Thursday, 23 October 2008

A very pink birthday for Granny Mills and sad goodbyes to pre-school

Granny had a very pink birthday yesterday. With 2 birthday cakes, lots of gifts, good food, fabulous family, pink balloons, smiles and lots of photos taken.
Thanks to my wonderful cousin Mandy (lady on the far right), she put together the yummiest birthday lunch, with organic food galore. I'm converting everyone i know lol
It was all lovely. Thank you sweetie, can't wait to get together again at Christmas. And i was so happy to also see my lovely Auntie Jenny and second cousin Jen there too. A house full of girls and pink thing coming out of our ears lol what more could you ask for?

Huff and puff...
...with a little help from the girls, happy birthday Granny.
Cake cut and presents opened. And some more sweet pinkness, we headed of into the garden.

And what does my now 88 Granny do? she pushes both the little ones around in a huge toy car lol just how amazing are you Granny! Mandy, my Auntie Jenny and i just couldn't believe our eyes.
Then Granny got in it herself, i just don't know where she gets her energy from. I was knacked just watching lol
Daisy got cross telling her to "get out it's my car little Granny"! there is no room for you. lol
So Granny made out she was stuck and both Molly and Daisy had to help her out, while we watched on laughing.
Granny truly had a scrumptious birthday, one i think she'll remember for a long time.

I love you so very much you amazing, wonderful lady. You are so inspiring and I'm so proud you're my Granny and the girls Great Granny, they love you as much as i do. And thank you for supporting me with the new life I've chosen to live with Ben. He thinks you're fantastic as well and is glad he can call you little Granny too.
Happy 88Th birthday 22/10/2008 and here is to the 89Th one.

Now onto the moving front, we're packing like crazy now and I'm working my way through the couple of orders that came in. This photoed is all wrapped and ready for posting now and will be on it's way to the lovely Andrea go have a look at her beautiful new website and pick up a Christmas gift or 2.
And this huge order will be on it's way. Selling in the Salisbury Travel Information Centre gift shop, so if you're ever over that way pop in and have a look.
It was also Molly and Daisy's last day at their old pre-school, i took in cupcake pegs for Jane Molly's key worker, Ann the boss and yummy chocolate biscuits for the rest of the staff. Bless Jane, she was upset to see Molly go and we both gave her a big thank you hug for everything she's done for Molly, all the cuddles when she was sad, teaching her to count to 12 and helping her to write her name. Molly will miss you lovely lady but never forget you.
Molly and Daisy's 2 main friends will still be seeing them on Mondays at the Salvation Army, so not to sad about saying goodbye to them, it was more like see you soon. This made me smile as I'm not lossing my new friend Natalie, their mummy. See you after the half term sweetie for coffee and chats. X
So the Cupcake house is getting wrapped up and ready for the off next week. It's very exciting and we all can't wait. I have to say a big thank you in advance to 3 fabulous people for all the help they are going to be giving us, Claire, Granny and Jade. Treats for all of you over the next week. Thank you for taking care of the little cupcakes while we move in, i hope they are good for you all.
Have a lovely weekend everyone, I'll keep on blogging right up until we go.
Many hugs,
Thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes for Granny, she's very grateful to you all x
Catherine x


April said...

sounds like a fabulous birthday! Wish I had as much energy as Little Granny!

Good luck with the move

April xx

Kitty said...

Your cousin Mandy looks just like my friend Sue!! :-O

Happy birthday Granny. Hope the move goes well! x

Anonymous said...

bless happy birthday to Granny and to wish you luck on your move hun.

Alexandra said...

Hi, i just came across your blog and its lovely and now i want to go eat cupcakes, Alex

Petticoat Lane said...

Oh Catherine, it brought tears to my eyes seeing your little cupcakes having fun with Granny Mills. I miss mine so much and so wish she'd have seen my girls and had as much fun with them as Granny Mills has with yours. What a wonderful granny she is. "Happy Birthday Granny Mills".
How exciting for you though that it's nearly time to move to your new home, you've been so busy. What an amazing lady you are.
Jane. x

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Your Granny is FAB!
And looks so good for her "Young" age!
Sorry... but I couldn`t resist laughing at Granny in the girls car!
Love your blog!
Debbie Moss

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

just shows your never too old for pink :-)
hope the move goes well looking forward to hearing all about it :-)
Lesley x

Anonymous said...

cath I hope move went well but i have to say what a talented daughter you have. Jade has a beautiful voice.

No one is you ...& that's your power said...

Hi loved catching up with your blog and all the lovely photos. Good luck with your move, hope it all goes well x