Monday, 29 September 2008

Tears, tantrums and happy endings...

This cute little cupcake has grown into this beautiful little-big cupcake and has coursed me much worry over the weekend, i have been trying to not show it but inside was all in knots this morning when dropping Molly off at pre-school. After a very good first couple of weeks, I'd thought to myself that this is how it's going to be. Big kiss, happy smile and bye Mummy see you a little later. But no, those mornings have come to an end, she just wants to come home and not stay there, even after i left Daisy with her today, who was more than happy to see the back of me lol, Molly still screamed after me as i walked away crying this time (yes i broke but she didn't see), my friend Nat gave a much need word of comfort outside. And 2 Min's down the road little Miss Molly cupcake was fine like nothing had happened lol (moo moo!). And at 12 when I collected them both she was full of smiles and tales of sandwich making and painting. So when it comes to Wednesday I'm not going to worry as much because like lots of you have said it's just all part of the parent roller coaster ride we sign up for when having little cupcakes.
I did find out from Mr cupcakes that he too was very shy and didn't like going to anything new, so she gets it from him. I'll let you know how Wednesday goes. Thank you very much for all the lovely comments and support, it helps to here other stories. Somehow makes it feel a lot better because it tears you up inside at the time and I felt like the worst Mum in the world for walking away.
Today's song is one of my all time favourites now. Having heard it on the fabulous Channel 4 show The Family (is everyone else hooked like me?) i just can't get enough of it lol
Anyhoo this always calms me down and is great to sing along too.

Many hugs,
Catherine x

Friday, 26 September 2008

Truely scrumptious...

I had great fun decorating these yummy looking cupcakes the other night at 9.30pm, just after watching the few remaining episodes of Greys Anatomy i taped off freeview. I found doing this helped me from screaming that both the last 2 episodes had taped without the endings argh! why can't channel five just stick to the right times and not run 10 mins late, anyhoo I'm gonna ask of HMV vouchers now for Christmas so i can treat myself to the box sets.
Happy with the finished look i hopped upstairs to bedforshire for some zzzzzz

The next morning i packed them up in pink tissue paper and basket and set off with the girls to the coffee morning at the Salvation Army, all money raise is going to the Macmillan Cancer support. Within the first 10 mins of being here they'd all gone lol hungry lot.
I also took a few packs of cupcake pegs and donated £1.50 of each pack sold to the charity. I was very pleased when a couple sold. And sat back and enjoyed a coffee, cake and chat with some other mum's there, while the girls played. Bless the old ladies there, my Nan would be proud of me, she always loved going the Salvation Army in Maidstone and made so many good friends.
Here are my two little cupcakes mixing up the recipe and being a very big help to Mummy. I of course let them lick their spoons after we'd done, it would of been mean of me not too.
Our post lady came knocking the other day with a large brown jiffy bag??? i thought to myself what's in this then. And opened it to find these lovely bead sets for the girls. A little thank you from Imogen and Beatrice, Jane's two beautiful girls.
Molly and Daisy got stuck in right away and made necklaces. They kept quite for hours threading each bead and shouting look mummy, look! and when there Daddy came in later he too helped, (which i think he enjoyed lol).
So a very big thank you for them and we hope to meet someday soon.
And look i wasn't left out in the prezzies, this gorgeous note set is all mine. So yummy looking just good enough to eat. Thank you Jane, you're a very sweet lady. I hope we get to have coffee and cupcake soon, maybe at Anna's cafe. X

These goodies also few on to the mat last week, the fabulous Mandy sent them in return for some of my new Christmas red dotty heart decorations/gift tags. How beautiful are they? I'm just crazy for everything in Belle & Boo's website and Etsy shop. It was lovely to meet you at the London trade show and finally put a face to the blog and emails lol
Wishing you ever bit of luck. Speak soon. X

I hope you're all enjoying the sunny weekend and making the most of it. I'm trying to keep happy as Molly's not been so good at pre-school, last Wednesday she just wailed when she saw me still chatting at the gate to her key worker and they had to take her off me kicking and screaming argh! just heart breaking. I don't know what's set her off but now she doesn't want to go on Monday. But she is, I'm just going to take her and not make a big thing out of it. It is hard not to as she won't give me a reason for not wanting to go, has anyone else had this happen? or have any advice? things where going so well and i really felt for the other poor mum's with crying little ones. And now I've become one of them :(
Fingers crossed she just goes in and smiles.
Many hugs,
Catherine x

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Music Mondays on Tuesday today lol

Creep by radiohead.

This has to be my favourite song ever, I could listen to a 100 times and not get sick of it. Hope you all enjoy it too.


Catherine x

Monday, 22 September 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Ava.

Have a wonderful 1st birthday Ava
Lots of love from Uncle Ben, Auntie Catherine, Molly, Daisy and Jade.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

So much loveliness I could of popped lol

Woke up this morning to the most fabulous sunshine, just the right sort of weather to be going out to a Vintage garden sale. The wonderful Claire came and picked myself and Jade up from home and off we went. And what a gorgeous day for it. The bunting was up, handmade cakes and orange juice at the ready and loads and loads of amazing vintage goodies to be had.

We were like kids in a sweetie shop lol just look at how full my basket is. Jade looks beautiful in this photo I love it, her hair was freshly dyed by me last night and it looks great. Thank you sweet girl for coming along with us and I'm so chuffed to pieces that you love all this old tat as much I do. And a big thank you to the very kind old gentleman that took this photo for us.
Just look at that sky, we couldn't believe our luck or wished for a more perfect day. And how pretty is this roof, it just cry's out Autumn is here. But you would never of known by looking at that sky.
Who's that I spy rummaging around?
LOL smile Claire your on Blog candid camera lol
Stopping our shopping and loveliness finding for some yummy homemade cakes and coffee, we came across this gorgeous girl.
And she kindly helped us finish off our cake crumbs lol Sadly she wasn't for sale but we all got free belly rubs and snuggles. What a cutie.
Jade found it so very funny that her Mum was so excited by these fabulous apple crates and amazed when I didn't buy any, they did have a little to many wood worm holes for my liking, I didn't fancy explaining to our very nice landlord that I'd infested his gorgeous living room wooden floor with wriggle friends. Or maybe I'm just getting even more fussy in my buying habits, who knows!
I did also fear that the amount of Country Living mags I have planned to put into one of these someday soon would have been a little to much for one of these particular apple crates and the bottom would of fallen out. After so humming and arrhing I left them there. I'll find some more soon.
Look at what Jade picked up though, the very lovely Ray Coulthard from Hotel Babylon. He was there looking around with his wife and was so sweet in saying yes to giving Jade his autograph and letting me photo them. We both just loved watching Hotel Babylon and he was my favourite character, so we where head over heels when he said yes he didn't mind. What a nice man. This just made our day even better. :) and put the biggest smile on Jade's face.
She's been worrying about Monday as she has to sing in front of her class, I hope a lovely day out together and ending with an afternoon with her sweet boyfriend John, helps put her at ease. Knock the dead honey I know you can do it. I'll be thinking of you. X
Once home and after Claire and I had a much needed coffee and sit down. I took all my goodies out in to the garden for photos. And with a little help from Daisy, they came out very well.

The very expensive dotty tea cosy ( 50p) is being beautifully modelled as a fashionable hat. Gorgeous Daisy, I that style might catch on lol

Tea anyone? I'll stirr and be mother lol
I'm so pleased with everything and nothing was over a £5. I could of bought more but as we might be moving sometime soon, I was very good left the £120 bookcase, wooden ladder for hanging towels or clothes on, the dress dummy that needed some much loved TLC and the dog lol (I think would of noticest if I tried to pack her in the car).
And anyway there is another one before Christmas, so watch this space for that. I've started saving my 5p's already hehe! owww and I could have things for early birthday presents. I'm so naughty. But whats a girl to do with so much loveliness?
I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend and the sun has been shining for you all.
I have a couple of thank yous before I go off up to Bedfordshire for some zzzzz
Kim you most welcome sweetie, I'm so glad you like your little gift and it has gone to a lovely home. Well done for winning the things that make you smile comp.
And Jane thank you for the lovely message you left me on the phone, sorry wasn't there to take it but it was lovely to hear from you. I know you've got computer gremlins at the moment and it's been sent away to rest lol but I hope you see this on it's return honey. Wishing you and you're little ones many happy cooking with their utensils. And happy washing up with yours.
Much love everyone x
Catherine x

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Music Monday's a little late this week.

Sorry everyone that Music Monday is so late this week, but time has just rushed by in a blink. Here it is anyway.

Today I've chosen 2 totally brilliant songs from the fabulous Pulp, I just love them now as much as I did years ago. and still know all the words, (can you hear me singing them out loud?) lol

Please enjoy both songs, hope they make you smile as much as me.


Catherine x

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

All good things come to those who wait...

After sweet dreams from our first night in the tent the girls woke bright eyed and bushy tailed lol
And then once up and dressed, it was wellies on and off to see the chickens for some fresh eggs.
With the fire roaring and bacon cooking Ben and i was happy to let the girls go off and play.
Yummy hot coffee (tea for Ben) and bacon butties with brown sauce. Look at my plop of sauce it's in the shape of a heart lol no i didn't make it into one, the sauce just knew how much i heart this lovely place and was trying to tell me something too.
Up with the chickens and after lots of stroking, clucking, cooing and...

...plenty of feedLook what Daisy got...
Her very first egg. I think her little face says it all. Over the moon she was and said "Mummy, it's all warm" and "I'll be very careful with it"
I hope she remembers this special moment forever because i will.
More farm photos tomorrow.
Thank you for all the birthday wishes for Ben, he had a lovely day. Though he worked for most of it. We did go out for a yummy meal together in the evening and ate birthday cake with the girls and his Mummy, who's been staying with us for a few days.
Many thanks Viv for having the girls and letting this Mummy and Daddy escape for a little while. xxx See you soon.
Catherine x

Monday, 15 September 2008

And my favourite is?

The fabulous Kim for Ragged Roses a little gift will be flying it's way to you very soon. I love that the flowers you got from your friends wedding made you smile every time you looked at them. I think this can be said for everyone. Flowers truly make us girlie's grin from ear to ear lol
Thank you for joining in my little bit of nonsense, there were some other lovely smiley things mentioned, from pink scooters, cats, cow pictures lol (Anna) kitchen cupboards, dotty teapots and many more. It was fun to reading them all.

I smile every time I read one of your lovely comments.
Many hugs,
Back soon with birthday photos and more from Featherdown farm.

C x

Birthday wishes

Happy Birthday Ben x

Have a fabulous day, we love you lots and lots.
Big hugs and loads of kisses xxxxxxxxx
Your little cupcakes and kitten x

C x

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Like a duck to water...

This happy little pink tiger had a fabulous time at pre-school with her big sister Molly on Wednesday and took to it like a duck to water. And the fun was...

...Followed by a lovely day with Great Granny coming over to our house for a visit. This is why it's taken me a couple of days to post about Daisy's first day at pre-school, sorry ladies for the wait.
But having this wonderful lady come over take over my day. She's just had one of her eyes operated on and we all want to pamper her. So we had prawn sandwiches and yummy chocolate eclairs from pudding. And sat and looked at all the photos from Featherdown farm together. The girls enjoyed lots and lots of cuddles. Love you Gran, hope we didn't tire you out to much. X
This was the face that greeted me when i went and picked them up, a big beaming smile and a beautiful painting for our picture wall. Daisy really enjoyed herself and Molly looked out for her, telling her what to do and where to go if she needed the loo, bless her little mother hen.
i got a big kiss and "see you a little later mummy" from them both and off i went. Feeling so very calm and happy that my cupcakes where feeling safe and happy to stay without me. Looking at some of the other poor mum's with little ones hanging off of their legs crying, i felt so very proud of our girls. Well done sweetie-pies.
At home i asked them both if they wanted to go back next week and i got a big thumbs up, yeay! we love pre-school.
Wednesday afternoon i got a little time to photograph some of my new stock, I've been meaning to put these on my website for ages. So when the sun shone again, i got out there.
What do you think? they are £4.25each and i think they would look good in any shoe box and make cleaning shoes a little nicer. They make me smile every time i paint one. Hop onto Mollycupcakes for a cute pink i also have available.

More yummy new items will be coming from the cupcake house very soon and I'm hoping to open a Etsy shop in the next week of so. And will fill it with one off items.
Also I'll be choosing my favourite what makes you happy on Friday and sharing more fun from Featherdowns.

Many hugs everyone, I'm off to bath the cupcakes, splosh-splash!

Catherine x

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

All sadness melted away

These cute little doodlebugs went off walking into pre-school with a big kiss and smile. And melted all of Mummies sadness away. Molly was very happy to go in and stay. She let me hang up her coat and take her shoes off, show her were I'd put them and off she went to do some play doh craft. Turning only to give me a little wave and smile.
Daisy was not very happy to be leaving her there and cried "my Molly" but she soon forgot all about it when we went into her favourite toy shop lol And she gave Molly the biggest cuddle ever when we picked her up at 12pm. So cute (why can't they be like that all the time? lol).

Thanks to everyone that has send me a little message of love and support, I know I've probably been over worrying. But all your cyber hugs and comments have helped.

Look what we woke up to today a beautiful bright sunny sky, just lovely and much needed I think. I definitely feel better today. And wanted to share this photo with you all, so even if you've got rain and grey skies you can have a little bit of sunshine of your own. X

This is what Thomas thought of it all. And flashed his belly to the camera. God he's a big lush bag! lol

I have to say a big thank you to Cathy for my wonderful cupcake & tea swap parcel and a little sorry for the delay in blogging about it. Where does the time go when you're at home the break to Featherdown seems weeks ago already and was only just beginning last Tuesday. Boo Hoo!
Thank you sweetie-pie I love everything you sent and it's all getting used, although Molly's claimed the bag as hers and Daisy has walked off with the note pad lol
Don't forget I'm still asking what you have that makes you smile every time you see it and will choose my favourite on Friday. My new make me smile is a large piece of red dot oil cloth from Cath Kidston, picked up on a little trip out with Ben's Mummy in Cheltenham, thanks Viv for chatting to the shop assistant, she gave me more than half a metre lol
Lol team work, you talk I'll distract from the measuring, oh we're so naughty hehe!
More from the farm and both my cupcakes off to pre-school tomorrow, what will Mummy do with herself?
Many hugs,
Catherine x

Monday, 8 September 2008

Music Mondays.

Slipping through my fingers...

I just wanted to do something on Mondays, some of you have done Sole Mondays showing your yummy, gorgeous shoes. Well I'd like to share with you all my favourite music.

This Abba track sums up how I was feeling this morning, knowing I had to take Molly to her first day of pre-school and will no doubt feel the same way on Wednesday when Daisy joins her.

They do slip through our fingers so quickly, I hope I'm making the most of every minute I have with them and they keep hold of the happy memories. Mummy and Daddy love you both so very much and are very proud of you Molly for going into pre-school with a big smile and a kiss for Mummy.


Catherine x

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Back to reality...

...for us all :( and tomorrow Molly starts her first day at pre-school, shortly followed by Daisy on Wednesday. My babies are no longer babies but little girlie's going out into the big wide world. Oh how I wish I could just keep them at home forever. I know I have to let them grow but isn't it hard Mum's ? Tell me I'm not the only one feeling this heart wrenching pain. I need a little cyber hug.

Just look at them they're so small and safe on our family holiday to Featherdown in Wiltshire. Loving every minute of it. Keep these memories forever my cupcakes, I hope we've made them happy ones.
After a fabulous time visiting family and the gorgeous Anna at No.9 cafe, wonderful to see you sweetie-pie, look forward to next time. Can't wait to have another one of those yummy vanilla lattes, they tasted great and do some real chatting lol Thank you for the cute card I found on our door mat when we got home. It was a nice surprise. Big hugs x

So we arrived at our home for the next 4 days very happy and excited of what lied ahead.

The inside of our tent looked just like the picture in the brochure and there was the cutest vintage tins on the kitchen top and sweet hearts on the loo and cabin bed doors. Enamel mugs, pots, pans and utensils. Wood burning stove, gorgeous wooden floors, table and chairs. And a huge double bed for Ben and I to snuggle on cold nights.
Look at the view from outside of the tent, wow! amazing. Can you see the chicken houses? I think the girls and I spent most of our mornings up there lol (more photos to follow over the week).

The skie looks very grey doesn't it and it was the worst first night, rain, gale force winds, more rain and did I mention the gale force winds lol The girls slept through it all. And the next morning we woke too bright skies and warm air. And had a yummy breakfast of bacon butties and cups of tea. This set us up for a fab ride on farmer Joe's tractor, he took us around the farm and talked about his life running it the organic way. We have a lovely photo of him and his wife Izzy with Daisy who was so taken by him and would call out "farmer Joe!" everytime we went for a talk, (photo will be on the next post).

No fashion wellies here lol I tried so many on and they all fitted but I couldn't get my jeans down inside them. Thinking I'd have to put bags over my shoes and feelings a little silly for leaving the wellie hunting a bit to late, I'd almost given up on finding some. But thanks to that fabulous man of mine taking us to Bath before we went to the farm and letting me lose in the Cath Kidston and treating me to a yummy coffee from Costa, we found our self's in a Millets shop and upstairs there was two pairs of wellies one lot for Ben and one pair for me. I love them and the sage green colour they are. And miss having to put them on every morning to walk up and let the chickens out lol. I think I might just have to put them on ever now and then and maybe find a pretty floral farmers wife looking dress to wear too lol
It's lovely to be back in the land of blog but I'm missing my chickens, wellies, fresh air, the smell of burning wood and well everything about it all really. (Even the nightly bug hunt before bed lol)

And I didn't miss the cars, noise, chav's, smokers, telly or my mobile. It's the simple life for me and the country heart is beating out loud. Roll on next years holiday when we return for more fun down on the farm.

Many hugs everyone and thanks for all the lovely comments you've all left while I've been away. Keep the things that make you happy coming, I'll choose my favourite this Friday.

Catherine x

Ps: more photos coming this week, we got a little snap happy lol as you do on hols.