Thursday, 23 October 2008

A very pink birthday for Granny Mills and sad goodbyes to pre-school

Granny had a very pink birthday yesterday. With 2 birthday cakes, lots of gifts, good food, fabulous family, pink balloons, smiles and lots of photos taken.
Thanks to my wonderful cousin Mandy (lady on the far right), she put together the yummiest birthday lunch, with organic food galore. I'm converting everyone i know lol
It was all lovely. Thank you sweetie, can't wait to get together again at Christmas. And i was so happy to also see my lovely Auntie Jenny and second cousin Jen there too. A house full of girls and pink thing coming out of our ears lol what more could you ask for?

Huff and puff...
...with a little help from the girls, happy birthday Granny.
Cake cut and presents opened. And some more sweet pinkness, we headed of into the garden.

And what does my now 88 Granny do? she pushes both the little ones around in a huge toy car lol just how amazing are you Granny! Mandy, my Auntie Jenny and i just couldn't believe our eyes.
Then Granny got in it herself, i just don't know where she gets her energy from. I was knacked just watching lol
Daisy got cross telling her to "get out it's my car little Granny"! there is no room for you. lol
So Granny made out she was stuck and both Molly and Daisy had to help her out, while we watched on laughing.
Granny truly had a scrumptious birthday, one i think she'll remember for a long time.

I love you so very much you amazing, wonderful lady. You are so inspiring and I'm so proud you're my Granny and the girls Great Granny, they love you as much as i do. And thank you for supporting me with the new life I've chosen to live with Ben. He thinks you're fantastic as well and is glad he can call you little Granny too.
Happy 88Th birthday 22/10/2008 and here is to the 89Th one.

Now onto the moving front, we're packing like crazy now and I'm working my way through the couple of orders that came in. This photoed is all wrapped and ready for posting now and will be on it's way to the lovely Andrea go have a look at her beautiful new website and pick up a Christmas gift or 2.
And this huge order will be on it's way. Selling in the Salisbury Travel Information Centre gift shop, so if you're ever over that way pop in and have a look.
It was also Molly and Daisy's last day at their old pre-school, i took in cupcake pegs for Jane Molly's key worker, Ann the boss and yummy chocolate biscuits for the rest of the staff. Bless Jane, she was upset to see Molly go and we both gave her a big thank you hug for everything she's done for Molly, all the cuddles when she was sad, teaching her to count to 12 and helping her to write her name. Molly will miss you lovely lady but never forget you.
Molly and Daisy's 2 main friends will still be seeing them on Mondays at the Salvation Army, so not to sad about saying goodbye to them, it was more like see you soon. This made me smile as I'm not lossing my new friend Natalie, their mummy. See you after the half term sweetie for coffee and chats. X
So the Cupcake house is getting wrapped up and ready for the off next week. It's very exciting and we all can't wait. I have to say a big thank you in advance to 3 fabulous people for all the help they are going to be giving us, Claire, Granny and Jade. Treats for all of you over the next week. Thank you for taking care of the little cupcakes while we move in, i hope they are good for you all.
Have a lovely weekend everyone, I'll keep on blogging right up until we go.
Many hugs,
Thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes for Granny, she's very grateful to you all x
Catherine x

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Sickie computer and very big birthday wishes x

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to our Granny happy birthday to you.
Love you lots Granny you're one in a million, see you later for a birthday lunch and present opening.
Granny Mills 88 today.

Sorry it's been a while but our silly computers been sick, seems a lot better now, so I'll be back tomorrow photos of Granny's birthday treats and news of our move next week.
Many hugs,
Catherine x

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Argh! there is less than 2 weeks before we move

I can't believe it's going so fast the boxes came today and the cats joined in to help with the sorting and packing lol Anything new they think it's their's.

My big order is now nearly completed and then onto the next before we go. It's been easier to get things done while both girls are at pre-school. Molly's been tearful every time she'd been so i made the decision to send Daisy on Monday's as well as Wednesday's. Freeing up some more Mummy time and making Molly that her sisters with her.
I'm a little sad to have to tell them they are leaving, as all the staff there have been lovely. But we have found one just over the road from where we're moving too and it's also very highly recommended and lovely looking. We have a visit booked on Tuesday and the girls are very excited about going, so that's put my mind at rest.
I think I'll bake some cupcakes and give them some of my cupcake pegs for all the pictures they must get from the children, as a big thank you from Molly, Daisy and myself. They have made the girls and i feel very happy about going there, even if Molly does cry every time i leave her, as soon as I'm out the door she's fine. And it's all down to them making her feel safe. Thank you to all the staff at First Tiny Steps, we will miss you, you've been lovely. x

I'd hate to spilt them up, you can see how much they love one another. I'll show them this photo when they're older and fighting boys and clothes lol

Bless my cupcakes.

Right I'm off to do some painting, Ben's been so good and packing up our library of books while i have 5 mins on here, lets see if i can make it 10 lol

Many hugs, hope you're all having a good week.

Catherine x

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

I forgot, sorry cupcake

The fabulous Alison gave me this award the other day, thanks sweetie-pie, i will get on and do the tag that goes with it, promise i will lol

I'm alive

This song says it all for me and is just how Ben makes me feel each and everyday. Thank you beautiful man for providing me and the cupcakes with love, safety, tenderness, a new home, food, warmth and most of all You. X


Catherine x

Friday, 10 October 2008

On The Move...

Well my lovely exciting news is that we're moving at the end of the month. I couldn't say anything because we where just waiting for the paperwork to go through, sadly we're not buying it, just renting. But hey who wants to be buying at this moment in time! Maybe in a couple of years when hopefully every things calmed down and the credit crunch is far behind us all. The Cupcakes household will have a place they can truly call theirs.
For now we're all just so happy to be moving away from the street we're in. The girls are very excited and keep asking when are we going to the new house Mummy/Daddy?

I'll share more with you closer to the time we go but for now it's all sorting, recycling, charity shop dropping, wrapping and packing. Not forgetting the few orders I have to complete before we move. Argh! if anyone can post me a few more hours in the day lol I'd be so grateful hehe!

Thankfully we're getting in the professionals to do the move, this has put a big smile on Ben's face as i don't think he could face doing it by ourselves again, and he's saved money by packing everything (meaning little old me doing most of it, no really i wouldn't have it any other way lol). And this way i can over see all the boxes going into the new place and know where everything is, i.e most important kettle, tea, biscuits.
And plenty of these yummy things, well we're need to keep our sugar levels up lol
I'm also happy that someone else will be doing all the heavy lifting for us, as the last 2 times we moved i was very pregnant. Which = fat ankles and sore ribs for little old me, boo hoo! not this time I'm a sprightly thing that can run around and sort, pack and lift the odd thing about. Although i do wish we had a magic fairy that could pack everything too. Anyone got one of those going spare? lol

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend, we spent Saturday with my fabulous Granny who's soon to be 88 (two fat ladies hehe!). We took her off to Ikea, on the way she shared with us stories of her younger days and some of her first boyfriend's. How amazing she is and had us in fits of giggles with her naughty tales.

Love you Granny, you mean the world to me x

Back with Music any day in the week and whatever i feel like rambling on about lol please come back soon.

Many hugs,

Catherine x

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

"I have this little sister Lola"

Since we've been away Ben and I have been leaving the telly off a lot more and not letting the girls have Cbeebies as a background noise. But tonight just after dinner it was on and the bedtime hour was starting. The fabulous Charlie & Lola came on. Both our girls screamed out with delight, "look Mummy, Daddy what's on" and then this happened....

The room was suddenly still and this was the scene. Peace and quite in the Cupcakes household from start to finish.
Happy little cupcakes and happy Mummy and Daddy lol
I wish i had Charlie & Lola when i was a little cupcake because it's so well written, I just love the books. And am so glad our girls do too.

Night night everyone, shhh! they are getting their zzzzzzzzz now. Sweet dreams xxx

Many hugs,

Catherine x

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Music Monday's anyday lol

This first song is mine and Ben's song. Come what may baby remember? I'll love you until my dying day. X

And this tune is my dance tune, I just can't help but get up and dance around the living room to it and the girls join in with me now lol what must we look like hehe!

What a fabulous film but i wanted a happy ending didn't you?
Tissues at the ready every time i watch it.
Please enjoy my choice of music today. I hope it takes away some of the greyness of the skies and you too get up and dance and sing to them.
Many hugs,

Catherine x

Monday, 6 October 2008

The Jumble Rush lol

All these lovely hearts are ready for the off. I just need to finish the 100 and some odd pegs to go with them. I just love this photo Ben took of them and am thinking of using it as a business card from Moo what do you think? I'd love some input.

After waking with another very sore stiff neck, i wasn't in the best of moods on Saturday morning but looking forward to going over the my Grannies and off to the jumble sale in my old Sunday school hall. Wow the old place hadn't changed a bit, although inside felt smaller than i remembered. It smelt the same and i could still see myself dressed as a bluebird dancing around in a circle and making peppermint creams for Mother and Fathers day. And sticking tinsle and tissue paper on Christmas decorations for the huge tree in the corner of the hall. What fab memories. Now i was here with my own children and fella. Who would of thought it!
We all queued outside until they let us in. And oh my it was like being in a mad house lol there was crazed old ladies rumbling through piles of clothes and bedding on the middle tables. Poor Jade actually got pushed out of the way by one of them as she was looking at a top. She was not amused by this and did her normal teenage thing of huffing and giving them a look. lol

Ben stayed well back out of the way, while Molly and Daisy tried on hats. And raced around the hall in and out of everyone. Ready for Ascot Molly?

Daisy wasn't so sure. And after being pushed, shoved and poked nor was i lol I just couldn't believe my eyes. It was one of the funniest things I'd seen, lots of old ladies fighting over a pile of clothes. They where just grabbing anything and everything they could and throwing them onto the floor in piles and then sorting though them after, leaving most of it behind.
Anyhoo I got the girls a cute little blue polka dot suitcase and i got a red and white polka dot dress, that someone had made. Great for the fabric i thought to myself and at 20p who could moan. Granny got herself some plastic mini daffs in a pot and some groovy multi coloured slippers for the winter. It was great fun, if a little scary hehe!
The rest of the weekend was just a bit grey and not much else happened. Ben did a yummy Sunday lunch and we just chilled and watched the Harry Potter film on the box. A bit of reading and then it was Monday morning before we could say where's the weekend gone?

Friday afternoon in the Cupcake house was turned into a Winter wonderland. Both Molly and Daisy decided that behind the sofa needed a bit of a snowie look, so undone the large bean bag we have there.
They even got Woofer the dog involved and sprinkled him too. You can imagine the look on my face when I realised what they had been up to. And i just thought they where playing nicely and letting Mummy get on and paint. How wrong i has lol
Lots of cup fulls and Henry the hoovers help it was all cleared away in no time. (note to self, sew up the zip of this doesn't happen again).

A small yummy treat for myself that evening helped take away the stress of the day lol awww bless Hotel Chocolat and their divine rose & violet dark chocolate creams. Little squares of Mummy heaven. Shame I've run out now, oh well I'll just have to get some more.

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and it wasn't to wet and gloomy for you.
Many hugs and cupcake wishes.
Catherine x

Friday, 3 October 2008

Time for a change

There is now a real nip in the air every morning when i let the cats in and it's chilly early evening too. No more leaving the back door open for the girls to run in and out of. Things are definitely on the change. Beautiful Autumn is on it's way, if not already here.

Red rose hips and furry fairies still cling to the branches, until Daisy, Molly or i come along and pick them and blow them to the wind. Wishing for all our dreams to come true.
The last of the blackberries sitting ready to be picked and eaten by Daisy and i. Molly and Ben aren't to keen on the taste, so Daisy and i ate a few hands full. Funny how they turn your tongue purple lol
This poor old tree stump looked so sad sitting on the river front, it must of been a tall proud thing one day. I bet if it could talk it would have a few stories to tell.

Cute bum! looks like the size of Brazil lol thanks for that photo Ben, I'll get you back soon hehe!
After collecting pebbles and the odd bit of drift wood the girls held Daddies hand and through them in. Great fun watching them sink or float away. The current was quite fast.
Looking back at this Sunday walk along Upnor Riverside has got me thinking it might be the last nice sunny one of the year. We could of been in the middle of Summer, it was so warm.
Watching the sun twinkling on the river like small diamond's but seeing the leafs in their reds, plums and golds makes me realise Christmas is just around the corner. And it will soon be time to get out the winter woollies and bed socks. Pull on the hats, gloves, scarfs and big coats.
It's time for a change.

Daisy and Thomas the cat have already sorted their outfits for Halloween.
Although he's not to sure if she'll pass as a black cat and needs a closer look. lol

Many thanks for more lovely comments about Molly settling in at Pre-school, she seems to be getting better. But I'm afraid she might be unsettled for a while longer as a change is ahead for the Cupcake family.
I'll fill you all in very soon.
Wishing you all a fabulous day.
Many hugs,
Catherine x

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Have a fabulous birthday

Many happy returns to Sam my future sister-in-law (i hope one day maybe).

Here is the birthday girl having a fun time at the rare breeds farm Ashford. I think us adults enjoyed this one more than the little ones lol
Have a lovely day and can't wait to see you in Nov.
Lots of love and best wishes x
Catherine x