Monday, 31 March 2008

Birthday cakes, tears and tantrums.

It was a funny sort of week just gone by, Daisy's 2nd birthday wasn't her best. All though it was full of lovely presents, cakes, kisses and pretty things, she wasn't her happy bouncy self. There was a nasty bug lurking around in her little belly. And it made her all sickie.
We did enjoy a nice birthday treat over their Great Grannies, with a yummy strawberry cream gateau and 2 candles to blow out.
Big sis Molly helped. Thank you Granny you made it a lovely visit.
The birthday girl opening some presents, a cute plate and bowl set from her big sister Jade. (look in the back ground). Thanks honey she loves them and they are in use every meal time now.
And a here she is opening a tea shop with little people, cakes and delivery van. Very sweet from the ELC. We got her some set of farm animal's too. Not sure who likes it most, Daisy or Molly lol they do play with it together so that's a good thing.
I was going to make Daisy a lovely big Easter cake and birthday cake all in one but with her being unwell, I rustled up some cupcakes filled with raspberry jam and topped with butter icing. And popped some cute little Easter candles on top. The sad thing is we never got to light them or have any because after a trip to Monkey Biz where Daisy got into a fight with a little boy (she stands up for herself and gave him as good she got) lol we left and got some BK for tea, by the time we came home Daisy was all tuckered out and fast asleep. And she slept until the next day. So birthday cupcakes where packed up and taken with us to Grandma's in Cheltenham.
After a long journey and more sick in the car yuk! the girls where happy to be at Grandma's and play with their cousin Ava. Although Daisy still wasn't herself and didn't want anything to eat and this went on until Saturday. Poor little thing just moaned and cried all day long. The weather just poured and poured which seemed to make everything feel twice as bad :(
I did manage to pop out with Molly and hand deliver an order for my favourite shop in Cheltenham if you haven't already pop and have a look at her gorgeous website, she hand makes all her items and has her very own fabrics. It was lovely to see Penelope again and I couldn't leave without buying a little something, I'd spend hours in there looking from floor to ceiling at all the pretty items she has for sale. Molly liked it too and played while I court up with my good friend. Well worth a visit if your ever in that area.
After a yummy and well needed pizza for tea the family all sat and chatted. And with Molly and Daisy off to bed, we watched Casualty. Ben and his Mum court up over the washing up and I sat and watched some film with Russell Crow in and enjoyed a naughty Baileys hmmm yum!
Losing that hour on Saturday night made it hard work getting up on Sunday but didn't seem to make any difference to Molly who was as bright as a button. And enjoyed some Mummy time on her own, while Daddy and Daisy still slept.
A nice family meal planned in a pub was the last thing I thought Daisy needed so I told everyone else to go and have a good time and I'd stay at home and take care of the little one. And things started to look better as she began to eat again and even had room for her much waited for birthday cupcake. Big blow little flower, wish for all those nasty bugs to go and stay away.

Luckily for us the wish fairy was listening and by the time we got home that night Daisy was getting back to her old happy, smiley, chatty self. Thank goodness for that. I hate it then my babies are ill and I don't know how to make it any better. There must be something going around I just hope it's the last we've seen of it.
And that her next birthday is a better one.
Thanks to Ben's Mum Vivien for having us all and can't wait to come up and stay again soon. x
Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes, you are all so very sweet. x
Hope everyone had a good weekend and that none of you or loved ones are suffering with this sickie bug. It needs a big boot to squash it lol splat!
Catherine x

Thursday, 27 March 2008


Happy birthday little flower. 2 today yeay!
You came into this world 7 days late, you weren't ready to arrive until you were wanted to lol Here you are only 30 minutes old. All pink, wrinkly and sweet smelling. And after a little scare with the birth we where so pleased you were here and healthy. All 8lbs 2oz of you. We brought you home that night about 3am, so Molly and Grandma could wake to find you here at home. Once you learnt to smile, you did it all the time and made people smile back at you everywhere we went. And I'm so happy to say that you still do.
And with that big smile of yours, you melt my heart each time. You are our special little flower and you're growing into a beautiful and very loving little girl. You make us laugh everyday with the new things you can say (even the naughty stuff lol).

A big birthday kiss from your big sister Molly and even bigger hugs from your bigger sister Jade.
Enjoy a lovely happy day little lady. Open presents, cards and eat lots of birthday cake.

We love you lots and lots our special little girl. x Mummy and Daddy x


Catherine x

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Easter fun down on the farm and a little bit of chocolate.

What a funny Easter we've all had. Some had snow and others had thunder and rain. I think we had a bit of everything. But it didn't spoil our day out at the Rare breeds farm on Good Friday.
I'll start with our yummy Easter cupcakes and pretty tulips and daffs. Even though Spring wasn't with us over Easter we had a little piece of it indoors on the table.
Luckly on good Friday it wasn't that bad a little nippy and windy but we where ready for that. Wrapped up in warm old coats, hats, scarves, gloves and wellies, off we went to Ashford's rare breeds farm.
We'd love one of these in the garden, it would have to be pink and the chickens speckled and brown hens lol (man I'm fussy). These little white hens where happy enough and Molly had them walking up and down after her hehe! She's just as chicken mad as I am.
Look at this cute lamb, they all looked like they've got pink ear rings. And some of them where sprayed so much that their fur had turned pink too. I was horse with all the Awww coming out of my mouth, so much cuteness in one place hehe!
The donkeys are a little camera shy and wouldn't look up from the food. And who can blame them. Pose or eat? which would you choose?
We took the girls into the barn for the Easter bunny hunt and look what was inside there. The smallest, softest bundle's of fluff ever. I wanted to bring them all home but I think the cats would of thought they where their Easter presents.
After walking around the maze coming out with straw in our hair and 2 happy girls, 10 bunnies and their names found.
We went back to another barn for a cuddle and stroke of some animals.
Molly liked this goat which was nearly as big as her.
I loved this chicken and cooed at it. Not sure what I said in chicken language but she seemed to like me hehe!
Daisy just couldn't make her mind up which animal to stroke first and I think she went around them all lol
After all this cuteness it was time for the pig racing and we made our way to the field armed with 2 hot chocolates, flapjacks and cookies, yum! I'll pop the pig video on another post. It was very funny but we only got a bit of it. I didn't know pigs could run so fast and the children bringing them back down the other side was funny to see. One pig had a boy over in the mud lol The red coloured pig was the winner, we didn't have a bet it was just fun to watch.

The girls are happy eating their reward for finding all the bunnies in the Easter hunt. Yummy chocolate bunnies. Their favourite sort of bunny hehe! Wow! I've said bunny so many times in the post, sorry I must be bunny crazy lol
A great end to a lovely day. On the way home we got a tasty fish and chips dinner and that's when we saw the first of the snow, it just came out of nowhere. And stayed with us until the next day. Thankfully on Saturday we went to Bluewater and was nice warm and dry in there.

A lazy Easter Sunday with lots of tea, coffee, cakes, chocolate and telly. And Monday a quick trip out to Pets at home and Toys R us, then home for a nice roast. Lots more flurries of snow. Came to us but it didn't bother us. How was the weather for all of you? I hope you where safe and warm and had a great Easter break.


Catherine x

Friday, 21 March 2008

Yeay! it's Easter, now where's that bunny lol

Happy Easter to you all.

Enjoy your special time with family and friends, go hunt for bunnies and eggs. Eat chocolate, cakes and hot cross buns. Wash it all down with a tea or 2.

We've been off today looking for the Easter bunny, stroking lambs, goats, chickens and lots of other furry friends. And watching pigs race up and down a very muddy field lol

More about this later, we taped it and photoed the rest. Hope you've all enjoyed your first day of Easter. And had sunshine like us.

Right I'm off to have a creme egg and tea. Yummy!


Catherine x

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

I just had to share this.

After watching the dancing on ice final, which I'm totally hooked on. And very sad it's all over. I went and looked up some old Torvill and Dean moments on good old you tube.Wow it brought back memories for me, sitting at my Aunty Eileens down at Dymchurch, drinking tea, eating cakes all cosy in front of their fire. Watching them win gold and screaming and crying with delight. Wanting to be Jane Torvill and skate around with Christopher Dean.

I'm in my 30's now and still enjoy going staking. The little girl in me comes out and I light up on the ice. I must teach my new little ones to skate, if you can do it, it's great fun and fantastic exercise. Jade my oldest likes to go with and cheers when I skate backwards and on one foot. lol (ok now I'm just showing off)

I hope you enjoy this small clip from dancing on ice series 1. It's one of my favourite pieces of music they performed too.

Hugs to everyone.

Catherine x

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Look what came for my little ones.

I just love it when the postwoman brings me treats, so when this arrived and I opened it. I squealed with delight when I saw the two girls lovingly hand sewn on one side. It's Daisy and Molly. I love the way one is shorter than the other lol just like in real life.

I have to say another very big thank you to Florence over at Flossie Teacakes (note to self I must workout how to add links). Find her in my favourites list.

The detail she has put into this gorgeous door stop is just amazing. Apple tree complete with bird on top and cat waiting below lol
And who wouldn't want to live in a house like this?
There is even a heart on the handle to satisfy their mummies heart obsession lol (the photo of this I've just deleted from this part by mistake) and I don't know how to put it back in here. Silly me!

We gave the door stop it's very first use last night and it looks lovely keeping the girls door from swinging open. And lets in just the right amount of light for our little ones. Who slept tight. zzzz

Look out for more fabulous items from Flossie Teacakes as I hear from a little birdie she's planning a website very soon. Thank you again sweetie, lovely to have found your blog. x

Here are the two little sickie bubbas. Fast asleep on the sofa, Monday evening. They are both now a lot better. Not to sure what they had but it seemed to be a 24 hours bug, as they where both back to bouncing around on Tuesday. I didn't risk taking them out to baby bounce. I want to make sure they are both completely over it first.
Many thanks for all the get well wishes, you are very kind.
The girls say thank you x

Enjoy the week and remember it's nearly Easter yeay! so watch out for that bunny, he cames bearing chocolate treats lol


Catherine x

Monday, 17 March 2008

So much to say.

On Friday morning our little Daisy woke up unwell, she had a very temperature and was just very sleepy and moany. So after couple of doses of calpol, a cold flannel and trip to the Doctors, we where told he thinks she has an infection of some sort. And the high temp is her bodies way of fighting it. So antibiotics where given and test taken, we came home. She slept right through the night and was back to her old bouncing around like a bunny self the next morning lol

We are waiting for the results of her test, to see what it really was that knocked her of her feet.

I think all the TLC and cuddles from her big sister Molly helped. Nurse Molly on duty, administering lots of big get well cuddles.

It was very sweet of those of you that left name suggestions for this little lady. And it was hard to choose the right one, but I have and it's a double barrel name so there are 2 winners.

Say hello to: Blossom-Cupcakes. I felt it was just right for this time of year, blossom trees are one of my favourites and well you know me and cupcakes lol I just can't resist them.

So well done to Alison at Vintage Amethyst and Twiggypeasticks. Please email me with your addresses and a little thank you will be flying it's way to you. x And thank you to everyone for joining in. It was fun to read all the different names, Boofie bunny made me laugh out loud because used to sometimes call my old cat Ronnie that. When he came in all wind swept from the garden. lol

I have been meaning to pop this photo on here for a couple of weeks now. It's a great big comfy arm chair. We've been after one for a while now and saw this one in a lovely little fabric, sewing shop in West Malling The Sewing Room. Well worth a visit, it's full of fabrics, buttons, cushions, eiderdowns etc... And at the back it has a open garden area full of old furniture, books, china and lots of other fabulous vintage things. Ben and I both took a look at this, sat in it and yes we had to have it. Especially with the duck egg colour it is. So it came home with us the weekend after and now sits in the living room. It's cool to have something so odd and that doesn't match the large family sofa we own. Whats the word Ben uses? oh yes eclectic! it fits in just right and looks like it's been with us for years and as you can see the girls love it too. Even the old musty smell we're hoping wears off soon lol

Back to this weekend. With daisy feeling better on Saturday I felt it was safe to go off to the County Living fair with Jade. And let Daddy enjoy a day with his girls. So off we went. And first we stopped off at Covert garden and looked around a few stalls, got some food from M&S. And found the Cath Kidston there, where I used the last of my vouchers on a button box, bag, wrapping paper and wash mitt (not shown).
We then hopped on to the underground and made our way to the show. Which was not as busy as last time. But still full of some crazy woman lol pushing and shoving their way around the stalls. One woman nearly had me on the floor as she pushed past me on a stall. I really couldn't move anywhere else as there was a pretty ottoman right next to my feet, so it was stand my ground or fall over it hehe! And stand my ground I did lol
Apart from some manic women, Jade and I had a great time. This was my first buy. A pretty little jug and only £9 and pink and white stripy bag with it for only £1, oww! I love a bargain. You can find more jugs and other items on
My only other purchase was this very cute wooden chicken, I've hung it on our Easter twigs and it looks great. I think it will stay there as my one and only chicken until we get real ones someday hehe!
Jade really enjoyed herself and spent all her £25 on smells, a wash mitt, note pads, a yummy smelling candle and a cute vintage sign for tea. I'm guessing she's now collecting for her own home one day. I know I did the same thing at her age. My bottom draw was full of goodies by the time I was 18. Oh how they grow so fast.
Thanks Jade for a lovely day together, you're not just a great daughter you're a fabulous shopping mate too. ;)

I hope everybody has a nice weekend. Our Sunday was spent just lazing around the house and eating a yummy chicken roast cooked by Ben (thank sweetie).

Today my poor little Molly seems to have come down with the nasty bug Daisy had. And has spent the day cosy on the sofa and taken in some much needed TLC from Mummy and Daisy. And extra hugs from Daddy when he came in from work.
Get well soon my little cupcake. x

Hugs to all of you.

Catherine x
Happy St Patrick's Day to you all x
especially Mum & Dad in Ireland. Big kisses to you both X X

I'll be back later with the winner of the name our bunny competition. And news of a great day in London visiting the Country Living fair.
See you soon x
Catherine x

Thursday, 13 March 2008

So who do you look like?

This was fun, thanks Claire over at Serendipity loves new york, now go have ago yourself. I looked in the mirror with a whole new look of myself this morning lol
Nice to have a little fun boost.

Have a great weekend and don't forget to pop a comment on with a new name for Bunny. I'll choose one on Sunday and post the winner Monday. Good luck and thank you all for your help.


Catherine x

Tuesday, 11 March 2008


Meaow! I'm a cool cat.
Many thanks to the fabulous Kitty's bloggy bits.

A new member to the family

Molly's not telling. Can you guess who's come to live with us?

She's got long ears...
a little smiley mouth...
a shiny ribbon...and big blue eyes...
Here she is, meet ?
Yes she needs a name, I know that Fluffy Flowers always gives her bunnies a name but we're not keen on hers. And being Easter time soon, I thought it would be nice to do a little competiton.
So can you help?
Pop your suggestion's in a comment and I'll pick one at the end of the week and the winner will get a little something to say thank you. x
Look forward to reading them all.
Keep warm and hold on to something if you're living in the windy areas.


Catherine x

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Thank you for loving me x

Thank you to my beautiful girls for treating me on Mother's day and thank you Ben for helping them. x x x x

On Sunday morning after a lay in I was awoken with kisses and a cuppa tea. And then presented with these lovely cards, yummy cupcake shaped chocolates, cute egg bowl with a bunny inside, beautiful flowers and tulip bulbs.

I was then taken to one of my favourite places (Ikea) lol I know, I know it's a shop but I did need some more pink storage boxes. And we all had their yummy meatball, chips and sauce hmmm! after coming away with the boxes and a new wooden toilet seat hehe! yes we needed a new one! Ben asked so where to next my lady? We ended up looking in a few more shops, two which Ben wanted to go in. A shiny new camera is on the cards for Ben and well deserved honey you work so very hard and I'm so very, very proud of you. My hunter gather. Treat yourself sweetie.

Talking of treats Ben treated me to a yummy vanilla latte and new book called A Home For All Seasons from a huge book store I just can't resist popping into when we go to Lakeside. Thank you baby x What a fabulous day for me. I love you all for making it so special. X

We did get up to some other things this weekend as well. A trip to one of my favourite little villages West Malling in Kent I grew up around here and it holds lots of lovely memories for me. This is one of the parks I used to play in and walk across to meet my Mum after she'd finished her shift in the old peoples home she worked. And now it's lovely to take my own family there for walks and play. Daisy is photoed here doing one of her favourite things, picking daisies by the hand full.We fed the ducks and other watery feathered friends. And they also nearly ended up with a little Daisy to nibble, as she took a drive forward straight for the water but I grabbed her just in time. Argh! the joys of a nearly two year old hehe! Molly and Jade enjoyed it. Especially when we gathered handfuls of pussy willow that had been cut down. It now looks very pretty in a old jug on the dining room table.
After calling into the Ragamuffin's craft cafe and making a note of my stock left, giving the owner a bit of money to say thanks for selling it for me and making arrangements to bring in more next week, we walked though the town, looked in a couple shops and ate some chips. And ended up here at Frog Lane. What a great name, I'd love to live there lol
And this house photoed here will do. With it's pretty little stream, tulips and daffs growing down the side. Just big enough for our little family. lol A room each and a kitchen big enough to cook up a storm, a play room for the girls, den for Ben and studio for me. Of course this is all just in my head. I don't really know whats inside this gorgeous house but I can dream.
If you're ever in the area, I recommend West Malling, it's a cute little village with some lovely shops and cafes.

I just want to end with a some thank yous. You where all lovely over the whole missed proposal to Ben episode. I will now just have to wait and see if he pulls his finger out and asks me. (please, please, please) lol

I have also been tagged by the lovely Claire at Serendipity Loves New York and also been given Meme by the totally fabulous Tracy at Cupcakes at Home. I will get around to doing them both I promise.

And I have to hang my head in shame as someone very kind awarded me the You make my day but I'm so very bad that I can't remember who it was. Sorry to who ever it was, life has just gone full throttle with orders and I've got all behind with blogging. Please tell who the wonderful person was and I'll send you a little thank you x

Have a good weekend ladies. See you all soon.


Catherine x