Sunday, 7 September 2008

Back to reality...

...for us all :( and tomorrow Molly starts her first day at pre-school, shortly followed by Daisy on Wednesday. My babies are no longer babies but little girlie's going out into the big wide world. Oh how I wish I could just keep them at home forever. I know I have to let them grow but isn't it hard Mum's ? Tell me I'm not the only one feeling this heart wrenching pain. I need a little cyber hug.

Just look at them they're so small and safe on our family holiday to Featherdown in Wiltshire. Loving every minute of it. Keep these memories forever my cupcakes, I hope we've made them happy ones.
After a fabulous time visiting family and the gorgeous Anna at No.9 cafe, wonderful to see you sweetie-pie, look forward to next time. Can't wait to have another one of those yummy vanilla lattes, they tasted great and do some real chatting lol Thank you for the cute card I found on our door mat when we got home. It was a nice surprise. Big hugs x

So we arrived at our home for the next 4 days very happy and excited of what lied ahead.

The inside of our tent looked just like the picture in the brochure and there was the cutest vintage tins on the kitchen top and sweet hearts on the loo and cabin bed doors. Enamel mugs, pots, pans and utensils. Wood burning stove, gorgeous wooden floors, table and chairs. And a huge double bed for Ben and I to snuggle on cold nights.
Look at the view from outside of the tent, wow! amazing. Can you see the chicken houses? I think the girls and I spent most of our mornings up there lol (more photos to follow over the week).

The skie looks very grey doesn't it and it was the worst first night, rain, gale force winds, more rain and did I mention the gale force winds lol The girls slept through it all. And the next morning we woke too bright skies and warm air. And had a yummy breakfast of bacon butties and cups of tea. This set us up for a fab ride on farmer Joe's tractor, he took us around the farm and talked about his life running it the organic way. We have a lovely photo of him and his wife Izzy with Daisy who was so taken by him and would call out "farmer Joe!" everytime we went for a talk, (photo will be on the next post).

No fashion wellies here lol I tried so many on and they all fitted but I couldn't get my jeans down inside them. Thinking I'd have to put bags over my shoes and feelings a little silly for leaving the wellie hunting a bit to late, I'd almost given up on finding some. But thanks to that fabulous man of mine taking us to Bath before we went to the farm and letting me lose in the Cath Kidston and treating me to a yummy coffee from Costa, we found our self's in a Millets shop and upstairs there was two pairs of wellies one lot for Ben and one pair for me. I love them and the sage green colour they are. And miss having to put them on every morning to walk up and let the chickens out lol. I think I might just have to put them on ever now and then and maybe find a pretty floral farmers wife looking dress to wear too lol
It's lovely to be back in the land of blog but I'm missing my chickens, wellies, fresh air, the smell of burning wood and well everything about it all really. (Even the nightly bug hunt before bed lol)

And I didn't miss the cars, noise, chav's, smokers, telly or my mobile. It's the simple life for me and the country heart is beating out loud. Roll on next years holiday when we return for more fun down on the farm.

Many hugs everyone and thanks for all the lovely comments you've all left while I've been away. Keep the things that make you happy coming, I'll choose my favourite this Friday.

Catherine x

Ps: more photos coming this week, we got a little snap happy lol as you do on hols.


Petticoat Lane said...

Welcome back! It looks like you had a wonderful time and even managed a trip to Bath (Always good) and a trip to No.9 (even better) along the way.
Huge Cyber hug on it's way, I'm feeling your pain!! Imogen turned 4this week-end and I felt so sad that she's growing so quickly. I've just been talking to Mr PL and saying "Do I have to let her go for a WHOLE day on Tuesday to pre-school"? I know I have and she would have been starting 'big' school if she wasn't overdue but I still hate to let her go!!!
Can't wait to see more pictures your cupcakes are adorable.
Jane x

julia said...

Isn't it the most fantastic holiday ever, I didn't want to leave when we went. I felt like I could quite happily live there forever, although the lack of hot water, bath and a washing machine may have become a bit annoying in time.
I know exactly how you feel about letting your babies go, but we have to move on and they will love it. Being a parent is so heart wrenching sometimes, but the rewards more than make up for it!
Let us all know hoe they get on, cyber hugs coming your way right now!
Julia xx

April said...

Hi Catherine, Glad to have you back, sounds like you had a brill holiday.

Don't worry about the little Cupcakes venturing into the big wide world, they will love it and they will still need their Mummy - especially one as lovely as you! They won't stray too far just yet and as long as they know home is always waiting they will feel safe to explore and be big girls - before coming home to be little ones again.

Big BIG Hugs to you

April xx

driftwood said...

looks like a perfect trip, love that row of wellies, full of anticipation!

Kristy said...

We are off to a Featherdown farm in october.I can't wait.Think it will be very cold though!

Anonymous said...

wow what a tent cathy. I have to say it looked wonderful.Used to be groundsheet on the ground and tent pegs when I used to go camping with my family....
Well time flies and I hope Molly and Daisy both have lovely first days at play group....and I hope that you will be ok and not feel to lost without them.
so big hug from Kitty and Me to help you through the day, as your always in my mind even though we dont see you much......

Things Hand Made said...

That looks an amazing place!

Vanessa said...

Welcome back! How lucky are you to go 'Glamping', I think I'm a proper country bumkin too!

Good luck this week with the departures of your little ones. My mum always says the best thing you can do for your children is to make them independant and happy!

Vanessa x

shabby chic said...

Hi Catherine
It sounds and looks like it was a wonderfull holiday. very cosy and snug by the looks of it too.Good luck for your wee ones starting pre school. I did feel strange when mine first started , sort of redundant!. They will be having a fab time and doing you lots of paintings!(I bet they will be good at painting, if they take after there mum eh!)

Joanne said...

My heart goes out to you it's been really hard to let Flynn go and I could tell you that everything will be Ok (which it will) but this won't stop your heart aching, it will get easier.

Hey I want to go to featherdown farm I've heard such go stories this holiday it sounds like you had a great time lots of good memories. Sending you a hug,cup of tea and one of my biscuits (on my blog).

jules said...

welcome back,I agree the country life wins handsdown, your little girls off into the big wide world, mine still make me cry now with their various adventures age 29,27,18 and 10 it doesn't get any easier. Big Hugs

jules xx