Saturday, 30 June 2007

Weddings and rain, not a good mix!

Tomorrows the big day for one of my best friends, at the tender age if 21, she's going to tie the knot and settle down.
Her next big plans include, new home and babies. We wish her the very best and hope all her dreams come true.
I haven't seen her dress, so I thought I'd pop one of my favourites on here. It's very simple and baby pink (well it had to be!) Not sure I'd have one like this, but it's very pretty.
Confetti? whats the big deal about it? so many churches don't like you to throw it. But you cant have a wedding without it. I found this confetti online and it's bio-degradable and it has sweet little words on it, like: love, bliss and amour. Very different from the normal hearts, flowers and horseshoe shapes. Something to look into if your planing a big day for yourself or someone else. It's from the US but I'm sure someone here will do it.
How sweet is this wedding cupcake stand? Yes I'd like something like this lol but you all knew that already lol
Or maybe something fruity covered in icing and real pink flowers.

Right I'm off now to wax, shave, wash, straighten and tan.

End result, I'll look like this. lol (I wish) well something as close to this as I can. Don't want to out do the bride. ;)

Lets hope the rain holds off so we can get some nice pictures and the days not spoilt.

Talking of rain good luck with your sherk party Kim @ Ragged roses. Have fun. x

Bye bye.

Catherine x

Friday, 29 June 2007

Wedding presents, pork pies and little girls!

Got up today and knew I that I had to transform these lovely wooden items into something special, so I waved my magic paint brush and after a few hours. I transformed them into this little lot.

Lots of lovely red kitchen goodies for my Friends bottom draw. (I know I'm old fashioned) But I know she's been collecting red items for her kitchen when they get one of their own.
God I remember my bottom draw, think I started collecting when I was sixteen. Full of big dreams and high hopes for my future. Wow I'm 31 now and I've only just got there. 3 beautiful girls, a fantastic man, 3 cats, 1 bunny (for now), a lovely home (not ours, that ones still to come) and my own little business. Pretty lucky I think.
As anyone else just got there with their dreams??? I still have a few more that need making true and I'll get there.

I also made them these two pictures, one says Home Tweet Home and the other Love Birds. Thought they'd be just right for there new home one day. Bless! for the mean time, Lois (that's the bride) her parents are converting the top half of their house back into a little flat for them. Aren't parents great.

I do hope they like the juicer, I just had to pop a little strawberry on the top. Looks yum!

Talking of yummy things, I stopped for some lunch and a coffee. This has got to be the most yummiest pork pie I've eaten and little Daisy loved it too. We polished off half of it between us and a bit of pickle on the side. Free range pork too, so I guess they ran around in a field, just like the chickens that produce my eggs. Happy piggies and chickens lol

Very yummy, pick one up, they make a nice part of a ploughman's lunch. Full of calories, but who's counting?

Finally here are the girls, having a great time playing together. Daisy can fit in the dollies pushchair (oh no) Look at the rug, it's full of toys. They love nothing more than just tipping them everywhere. lol And watch mummy pick them all up again. Little angels, (for now) it can all change in a second. And then there is screaming and hair pulling. What a mad house. I love it.

All you other mum's know what I mean.

It's late again and I really should get off here, poor Ben's been reduced to watching Pat Sharpe's top 100 party hits. I'd better go and save him. lol

Have a good weekend. Keep dry in all this rain.

Catherine x

Thursday, 28 June 2007

All things nice!

I'm so looking forward to my Friends wedding on Sunday, yeay! we can all dress up in our best glad rags. I just hope the rain holds off. I do have a huge pink brolly to take just in case.
Can't wait to dress the girls up to, they're going to look so cute and Ben just looks gorgeous in his suit. I'll take lots of pics and share them with you all.

I love the picture below, the bubblegum pink gerberas are my favourite, I'd love to have them in my wedding bouquet if I ever get married ??? ( here's hoping)

And this beautiful pink jug full of roses, tulips and gerberas would look just right as table arrangements. So pretty and summery. I do have lots of ideas for my own wedding, but I don't think it will happen anytime soon :( but I can dream. And just enjoy other peoples big days.

Anyway good luck to Lois and Joe for Sunday, we wish you all the happiness in the world. x

Next I thought I'd pop a couple more of my favourite things on here, for you all to see. This is just some twigs we collected while out on a walk at Easter. We filled it full of colourful little eggs. And as times gone on I've added lots of different things to it. Some of my cupcake pegs, tiny heart decorations, and a beautiful pretty heart bought from a cute little shop called Sass & Bens Tunbridge Wells, worth a visit! and two wooden letters: M for Molly and D for Daisy. A cute Christmas gift from their big sister Jade.

It is such a simple thing, some twigs, a vase and some pretty things. Makes me smile when I look at it, just reminds me of Molly running around at the park, bringing me twig after twig. Saying this one ok mummy? Bless she really enjoyed doing that. Think I'll do something similar for Christmas. Any ideas?

This box as been with me for years and I love it. A real bootfair find, only a fiver. It was covered in this nasty green paint wash and stenciled bees all over it. Not nice at all. A good sanding down by Ben (thank you honey) x And look at it now, gorgeous in all it's wooden glory, I just added the little cream tassel, has there was no key for the lock. And it was good as new, well old hehe!

I had to pop my favourite Cath Kidston book and my string tin on top. I just couldn't be without that. lol My Girls and the cats would have string everywhere given half a chance. Little wot sits! Thankfully they haven't worked out to get the lid off, (for now!)

Speaking of little wot sits, here she is being all clever and standing up all on her own. Just after I took this photo, she took 6 steps across the rug.

wow! well done Daisy x The cats and Molly had better watch out now, she'll be running after them soon.

Right it's late now and we've had our weekly trip food shopping, dinner and the girls are all tucked up in bed. Time for some sleep myself. zzzzzz

Night night x

Catherine x

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

I just had to have it!

Set off early this morning for a very quick trip to Hempstead Vally. Jumped on the bus at the bottom of the road, (very handy). Needed to get a M&S voucher for my cousin's birthday. While I was there we popped into BHS, who where having a 20% day for card holders, but as I don't have one of these and don't intend on getting one.(I don't like store cards) I just headed for the big signs that said the word SALE. And look what I found? this gorgeous little milk jug with the sweetest strawberries on it.
Unlike the other jugs in my tiny collection, this one will be used. So that will make Ben happy lol It's just right for putting cream in and I have to have cream in my coffee. (just a little bit though, honest) ;)

I also picked up this baby pink coffee cafeteria as the one I already have is rubbish and the lid doesn't fit it properly. And what a bargain at £5. Looks good with the other pink items in the kitchen and the coffee tastes great from it. Now all I need to get is a coffee cosy to keep it warm. I do like the Poppy Treffry range but cant find them cheap enough anywhere. To expensive for me at the moment. If anyone knows where I can get one at a good bargain price? Please let me know. x
Shopping done we made our way home again, just in time too, before the rain came.
Here's Daisy enjoying some warm milk with me. She's all worn out after the bus ride home. What a little monkey she was, she just wanted to bounce up and down, push the button to stop the bus and look out the window. And not sit on my lap at all, poor Molly got bounced and stood on. And Daisy just laughed that naughty laugh she does lol. Thank goodness it was only a 15 minute journey. Any longer and I think mine, Molly's and the other old dears on the buses nerves would of been in pieces.
Good girl Molly for helping mummy with that wriggly Daisy. x
I really must learn to drive!

This was so funny, I court her eating the arm of the chair, she must still be hungry lol my poor chair.
After a quick change of clothes and freshen up she's all sleepy and looks like an angel. And is dreaming of fluffy pink bunnies and cupcakes. Little sweetie.
While Daisy sleeps, I grab another coffee and spend sometime with Molly. We'll have a cuddle on the sofa and watch Deal Or No Deal. She loves that. lol

Have a good evening with your families x

Catherine x

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Somedays I just have to sort everything out.

Woke up today with the need to sort out and tidy. So I started with all the girls toys in the corner of the living room. And now everything has a place and looks lovely. Thought I'd get a picture for you all, before the girls see what I've done and it all goes on the floor. Molly was very pleased with it all and said wow! And thank you mummy. That made me feel all warm inside and all my efforts had been worth while.

Now the girls can have tea parties at the table, you can just see Buttercup Bunny in her highchair, ready for some carrots.
I'm sure when Ben gets in he'll be brought endless cups of tea and slices of cake. lol He loves all that and really joins in. He's a great Daddy.
I must say this little table and two chairs has got to be one of the best things I've bought. Only £19 from Ikea.
My oldest daughter had it when she was Molly's age (2) It is lovely that she kept it and has now given it to her baby sisters. It must of been painted about 5 times now. You can't see the top very well because of the pretty table cloth, but I have put some of that chalk paint on it. And the girls love nothing more than scribbling and drawing with the big chalks. And I just wash it all off ready for use another day. I recommend a pot. £5.99 Homebase or B&Q.
Big help for mum's with arty children and not to messy.

After sorting, tidying and vacing the floors. I had a coffee and took a couple of pictures of some more of my favourite things. I have a bit of a thing for jugs lol (the kitchen sort not the boob variety for all you naughty minded people) lol These are my 4 favs. You cant really see the dots on the two pink ones, but they just gorgeous. Two good buys from Susie Watson. I really do love her pottery. I think they look nice on the side with the other two jugs and my pink enamel bread and biscuit tins. A lovely 30th birthday from my Mum and Dad. They where sweet enough to buy me the whole range. All in that lovely baby pink colour. Mum said well your only 30 once. Just let us treat you.

Thankyou Mum and Dad x

The whole jug thing makes my partner Ben laugh, because we're not aloud to use them, they must just look gorgeous on the side. He says it's a woman thing. And then rolls his eyes at them. Which makes me laugh. Yes all us ladies have to have pretty things to look! Don't we?

I had to share this with you. It's my mothers day card from my oldest daugther, sent this year. I just had to get a frame for it and hang it on the wall. The words simply say Mum I Love You.

She said she saw it and immediately thought of me. :) thanks Jade, I look at it everyday and think of you. x

Lastly this was last night in our living room, it must of been the weather but all of us went mad, we played chase daddy, jump on mummy and tiggle everyone. The noise lol my poor neighbours, what must they think of us. We have wooden floors throughout the living room and dinning room. And I think sometimes we must sound like a heard of elephants charging round.

It was fun, I love times like that, no telly or music on. Just good old fashioned fun with my family. Money just cant buy that.

And the girls where so tired out after all the ruff and tumble, they both went to bed early. So mummy and daddy had some nice quiet too. Arrr bliss.

Right I fancy a cuppa now, so I'll see you soon.

Catherine x

Monday, 25 June 2007

It rained, it poured and then rained a bit more.

Woke up Sunday hoping for blue skies, but oh no it was raining. And it didn't stop raining all day. My family called and said can we make it for about 3ish now. Because of the rain, instead of a barbecue outside they where cooking up a storm in the kitchen. This included : chicken curry, rice, lasagne, salads, pizza, chicken nuggets and lots of dips. Followed by yummy chocolate fudge cake, cream, banoffi pie and strawberries. It was all so yummy, we didn't know where to start. I went back for seconds and tried a bit of everything. ( I can blow the calorie watching for one day) Especially when there is Birthday chocolate fudge cake and Banoffi pie looking at me lol

The weather didn't spoil a thing the afternoon was lovely and we all sang happy birthday to my cousin Sarah who's 40 on Friday. Not the best picture of her, didn't want to make her camera shy. Have a happy birthday Sarah x
It was lovely catching up with everyone and Molly ad Daisy enjoyed seeing everyone and playing with their dog Milo. And I think he enjoyed the exercise, being chased around and round. What a big soppy thing. We left late and joked about the weather. Lets hope next time the sun will shine and we'll get to go to the beach.

Aren't cats funny things? we left them all in because of the rain and they all found their own seats. Dougal in the kitchen on Molly's little chair.
Megan on my favourite chair in the living room, making it all nice and hairy for me.
And Thomas yawning his head off in Daisy's highchair. He thinks if he sits here he'll get fed lol

Thought I'd pop a couple of pics of this juicer I painted last week. I'm very pleased with it and don't want to sell it now, so it's made it's way into my pot in the kitchen.
Just looking at it makes me feel all summery, with it's yummy strawberry and the lemon and lime in the back ground. Hmm! pimms and lemonade anyone?

Come on summer hurry up and get here.

Bye for now.

Catherine x

Saturday, 23 June 2007

All good things come to those who wait.

I was so pleased when the postman knocked this morning and had two lovely parcels in his hands. One was a replacement dinner plate, so we now have a full set at last. And the other packet was these two beautiful handmade bags. A very talented lady called Helen who works under the name Ditsy Designs made them. I ordered the large bag for myself and she was very kind to send me the baby size for Molly. Who loves it and took it out with her to the shops today, just like her mummy. We looked so cute. lol
Many thanks Helen x
You can find her lovely handmade items on Ebay under ditsydesigner, she's well worth a look.

Got just a couple of pieces of fabric today. They didn't have all the ones I'm after, so I'll have to go to Bluewater again. The Laura Ashley's a lovely size there. I love the rose one it's very pretty. Will be able to make something nice with it I'm sure.

Had to show you this picture of Daisy feeding herself yogurt, she got in such a mess lol But she had a great time doing so. I just love this stage of little ones. The I can do it myself and get it everywhere stage. lol Funny she didn't throw any of this on the floor, why do they always throw the dinner on the floor but eat all the pudding?
We have my oldest daughter Jade staying with us this weekend, Molly just loves her. I think this picture just says it all. It's lovely to have her here. We're all off to visit family tomorrow at Bexhill on sea, looking forward to that. I hope it's a sunny day. We can all go to the beach, the girls will enjoy that. Especially Daisy. She'll see how much sand she can collect in her nappy and how much she can eat. lol

Love you big sis x Molly.

Well Daisy's nearly there with the walking. She can walk holding on to things and that now includes her big sister toy trolley. Clever girl your be running soon and then Molly had better watch out. lol
Enjoy your Sunday.

x Catherine

Friday, 22 June 2007

It all came together at last yeay!

Got there in the end! This is a washing line full of cute little fairies, ready to spread their wings and fly off to the little polka dot pot shop. The very last part of a huge order placed last week.
They all looked so funny hanging there, I just had to take a picture.

I'm very happy with the way they all turned out. I hope they find lovely new homes and make lots of little girls wishes come true x twinkle twinkle!
It's been a hard day of potty training for Buttercup Bunny lol and no training for Molly. She wouldn't use it today, she just kept saying no! no! no! bunny done a poo poo lol
Well done Buttercup, Molly and mummy are very proud of you. lol
Now I just have to get Molly trained too. And then there's only be one lot of nappies to buy.
We must, well Ben must of spent a fortune on them. Mind you we do use the Nature Eco ones, and wipes and nappy bags, so we're very green.

Talking about being green, we're waiting for a small compost bin to be delivered. It's silly but I'm looking forward to being able to put all my food waste and other bits into it. I think sometimes I go a bit Eco mad. Every bit of paper I find has to go in the recycle bin, or I get cross. If I see plastic bottles just dropped I have to pick them up and put them in our blue box. Please tell me I'm not the only one, with this obsession to recycle! lol

It must be rubbing off, because even little Molly and she's only just 2 has started to put paper and plastic in all the right bins. Well done Molly, my little green girl.

I just had to take this picture today. Molly, Daisy and you can just see Thomas the cat in the middle of them. They all snuggled up on the sofa together and had a nap. Oh and Bunny got in there too.

Yeay! the weekends here again. I'm off to watch a school play tomorrow and then some shopping for my favourite things: fabrics and wooden items. Might even get to go to my fav shop in the whole world. Cupcakes.

But I'll have to see how the old man feels about driving over to Hawkhurst, maybe next weekend. I can give him lots of treats before hand. lol ;)

Have a good weekend what ever the weather.

Catherine x

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Thursday already, lifes just flying by!

Hello again, sorry it's been a while, I've been so busy with all of this. A huge order placed last Wednesday and needed for this Saturday. So I've been hard at it lol As you can see I got a bit more organized and sorted everything out. Mind you this is only half of it all. The rest was in the kitchen, taking up work top space.
This was taken before I varnish it all, god it took me 2 and half hours to do that job.

Here's all the heart tags drying on the airier in the garden. That's my little potting shed in the back ground, Ben's say it looks like a little outside loo lol I love it, just about holds everything you need for a little garden like ours. I bought just because of the cute heart on the door. Mad I know! But sometimes you just have to be. lol
At last there it all is, packed, wrapped and ready to go off to it's new home. The Little Polka Dot Pot. Which opens Saturday for all you lucky people that live near it. Charisma, West End, Gt Eccleston, Lancashire. I'm sure their website will be up and running soon. That's the plugging done.
Good luck Jayne x

After a bit of a break yesterday afternoon I had a rummage in the cellar and found this lovely little vintage teacup, saucer and side plate. It belonged to my Nana and I knew I still had it somewhere. I'd just wrapped it up and put it somewhere safe after we'd moved.

Now it's out and I can look at it and think of Nana eating her yummy lemon cake and drinking tea. And I can share it with all of you too. It's so beautiful, just like she was. Miss you Nana everyday x Thanks for watching over me and keeping me safe.

Lastly I had to put this on here lol. This is Thomas and this is how he helps with the washing. Maybe he's trying to tell me something? like he needs a wash to lol

Look at that face, silly thing.

Well you know what day it is? yes that's right food shopping day, so I'd best get ready and pack the orange bags in the car and write a list, "oh the fun of it all lol"

Take care everyone that writes this, be back soon.

Catherine x

Monday, 18 June 2007

We had a lovely little break.

This is Rosablue my favourite shop in Cheltenham, it's run by a lovely lady called Penelope and Luca. They sell the most beautiful fabrics and gifts. And make things to order. Worth a look It's just the sweetest little shop, one of those places I could stay in all day. I was very good this time and made it out only with one order. But there was lots of things I wanted. lol Next time, there is always next time!

We made it to Grandma's, look how happy the girls are. This was at 11.45pm, they'd woke up after the journey and where full of fun. All we wanted to do was sleep after the long drive lol Luckily they soon got tired out again and went off to bed. yeay!
Sweet dreams little ones x

Happy Fathers Day Daddy. "We've got you now!" lol Molly and Daisy playing lets get Daddy. Come on Daddy! giddy-up, your my horsey. They got him two lovely cards and we all went out for a nice walk together. Just time with his girls is all he wanted, money cant buy that he said. We love you Daddy your the best x

Our journey home. Bye bye Grandma, thanks for having us. See you again soon.x

Bless! Molly and Daisy holding hands in the car and Buttercup Bunny in the middle.

Saw this lovely cottage while out on our walk and just had to take a photo it. It's so pretty, real chocolate box style. My favourite houses our the very large ones close to town, but this is nice too lol I'm fussy my Ben says to me. No! I just know what I like. And prefer wooden floors, high ceilings, roll top baths, oak kitchens, butler sinks and space lol wow I am fussy!

Everyone has a dream.

Go and dream yours now and I'll post soon. Bye x

Catherine x