Monday, 25 June 2007

It rained, it poured and then rained a bit more.

Woke up Sunday hoping for blue skies, but oh no it was raining. And it didn't stop raining all day. My family called and said can we make it for about 3ish now. Because of the rain, instead of a barbecue outside they where cooking up a storm in the kitchen. This included : chicken curry, rice, lasagne, salads, pizza, chicken nuggets and lots of dips. Followed by yummy chocolate fudge cake, cream, banoffi pie and strawberries. It was all so yummy, we didn't know where to start. I went back for seconds and tried a bit of everything. ( I can blow the calorie watching for one day) Especially when there is Birthday chocolate fudge cake and Banoffi pie looking at me lol

The weather didn't spoil a thing the afternoon was lovely and we all sang happy birthday to my cousin Sarah who's 40 on Friday. Not the best picture of her, didn't want to make her camera shy. Have a happy birthday Sarah x
It was lovely catching up with everyone and Molly ad Daisy enjoyed seeing everyone and playing with their dog Milo. And I think he enjoyed the exercise, being chased around and round. What a big soppy thing. We left late and joked about the weather. Lets hope next time the sun will shine and we'll get to go to the beach.

Aren't cats funny things? we left them all in because of the rain and they all found their own seats. Dougal in the kitchen on Molly's little chair.
Megan on my favourite chair in the living room, making it all nice and hairy for me.
And Thomas yawning his head off in Daisy's highchair. He thinks if he sits here he'll get fed lol

Thought I'd pop a couple of pics of this juicer I painted last week. I'm very pleased with it and don't want to sell it now, so it's made it's way into my pot in the kitchen.
Just looking at it makes me feel all summery, with it's yummy strawberry and the lemon and lime in the back ground. Hmm! pimms and lemonade anyone?

Come on summer hurry up and get here.

Bye for now.

Catherine x

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Ragged Roses said...

Oh that juicer looks very sweet! What kind of weather is this? Glad it didn't spoil your party, you looked like you were having fun (cats included). Our party is next week and the weather forecast isn't looking too good, looks like Far Far Away is going to have to be indoors!
Kim x