding enough hours in the day? Just think though, before you know it you'll be in your lovely new home and the girls will be all settled in their new pre-school. It will be a nice term for them to start as well as I'm sure they'll have a party, Nativity Play etc, that'll make them enjoy is even more.
Take care,
Jane. xx

Ragged Roses said...

What a lovely photo of your girls! What is it about cats and boxes, they're inseparable!
good luck!