Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Gingerbreadmen & Cupcakes

With Christmas creeping up fast, I've been busy making lots of new goodies for Mollycupcakes. Starting with these little fellas and ladies. These plump gingerbread people smell as yummy as they look, give them a little squeeze and release their organic ginger and cinnamon scent. Hang them on the tree or around the house or even pop one on to the front of a Christmas present for an extra little gift tag treat. And at £4.75 each won't break the bank and you're feel good because you're buying something completely handmade and from the UK. Watch out for their arrival on in the first week of Nov. Or if you really can't wait until then pop me an email. And I'll bake some up for you lol

Carrying on with the theme of feltiness (it's nice having a break for painting pegs but i will be back doing that soon due to Christmas orders coming in). I whipped up a batch of these cakey smelling cupcake pin cushions for our local fabric, quilting and sewing shop. The lovely owner Marion was celebrating her 1 year anniversary with an exhibition of student and customers creations, so i entered some of these.

If you're ever visiting Rochester please pop in and have a look at this fabulous little shop. You can even book a quilting course and learn how to make one for yourself, or buy a book or two on sewing and knitting. As well as lots of other lovely gifts, buttons, cards, mugs, soaps and i could go on and on. Lets just say it's a blogging ladies heaven lol
People could vote for their favourite handmade item/s but I'm not sure how I've done and don't really mind. I was just so happy to be asked to display them and hope they made people smile. I wish computers had smellovision lol because they do smell yummy lol
I just wanted to say a big thank you to the lovely Lissy Lou for the Cath Kidston party last week, it was great fun and she's even given everyone that took part our very own award. Big hugs sweetie. X
So with half term coming to an end, it's back to normal next week. Quite houses for many Mum's with only radio 4 to keep us company and a cuppa coffee and Country Living mag to flick through (that's if mine gets here before Christmas argh! flaming Royal Mail sigh!!!). I hope you've all had a nice little break, we've had a couple of icky days with Daisy but on the whole had fun. We're off to a birthday party tomorrow afternoon and preparing for the trick and treaters on Halloween night. With a pumpkin candle holder, spooky eyeball chocolates and skull head lollie pops lol Boooooo!

My last bit of very exciting news is for Mollycupcakes I've opened a NOTHS shop and over the next few days will be setting it all up with yummy looking stock. I'll add a link once it's gone live.
Back soon with more news on my very own Coffee Morning 25th Nov

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Happy Birthday Granny Cupcakes and below the birthday wishes is my I'll show you some of my Cath if you show me yours lol

Today Granny cupcakes turns a young 89 years old. Doesn't she look amazing, we will be celebrating with her this Saturday and will be making her a yummy chocolate cake and scrummy birthday tea.

This wonderful lady means so very much to me and my family. Helping me through the good and bad times, you're always there for me to turn too and you'd give me the world if you had it in one of your cupboards lol

I hope you know how proud I am having you as my Granny and how much i love you. And how much Jade, Molly, Daisy and Ben do too. Have the best birthday x x x

I thought I'd just share a couple of old photo's with you, here is tiny Granny cupcakes. Awww what a cutie, look at those cheeks.
And very much in love with my Grandad. Here they are on one of their many seaside breaks. I get the love of the seaside from my Grannies side of the family. And as you know we get to a beach as often as we can. I think most of the photo's Granny has shown me where taken on a beach. I love this photo, just the way Grandad has his cheek resting on Gran's shoulder. Totally in love, awww
Many happy returns, see you on Saturday for birthday treats. x x x x

Now on to this...
... lovely idea thought of by the lovely lissy Lou
My favourite CK bag, poor thing goes everywhere with me and has been wash a fair few times lol but it's a wonderful size i think i could quite possibly fit the kitchen sink inside it hehe!

The cupcakes pretty summer dresses now worn over jeans in the cold weather.

Mini cushions, Stanley's a big favourite with Daisy and Molly likes the flowers.
Transformed by a lovely raspberry red dotty oil cloth, now all i need to do is paint the legs and chairs.... number 101 on my ever growing to do list.

Buttons, pins, fabric and mints.
The all important reading martial and a pot of paint (Bunny's ears, yeay i got a pot! thanks to the lovely Claire Elfie & Me) hop on over for a read, she's feeling lonely in Pixie land.

Dinners taste better served on a pretty plate, don't they?

And drying up the washing up doesn't feel like a chore when you're wearing a dotty apron and using a floral or dot tea towel.
Shaky, cakey, bakery!
This has put a stop to our cat Thomas licking the butter. Even Mr cupcakes agrees with this one a good buy.

A rainbow of colours greet me every morning and my red dotty mug is just waiting for it's first cuppa coffee to wake me up.

Tins full of treats and yummy things.

And my summer dress, which was to be worn on my wedding day but i just couldn't wait and popped it on for a trip to London, worn with some jeans and little grey cardie. I felt a million dollars lol
Now I need to find something else to wear on my big day, hey hoo lol

So here is where my little show me your Cath Kidston tour ends, i did have one more item to show you but the silly blogger won't let me pop it in at the bottom. But I'm sure most of you lovely ladies have your very own copy of her new book SEW.
I'm looking forward to Winter evenings sitting making that gorgeous bag that came with it.
Thanks again to Lissy Lou, this was fun to take part in.
Big hugs.
Back soon with a big invite to Mollycupcakes coffee/open morning all welcome.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Here come the girls!

LOL these naughty little bunnies are showing you their cute dotty frilly knickers just because they are soo cute. I want a pair, i think I'd look them lol They have arrived at just in time for Christmas and would be a lovely little stocking filler.

Pretty floral dress bunny with peachy pink dotty knickers £13.65 + £1.28 P&P ONE IN STOCK Sorry she's been sold xxx

Pink frilly dots and stripes bunny with cream and pink dotty knickers £13.65 + £1.28 P&P TWO IN STOCK
And blue stripy dress bunny with cream and orange dotty knickers £13.65 + £1.28 P&P ONE IN STOCK
All bunny sizes are approx 33cm high.
Don't forget a bunnies not just for Christmas but forever x
If anyone would like one of these little cuties please email me or pop on over the Mollycupcakes, you might find something else to go with it. I do also have some red dotty dressed bunnies which are available on line. They are very Christmasy.
Other new and exciting things to arrive this month is this beautiful hand embroidered needle case by my good friend Sally.
Checkout Sally's sewing room for more lovely items coming soon, like handbags, pin cushions and my very own Mollycupcakes tote bag. We just have to photograph them first lol you know how it is, good weather needed and the skies have been to grey of late. Sigh!
These yummy looking felt cupcakes have been made by little old me and smell as good as they look. I've popped some organic mixed spices in the wadding and the scrummy smell of baking gets released each time you pick one up or give them a squeeze. They idea as a pin cushion (photoed without pins sorry) or make great play food for all those little ones, pick a few up and buy one of my children's baking sets to go with them. The perfect Christmas gift for all ages.
Cupcake pin cushions £3.50 each.
And play food cupcakes £2.75 each. Choose from 3 different icing colours bubblegum, baby pink or good old fashioned white.
Oh my goodness, this has been a shameless promotion post for my little business. Please forgive me but with the big C fast approaching every penny and customer count. I hope you've enjoyed some of the new items on offer and that I've given you some ideas for gifts.
Thanks for reading, back soon with news of a coffee/open morning at the Cupcakes house where some of the money raised will go to this lovely charity Saturation Trust please click the link to find out more.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Something old and something new.

This beautiful tiny wedding ring belongs to Granny cupcakes and she has given it to me and Mr cupcakes for our wedding day. It is the second of 3 wedding rings she's owned all from my dear departed Grandad. Bless her fingers just got bigger (if you can call a J ring size big lol). Now i will be the luck one to wear this beautiful tiny ring. Thank you Granny this means so much me and i will treasure it forever.

Something new is my yummy looking range of gift wrap. Scrummy cupcakes on dollies, the look so good i could just reach in a eat one up lol
This new gift wrap service is coming very soon to and I'll have a deep velvet purple wrap just for Christmas, you know the sort of colour and paper that Cadbury's chocolate used to you come in. I'll post about it when Mr Cupcakes has got it working for me.
The other day while at Granny cupcakes, we went through some old photo's and look here. This is me playing shops lol yes even back then i wanted to run my own business. I remember my Dad build it and Mum filled it with food stuff, like empty cereal, oxo and toblerone boxes. Check out my scales and Cadbury's chocolate machine. That's the sort of purple wrap chocolate I was on about before. Did anyone else have one of these, please share???
Please pop on to my website, I've got a new section called Sally's sewing room. A lovely friend is making beautiful hand sewn items and I've now put the very first one on there for her. Christmas stock from little old me arriving soon.
Lastly here she is back by popular demand the lovely Granny Cupcakes. Wearing her very own badge. Made by the very kind Steph from Madmummy Designs. Thank you honey your very sweet and Granny will be wearing this at the next farmers market held in Maidstone this Nov. Pop along and say hello and maybe pick a Christmas gift or 2. More details nearer the time.
Granny made me laugh when she knew i was using this photo of her on my blog because she said "you're not using that boobie shot are you!" LOL what a fabulous pair they are hehe! 88 and still doing topless (i mean top on) work LOL
Love you Granny cupcake x
Have a lovely weekend everyone, I'm stressing a little my huge order went off by Parcel force this week and now it's on it's way back to me argh! somethings gone wrong and i wont find out what until Monday. Oh why oh why do these things have to happen? Fingers crossed for me everyone, that i can get comp for their flaming mess they've left me in. After all the driver signed the paperwork telling me everything was fine and that i could track it all the way. Which thankfully i did or i would of had a bigger surprise when they knocked my door with my boxes. I could really do without this right now and my poor customer is none to happy i can tell you. :(
Lots of coffee and maybe a nice cake will get me though lol Really what has happened to our postal services, i wish they'd sort themselves out.
I really can't afford mistakes like this. Moan, moan moan! sigh!

Monday, 5 October 2009

Made By Mum's

Once again i have to say a big thank you to the lovely Lara and Jackie for putting me in the Kent Mama magazine. Lara asked me if I'd like to be featured in the made by mum's article and oh course i had to say yes please!

And here it is, I'm so happy with how it looks. The photo's have come out really well (just look at my gorgeous Jade, she's a fab little sales woman). I hope my little tips help some other mummies to start their own handmade businesses. Because I'm so very glad i did and with the help of the wonderful Mr Cupcakes making my very own website and a lot of hard work and plenty of dotting, it has gone from strength to strength. I love every challenge and new idea it brings me and would really love to run a little (i mean tiny) shop with mini cafe inside it one day. Where i could not only sell baking and hand made gifts but bake the cupcakes and make the coffee too.
If you see a copy of this fabulous little mag, pick it up and look through, it's full of good ideas to keep the kids happy this coming half term and lots of other small businesses.

Lastly I've popped this tune on, just click the link and listen, it's been making my smile today and always does each time i hear it. It puts the sunshine in my heart even on the greyest of days like today. There is just something about it that makes me look up to the sky.

Sorry about the short advert at the begining, but just keep with it the tunes a good one.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Lovely Old Stuff

Many thanks for all the lovely comments last week for the coffee morning it was a great success and they raised about £200. Well done to everyone that came to the florist and a big thank you to the lovely staff for making it a fun and very yummy day with all the hand made cakes and tasty coffee.
Did anyone else have a coffee morning? would love to hear about it.

We had a pretty quite Saturday, Ben and Daisy went up the allotment, Ben's not been very well and unable to get up there, so it was good for him to get some fresh clean air in to his lungs and of course Daisy wanted to help her Daddy lol.
Jade was with us this weekend and spent most of it on the computer sourcing info on radio stations, this is something she'd like to do once she's left school, so she spent hours emailing as many as she could. Miss Molly and i took a walk off down the town in the sunshine, dropping off the last of our charity bags and dropping in to Hometown a fab little sewing shop.
It was indeed a nice Saturday.

The following day we picked up little Granny and went off to the vintage fair at Ightham. Look at the lovely old stuff we found lol there was no price on this one, so we just took her with us lol

It was very busy as you can see but it didn't put us off. Elbows at the ready we made our way round all the lovely old buildings full of vintage loveliness and rummaged in every box, nook and cranny.
After a while it got a bit much for Ben and the cupcakes so he took them off to the park for a play. After they'd been treated to pink glitter cupcakes by Granny, sugared up and ready to go lol
Jade and little Granny had a short sit under this pretty Catth Kidston parsol.
I how ever carried on looking and was smitten with this fabulous old bath, just right for some running ducks. The ones in my head for now until we buy a home of our own. Isn't it lovely! I'd have to have the old bucket next to it, something to carry their feed in.
Lots of wonderful finds in the garden area. And great weather for it too, the sun shone on us all.
Here we are looking other the fabulous old farm chairs, oh how i long to own table and chairs like these. One day maybe, one day.
They are all just waiting to be loved again and put to use once more.
LOL this was little Granny when we left the fair, all worn out and knackered after hours of bargain hunting. LOL not really she soon jumped back up again once the camera was turned off. She'll get an Oscar for that performance lol Thanks Granny for being such an amazing woman, you know she's going to be 89 this month wow!
We crossed the road and met up with Ben and the cupcakes, where they'd been playing on the swings.
And slide.
Jade turned in to a monkey and climbed a tree hehe!
Then it was time for a leaf fight, "lets get Daddy" lol After picking leafs from every pocket and pants lol we drove off in to Sevenoaks for some lunch and finished our day with a picnic and more fun in a park. I hope you all had a good weekend. I'll leave you with some photos below of my vintage treasures.
The cutest child's airier, painted pink. I could of just burst when i spotted this little lovely lol and a woman behind me was non to pleased that I'd got it in my arms. And wasn't letting it go. You know what they say. "If you see it, grab it and hold on to it, don't put it down walk away and then regret it"
You know i had this very same ladybird book, it's in perfect condition and Molly loves it. Just right for learning to spell.
The see how to garden is for the very lovely and patient Mr cupcakes, with whom it wouldn't be possible for me to go to these wonderful fairs (i don't drive) So thank you honey for driving us all to it, hope the books full of useful tips, big kiss X
And lastly this tiny birds tin, just to sweet for words.
I really do have to say a big sorry to the lovely ladies waiting for give away gifts and treats, I'm crap i know. It's just been sooo flaming busy here in the cupcake house that time just isn't on my side. I will do my very best to get your goodies out to you over the next week. And please forgive me, i hang my head in shame :(
Big hugs,