Friday, 10 October 2008

On The Move...

Well my lovely exciting news is that we're moving at the end of the month. I couldn't say anything because we where just waiting for the paperwork to go through, sadly we're not buying it, just renting. But hey who wants to be buying at this moment in time! Maybe in a couple of years when hopefully every things calmed down and the credit crunch is far behind us all. The Cupcakes household will have a place they can truly call theirs.
For now we're all just so happy to be moving away from the street we're in. The girls are very excited and keep asking when are we going to the new house Mummy/Daddy?

I'll share more with you closer to the time we go but for now it's all sorting, recycling, charity shop dropping, wrapping and packing. Not forgetting the few orders I have to complete before we move. Argh! if anyone can post me a few more hours in the day lol I'd be so grateful hehe!

Thankfully we're getting in the professionals to do the move, this has put a big smile on Ben's face as i don't think he could face doing it by ourselves again, and he's saved money by packing everything (meaning little old me doing most of it, no really i wouldn't have it any other way lol). And this way i can over see all the boxes going into the new place and know where everything is, i.e most important kettle, tea, biscuits.
And plenty of these yummy things, well we're need to keep our sugar levels up lol
I'm also happy that someone else will be doing all the heavy lifting for us, as the last 2 times we moved i was very pregnant. Which = fat ankles and sore ribs for little old me, boo hoo! not this time I'm a sprightly thing that can run around and sort, pack and lift the odd thing about. Although i do wish we had a magic fairy that could pack everything too. Anyone got one of those going spare? lol

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend, we spent Saturday with my fabulous Granny who's soon to be 88 (two fat ladies hehe!). We took her off to Ikea, on the way she shared with us stories of her younger days and some of her first boyfriend's. How amazing she is and had us in fits of giggles with her naughty tales.

Love you Granny, you mean the world to me x

Back with Music any day in the week and whatever i feel like rambling on about lol please come back soon.

Many hugs,

Catherine x


April said...

Happy birthday to Grannie!

Hope the move goes really well and look forward to seeing lots of photos

April xx

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Good luck with the move and think of all the fun you'll have dressing all your new rooms....the last time we rented we had to ask permission to change the colour of the paint on the walls!

I wish we didn't own our house the mortgage is killing us!

Take care and best of luck

Claire said...

Well I was half right, but I thoughyou were moving to the! Happy birthday to your Grannie, she sounds fab!
A huge good luck with your move, mine is still oh so fresh in my mind and well done on getting the movers in, myself and hubbie moved ourselves with half a days help from his mate....strange how all the others were doing things that weekend...hmmm! It took two bloomin days! So excited for you and cant wait to hear all about it! Claire x

Claire said...

PS....where did you purchase the gorgeous cupcake teaspoon? I'm desperate for teaspoons as they mysteriously dissapear in our household just like Claire x

Kitty said...

It's two months since we moved and I still haven't got the house straight. It takes forever! Hope all goes well with the move - it's such a lot of hard work. x

Anonymous said...

good luck cathy, it had to be one of three things (marriage, baby or move)I remember you talked about moving nearer Bens mum. Are you going far? Happy packing!!!

LinenandRoses said...

Good luck with the house move. My last one when I moved in with Simon was very stressful because we had to do it so quickly due to new tennant wanting to move in quick. Definitely worth getting someone else to do it I reckon. Happy Birthday to Granny too. Hope she had a lovely day.

Anna said...

Good luck with the move. I love Tunnocks Teacakes, the picture has just made me really want to eat one! x

VA Boutique said...

*Good Luck* with the move hunny.
Can't wait to hear more about where you are moving to.

Petticoat Lane said...

That's great news...I guessed correctly!! I know how pleased you must be. How exciting. Wish I had a fairy to send your way to help with all that packing! You poor thing, as we know all these things get left to mummy's and wive's!!
Happy Birthday to Grannie. How lucky you are to have your precious grannie to share all her marvellous stories with you. And still going VERY strong by the sound of it if she could cope with Ikea!!
Take care.
Jane. xx

Things Hand Made said...

Good luck with the move. Hope you find all the things that get lost in moving quickly afterwards!

saraeden said...

Good luck with the house move , i cannot wait to hear more about your new housie !!

Sara x x

LinenandRoses said...

Hi Catherine, me again. Thank you for your lovely long comment on my blog and yes, it is me! I had to delete my old blogs due to nosey ex boyfriend. It's probably going to take a while for people to find me again. Yes, I am getting married! Very exciting and lots to organise. It's at the beginning of March next year and time seems to be flying towards it. It's been a while wind last year for me in which I've been from being very low to finding the most wonderful man and being happier than I could ever have imagined. Anyway, glad you have found my new blog. Hugs Fiona

Florence (Flossie Teacakes) said...

Catherine, I'm so pleased for you on your move news - I know that you were never happy where you were. I hope the house you have found will be somewhere that you love.x

claire Maraldo said...

Let me know where you are off to.

i hope it's nearer me!

so excited for you.

and I will help you with moving or looking after the girls and pets on the day!

julie said...

hope all goes well, with the move it sounds like you really want to go. good luck xx

Jenny Holiday & Aaron said...

Best Wishes with your move!!!

We moved a few months ago....ughh..what a chore!! But we are so so happy in our new home!! :)

I LOOOVE that tote bag!! Did you make it?? I'd love know where to find it!

love from the Jersey Shore!
xoxo Jenny