Thursday, 28 June 2007

All things nice!

I'm so looking forward to my Friends wedding on Sunday, yeay! we can all dress up in our best glad rags. I just hope the rain holds off. I do have a huge pink brolly to take just in case.
Can't wait to dress the girls up to, they're going to look so cute and Ben just looks gorgeous in his suit. I'll take lots of pics and share them with you all.

I love the picture below, the bubblegum pink gerberas are my favourite, I'd love to have them in my wedding bouquet if I ever get married ??? ( here's hoping)

And this beautiful pink jug full of roses, tulips and gerberas would look just right as table arrangements. So pretty and summery. I do have lots of ideas for my own wedding, but I don't think it will happen anytime soon :( but I can dream. And just enjoy other peoples big days.

Anyway good luck to Lois and Joe for Sunday, we wish you all the happiness in the world. x

Next I thought I'd pop a couple more of my favourite things on here, for you all to see. This is just some twigs we collected while out on a walk at Easter. We filled it full of colourful little eggs. And as times gone on I've added lots of different things to it. Some of my cupcake pegs, tiny heart decorations, and a beautiful pretty heart bought from a cute little shop called Sass & Bens Tunbridge Wells, worth a visit! and two wooden letters: M for Molly and D for Daisy. A cute Christmas gift from their big sister Jade.

It is such a simple thing, some twigs, a vase and some pretty things. Makes me smile when I look at it, just reminds me of Molly running around at the park, bringing me twig after twig. Saying this one ok mummy? Bless she really enjoyed doing that. Think I'll do something similar for Christmas. Any ideas?

This box as been with me for years and I love it. A real bootfair find, only a fiver. It was covered in this nasty green paint wash and stenciled bees all over it. Not nice at all. A good sanding down by Ben (thank you honey) x And look at it now, gorgeous in all it's wooden glory, I just added the little cream tassel, has there was no key for the lock. And it was good as new, well old hehe!

I had to pop my favourite Cath Kidston book and my string tin on top. I just couldn't be without that. lol My Girls and the cats would have string everywhere given half a chance. Little wot sits! Thankfully they haven't worked out to get the lid off, (for now!)

Speaking of little wot sits, here she is being all clever and standing up all on her own. Just after I took this photo, she took 6 steps across the rug.

wow! well done Daisy x The cats and Molly had better watch out now, she'll be running after them soon.

Right it's late now and we've had our weekly trip food shopping, dinner and the girls are all tucked up in bed. Time for some sleep myself. zzzzzz

Night night x

Catherine x


Rubyred said...

Have a lovely time at the wedding!The twigs look lovely,I do that at Easter too!Love your wooden box!

Ragged Roses said...

Well done Daisy, just in time for the wedding! Good luck with the weather too, have a great time. Love those twigs!
Kim x