Friday, 3 October 2008

Time for a change

There is now a real nip in the air every morning when i let the cats in and it's chilly early evening too. No more leaving the back door open for the girls to run in and out of. Things are definitely on the change. Beautiful Autumn is on it's way, if not already here.

Red rose hips and furry fairies still cling to the branches, until Daisy, Molly or i come along and pick them and blow them to the wind. Wishing for all our dreams to come true.
The last of the blackberries sitting ready to be picked and eaten by Daisy and i. Molly and Ben aren't to keen on the taste, so Daisy and i ate a few hands full. Funny how they turn your tongue purple lol
This poor old tree stump looked so sad sitting on the river front, it must of been a tall proud thing one day. I bet if it could talk it would have a few stories to tell.

Cute bum! looks like the size of Brazil lol thanks for that photo Ben, I'll get you back soon hehe!
After collecting pebbles and the odd bit of drift wood the girls held Daddies hand and through them in. Great fun watching them sink or float away. The current was quite fast.
Looking back at this Sunday walk along Upnor Riverside has got me thinking it might be the last nice sunny one of the year. We could of been in the middle of Summer, it was so warm.
Watching the sun twinkling on the river like small diamond's but seeing the leafs in their reds, plums and golds makes me realise Christmas is just around the corner. And it will soon be time to get out the winter woollies and bed socks. Pull on the hats, gloves, scarfs and big coats.
It's time for a change.

Daisy and Thomas the cat have already sorted their outfits for Halloween.
Although he's not to sure if she'll pass as a black cat and needs a closer look. lol

Many thanks for more lovely comments about Molly settling in at Pre-school, she seems to be getting better. But I'm afraid she might be unsettled for a while longer as a change is ahead for the Cupcake family.
I'll fill you all in very soon.
Wishing you all a fabulous day.
Many hugs,
Catherine x


Anonymous said...

sounds intersting cathy....could it possibly be another little cup cake????? hope you are all well hun.

Petticoat Lane said...

Grat Post...Sunshine, Autumn, Boats and water all rolled into one! My favourite things.
I LOVE that picture of Daisy, so cute, but I think she's right, I'm not sure that Mr Thomas is convincing enough as a black cat! I think he'd maybe pass better as a pumpkin.....
I think I've guessed the change, but won't give it away! I do hope I've got it right because I know it would make you very happy

Claire said...

Oh what could it be????
Lovely post, I love autumn and all it brings with it.
Please accept my HUUUUGE apologies over your pay it forward gift, second time round its my fault, so please keep a look out for postie....AGAIN.......Claire x
ps I think I might of worked out your change too! x

Things Hand Made said...

I love the cahnge of the seasons. Hope all is well.

Sal said...

Lovely photos ..the seasons are all wonderful in their own way but at the moment it is autumn that is very appealing ;-)

julia said...

How cute does Daisy look! Great photos, but did you just say the dreaded "Christmas" word??
Julia xx

No one is you ...& that's your power said...

Hi Catherine
Hope you get this message before you pop into tescos!. Luckily Sian at diary of a tiny holder had a spare one and is popping it in the post!. Thank you so much though I am blessed with lovely blog friends on here!.
Your little girls look so cute and I love the halloween outfit, it looks so cute.
Your cakes looked lovely and very prettily decorated, I am not surprised they shot of the plates immediately!
take care x Dominique

julie said...

Change is good it keeps us on our toes, I love autumn with all the colours, and Upnor riverside one of my childhood haunts we grew up in Higham nr rochester and Upnor used to be a sunday afternoon outing for us. Memories!

love jules

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

its definately getting chilly!!! autumn is so pretty though :-) cute cat outfit,i love halloween dress up :-)
Lesley x

Anna said...

I have just found you blog (and your website!) What lovely things, and a fellow Kent girl too!