Monday, 6 October 2008

The Jumble Rush lol

All these lovely hearts are ready for the off. I just need to finish the 100 and some odd pegs to go with them. I just love this photo Ben took of them and am thinking of using it as a business card from Moo what do you think? I'd love some input.

After waking with another very sore stiff neck, i wasn't in the best of moods on Saturday morning but looking forward to going over the my Grannies and off to the jumble sale in my old Sunday school hall. Wow the old place hadn't changed a bit, although inside felt smaller than i remembered. It smelt the same and i could still see myself dressed as a bluebird dancing around in a circle and making peppermint creams for Mother and Fathers day. And sticking tinsle and tissue paper on Christmas decorations for the huge tree in the corner of the hall. What fab memories. Now i was here with my own children and fella. Who would of thought it!
We all queued outside until they let us in. And oh my it was like being in a mad house lol there was crazed old ladies rumbling through piles of clothes and bedding on the middle tables. Poor Jade actually got pushed out of the way by one of them as she was looking at a top. She was not amused by this and did her normal teenage thing of huffing and giving them a look. lol

Ben stayed well back out of the way, while Molly and Daisy tried on hats. And raced around the hall in and out of everyone. Ready for Ascot Molly?

Daisy wasn't so sure. And after being pushed, shoved and poked nor was i lol I just couldn't believe my eyes. It was one of the funniest things I'd seen, lots of old ladies fighting over a pile of clothes. They where just grabbing anything and everything they could and throwing them onto the floor in piles and then sorting though them after, leaving most of it behind.
Anyhoo I got the girls a cute little blue polka dot suitcase and i got a red and white polka dot dress, that someone had made. Great for the fabric i thought to myself and at 20p who could moan. Granny got herself some plastic mini daffs in a pot and some groovy multi coloured slippers for the winter. It was great fun, if a little scary hehe!
The rest of the weekend was just a bit grey and not much else happened. Ben did a yummy Sunday lunch and we just chilled and watched the Harry Potter film on the box. A bit of reading and then it was Monday morning before we could say where's the weekend gone?

Friday afternoon in the Cupcake house was turned into a Winter wonderland. Both Molly and Daisy decided that behind the sofa needed a bit of a snowie look, so undone the large bean bag we have there.
They even got Woofer the dog involved and sprinkled him too. You can imagine the look on my face when I realised what they had been up to. And i just thought they where playing nicely and letting Mummy get on and paint. How wrong i has lol
Lots of cup fulls and Henry the hoovers help it was all cleared away in no time. (note to self, sew up the zip of this doesn't happen again).

A small yummy treat for myself that evening helped take away the stress of the day lol awww bless Hotel Chocolat and their divine rose & violet dark chocolate creams. Little squares of Mummy heaven. Shame I've run out now, oh well I'll just have to get some more.

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and it wasn't to wet and gloomy for you.
Many hugs and cupcake wishes.
Catherine x


tess said...

the little painted hearts look gorgeous, perfect for a business card. xx

April said...

the heart photo is perfect for a business card

Jumble sales = chaos!

April xx

Pink Feather Paradise said...

The hearts look lovely and would make a great business card.... I always find that its best to be on the organising side of a jumble sale, 1. you get to pick out any good stuff when you are setting up and 2. you have a table between yourself and the madding grannies as they foam at the mouth and grab everything in their reach.
Never get between them if they pick up the same garment, I would rather split up a pair of rotties!

Bit of a wash out here in Somerset, and the telephone was down all weekend so no internet.....AHHHHHHH!

Cheers Alex

Petticoat Lane said...

Glad you survived!!!! It sounded just like an NCT sale, Have you ever been to one? I remember popping into one when Imogen was a baby and I was heavily pregnant...Boy did anyone care?...No!! I was glad to get out in one piece.
The other hysterical one is a Boden End of line sale!!! I like to go to just stand back and watch! The women there would kill for that last spotty coat believe me!
Mental note - remember to sew bean bags up!! I know I shouldn't laugh but they were little monkey's weren't they?
Definately use the it, love it, love it.
Jane. x

Ragged Roses said...

Lovely photos! the last time I went to a jumble sale it was like being in a rugby scrum and I wasn;t on the winning team!

Garden Girl said...

Great photo by photographer Ben! I LOVE Hotel Chocolat, they can certainly give Thortons a run for their money Such a classy place and their chocolate is divine. Yum.
Love the beanbag story (sorry!) what would we have done before hoovers? You would be finding beans for months!x

julie said...

sounds like great fun, how funny all those people grabbing their bargains, I love the piccy of the hearts great idea for your cards
ps the cholotae looked great as well!!

love jules xx

VA Boutique said...

What a sweet photo.
You don't often hear about Jumble sales much nowadays, not as much as you used too. Oooh the old ladies go crazy don't they, I remember the last one I went to I just had to leave as it was getting far to wild!!!
Oohhh a bit of winter snow already ~ fab! (Well perhaps not for a busy mummy!) :)

Florence (Flossie Teacakes) said...

I love the picture that Ben took and think it would look fantastic as a moo card - you have chosen such lovely colours - very sweetshop-like! x