Monday, 30 July 2007


Well today's the day and here's the pink hat containing all the names of people that left a comment last week.

Molly's my little helper and has chosen this one.
Well done Nonnie a wooden spoon and another little goodie will be on it's way to you. Please email me with your address and what colour spoon you'd like. (See Tuesday's blog for all the colours). Many thanks.
As Molly enjoyed doing this little job for me, we both decided to pull another one out of the hat.
And she choose Buttercup & Roses, so well done Jennifer, please email me with your address and choice of colour spoon. (See Tuesday's blog for all the colours).

Thank you to all you lovely ladies for leaving me so many nice comments, I really enjoy reading them and you blogs. I think I'm a little addicted to it lol Is anyone else?

Have a lovely day and see you soon.

Catherine x

Sunday, 29 July 2007

Bunting, Boats, Pink Elephants and happy times!

Yeay! Saturday morning was nice and sunny, so off we set for the River Festival. Stopping first at a craft fair being held in a small shop. Got a couple of badges from a fellow blogger Claire who runs have a look at her site, the shop will be open soon. I'll pop a photo of them on next week. On the river all the boats had bunting and flags hanging from everything possible. They all looked very pretty going up and down the river in a parade.

Some even came in disguise. How cool is this pink Cadillac boat. And checkout it's pirate. Molly said Mummy like the pink boat, lol bless her.
Over the other side of the river there was a fun fair. And Molly and Daisy enjoyed a ride on a pink elephant.

All smiles at first.
Then fighting over who's driving the thing lol So funny watching them, just look at Molly's face. There was 2 steering wheels but they both wanted the same one. Why do kids do that?

It was all forgotten once the ride had finished and then they said again, again, again! But the promise of one more time later worked.

And off we went to look at more rides and boats.

Once we'd left the town we made our way up to Grannies for what was left of the afternoon.

Here's Daisy with Granny going up the garden to pull some carrots for the bunny, our bunny just loves them because they still have the green ends on. Posh food for her. Granny also gave us some more of her lovely rhubarb. Will make another crumble for Sunday pudding. Yummy.

You can see for yourself how much Daisy Bunny loves her freshly pulled carrots, she likes you to hold one end of it so she can just nibble away at it. It's Molly feeding her this time. The Bunny's one of her favourite things. She'll miss her when she goes home to my daugthers for the winter. It's for the best though, as she keeps her in a shed all nice and cosy from the cold and any snow or heavy rain. I think she's a very pampered bunny lol
Sunday morning breakfast and it's little Daisy giving her food now and a big kiss on her nose. But I missed that photo, she was to quick for me.
Another lovely sunny day and we decideto have a drive out and find a nursery or garden centre before lunch.
Found a nice little family run one at Hoo and got this lovely pot and 2 mint plants too put in it.
I just love to make my own mint sauce and buying mint from the super markets isn't very eco of me I always fill bad for not growing my own. So this weekend we decided get some.
Recipe for mint sauce is so easy, just chop up some fresh mint and mix with a nice cider vinigar. It's simple as that and tastes great with lamb.
We also found these pretty plants to pop into the wellies, they where only 85p another bargain lol you know me! I don't know the name of them, I just thought they looked nice.
Had a really good weekend and enjoyed another yummy Sunday lunch cooked by my partner Ben. Thank you baby you spoil me. Big kiss X
I do hope you all enjoyed your weekend and are ready for the week ahead. Don't forget I'll be announcing the winner of the pink spoon tomorrow. Good luck to you all that left comments.
I'm off to bed now, all tuckered out. zzzzzzzzzzzz

Catherine x

Friday, 27 July 2007

All things nice, sugar and spice!

I've been looking forward to this arriving all week, look how yummy it all is. Lovely fresh veg and salad. All delivered to our door. A big thank you to Luddesdown Organic Farm.
We look forward to next weeks delivery.

I took the girls out for a nice walk this afternoon. And on our way back, I found some wild sweet pea pods. Picked as many as I could carry and an now drying them out ready to be planted. My Granny said just get the seeds and throw them in the ground. lol She has green fingers because everything she (just throws into the ground as she says) grows and grows and grows.
So I'm hoping that the pods turn out some beautiful sweet peas, just like these ones underneath.

This handsome pussy cat is Muffin the cat next door. I just had to take this photo because he looks so proud sitting on our mini windowsill. He often comes for a visit and our cats and the girls just love him. He is a very loving cat and likes a good game of chase fresh air. lol Silly thing he sees things that aren't there.
Here's the shelf unit in all it's very sorry state. Painted I don't know how many times and in need of a bit of love and care. Hopefully next time you see it. It will be looking all clean and striped back to it's former wooden loveliness.

Thanks to my Ben in advance, I know it's gonna be a tricky job. But your the man to do it. ;) x

And lastly but not least, A very big congratulations to my best friend Tracey who has just given birth to a beautiful little girl called Kitty.

Welcome to the big world Kitty, I can't wait to have my first cuddle.

Well done Tracey you did a good job baking that bubba. Big X for you.

Good luck to all you lovely ladies that have left me comments this week, I will be putting all your names in to a pink hat and letting one of my girls draw out the lucky winner tomorrow. I'll announce who that is on Monday and popping the spoon and a couple of other goodies into the post. Fingers crossed.

Have a nice weekend rain or shine.

Catherine x

Thursday, 26 July 2007

A sad goodbye!

Today was the last ever time I'll go to my favourite shop :( Goodbye Cupcakes in Hawkhurst, your be sadly missed but remembered for your friendly custom and pretty gifts. Good luck Tracy the owner her partner and all their lovely animals.
I hope the move goes smoothly and your new home and studio is build very soon. Thank you for all the lovely items I've picked up on my many visits and I'll continue to by for your lovely website. And hope we can still do business as I bring out new items for you to sell. Checkout her website at
This was my last little treat from the shop, a beautiful vintage trio cup, saucer and side plate set. It is so pretty I just couldn't leave it behind. I also got my daugther Jade a lovely necklace as a little gift.
It was well worth the trip on 2 buses to get there, we had a nice lunch in a little bakers and then made our way back home. The little ones slept on the bus coming back. All tuckered out after their journey.
What a lovely day.

I braved going down into our basement yesterday, I knew there was another one of my late Nana's cup and saucer sets down there packed away. And I was delighted to find it safe and sound in a box. It looks lovely with the pink rose trio set and now they all have pride and place on the kitchen window shill. That is until Ben sands down my lovely shelve with hooks and little draws. And then I can display them on there. Will pop a photo of that on here soon. So you can all see the before and after shots.
Lastly time for a nice new haircut, think I'll ask to look like this lol I can only hope! Not sure they can work miracles lol (Note to myself I must get some GHD's this year, can't keep using my daugthers, she takes them home with her and I'm left with frizz).
Best get off to bed now, this blogging from the laptop is great. But I do lose track of time.
Night night everyone, see you all tomorrow x

Catherine x

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Fairies and strawberries.

Yesterday after tea we all went into the garden and spotted this lovely glittery fairy flying about the place. We all had a go at catching her, but she was very fast. She fluttered around and around, spending magic and glitter as as she went.

Daisy court her, but wanted to pull her wings off lol (She's so mean) And bugs and fairies don't stand a chance.
It was so lovely to see them playing like this, I really enjoy watching them makes me so proud. My life is so good now and I have one other person to thank for that and making all my dreams come true. My gorgeous partner Ben. Thank you for making me who I am. I was so lost before I found you. And now I'm me again.
Forever yours x

So today I've been busy painting like a woman possessed. Done some new strawberry pegs, very pleased with them.
And I had to start on some more of the children's dust pans & brushes, this strawberry one sold on Saturday at the open day. So painted 2 more the same style. I love them and find it really hard to sell them lol just want them all for myself. Mum says I'll never grow up hehe!

If anyone wants to buy one, they're not on my website yet it goes live at the end of the month and I only have a limited stock of these. But I can take orders and they come in other colours and designs, please feel free to ask. They are £8.50 and P&P is free x

Don't forget my giveaway, just leave a comment on any of the post this week and I'll be announcing the winner on Monday. Good luck.

Off now to paint more stock and drink more coffee. Have a good evening.

Catherine x

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

My first every giveaway!

As promised I'm doing my first every giveaway. You could win one of my hand painted spoons. Safe to use in cold cooking and washable in hot water Not! boiling. If the winner would like a different colour, they come in: Sweetie pink (see photo), Light Green, Baby Blue, Lilac, Baby Pink, Yellow and Bubblegum Pink. Please just email me with your choice.
So just leave a comment on any of the posts from today until Friday and I'll pop them all into a pink hat (lol had to be pink) and announce the winner on Monday.
Good luck everyone. x

Today once again we are lucky to have the sun shining,(sorry everyone with rain and floods) so I got the up and washed, dressed and fed. And we set off down the town to ELC for playtime morning. It was just toys today no drawing much to Molly's disappointment. She still had fun and Daisy now walking loved it.
They came away today with a little treat, as there is a sale on. I picked up this very cute wooden dolls house. Only £10 what a bargain!
The girls played with it while I made lunch for us all and after we'd eaten Molly let me set it up with their little farm and one of my painted bird houses next to it. She had to be in the photo, little poser. lol

Yes like many people I'm thinking about Christmas and new Christmas stock I can make. If I start now maybe I'll be ready this year. What do you think of the snowmen? I want to make an advent peg calender with 24 pegs, little sacks and washing line to hang them up on. Not got very far with it yet only made 4 sacks, only another 20 to go. Argh!
I got this lovely lavender plant last week and thanks to Kim over at Ragged Roses I now know what I can do with it all when it goes mad. Pop over and have a look at her blog, she's got lots of lovely ideas, like lavender sugar, cookies and mini pillows for a good nights sleep. Thanks Kim x I really enjoy your posts.

I look forward to making some of them. But for now it just looks small and pretty in a pot.

I'll leave you all with this last photo of Molly and Dougal enjoying some loving. He's just an old silly pussy cat. And he's happy until one of the girls screams in his ear lol then he's off.
Have a lovely day what every the weather.

Catherine x

Monday, 23 July 2007

Wow I've been busy, no time to post everyday Argh!

First I have to say a very big thank you to Sarah over at Pink-Petal-Designs for my lovely gift. I won her give away and these lovely items arrived a few days later. A cute unpicker and case, which she as made, some dottyheart tops and navy buttons. I'll find a use for them I'm sure.
Many thanks Sarah your a real sweetie x

I want to thank everyone that wished me luck with the open day at Luddesdown Farm, it was a great day, with lots of sales and a couple of orders too. Even though it was raining cats and dogs when we arrived the sun broke through and shone for the rest of the afternoon. And it brought with it lots of lovely families looking for a nice day out.
Molly, Daisy Ben and Jade really loved it. Jade was my right hand for the day and happily chatted to the customers and wrapped and packed any items sold. She also proudly wore my T-shirt displaying our business logo. She loved it cos it's pink, her favourite colour.
A big thank you and hug for Jade x you where a big help. Here's some of my stock left, now I have to paint more for the next fair, I'm hoping to do one at Whitstable on the 4th August, so not long to prepare. Busy busy Mummy lol

Talking of Whitstable, Sunday morning looked so good we packed up the car with some yummy sandwiches, cakes and drink and off we went, I know the beach again! but I just love the seaside and my girls are at their happiest there too.

Picked up these yummy cherries from the little market on the bay. Went down a treat.

While walking along the high street popping in and out of shops, we spotted this funny looking van. What a great way to advertise. Well done innocence.

We sat on the beach and had our food and the girls played with the pebbles. There seemed to be lots of baby crabs and Molly wanted to cuddle them all. Little sweetie.
It was lovely to have such gorgeous weather, feel bad for all those poor people suffering with the floods. Only Friday night Ben's mum was on the phone saying she was stuck at work, due to the roads being cut off. They got them home about 9pm, so she was happy to sleep in her own bed. But now they have no fresh drinking water and problems with the electricity. She lives in Cheltenham Nr. Gloucestershire one of the worst places hit by the rain. We're just gald she's safe and sound at home now. And I hope our photos put a smile on her face. And help her think of sunnier times to come. We all hope!
Back home we had some fun after dinner. My oldest Jade was so pleased when she could give me a piggy back. Well I'm only 9 stone 2 so not to heavy for her. lol
It made me laugh when she did the same to Ben, wow she's strong. I'll post that photo soon.

All playing together, lets get Jade lol The girls love their big sister, I just think it shows in this photo. I'm so proud of them all.

They where all tuckered out after this game off to bed they went. More dreams of sun, sea and ice-cream awaiting them. Sweet dream babies.

I'll catch up with you soon and I'll try and post everyday this week. I do hate to miss a day, but so much to. I find myself out of time somedays and it drives me mad. Why can't there be an extra couple of hours for us busy ladies?

Tomorro I'll be putting on my first give away, so please come back and have a look.

Bye for now.

Catherine x

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Feeling 13 again not 31.

I borrowed my oldest daughters copy of Dirty Dancing last week and have only just sat down to watch it. Molly loves it and dances around the living room, It takes me back to being thirteen again and being swayed by Patrick Swayze and longing to be Jennifer Grey. Aww! memories. I'd forgotten how good it was. And I can still remember the dance to Do you love me. Wow I must have a memory of an elephant.

I made a naughty but nice banana loaf, I'm sure that won't last long, they never do in this house. And it's mostly me, I can't resist a slice with my afternoon coffee.

You can see Molly's enjoying the icing from the spoon. Ben missed out this time on the bowl left overs. Hmm yummy says Molly.
"Here you go Daisy you have a try" Yes I had two very highly strung little girls after that lot. But I only have myself to blame, they looked so cute.
My Sunday dinner looked this good, well done Ben your a great cook and spoil me with roast beef. It's just nice to not have to cook some days, so I thank you Ben x
Just one last photo, my Grannies rubarb made it into a crumble, yum with custard and cream. Hmmm!
Just a small post today, so much to do. Will let you know how the open day goes at Luddesdown Farm. Wish me luck.
And I will be doing a giveaway next week, so watch out for that. Had to put it off for this week, just to busy. I hate not being able to post everyday. Oh dear does this mean I'm hooked lol
Catherine x

Monday, 16 July 2007

Sea, sand, town houses and beach huts!

When we win the lottery (here's dreaming) I want to buy this gorgeous place. Just fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. It's seated at the bottom of the town, across the road from it is a cute little antique shop and up a bit further a butcher, bakers and lots of other interesting shops to visit. And all the fish and chips you could eat. The colour is great, so bright and pretty, just right for the seaside setting it's in. And would make you smile even on cold winter days.

We got photos of the front and back. It looks right on to the beach and out to sea. And you can just open up the back gate and walk out and along to where the craft/vintage fair is held. My idea of heaven. But I'm of course we was only dreaming. After looking it up on the Internet that night and saw it was for sale at £615'000, that brought all my dreams back down to earth with a big bump :( I had visions of the girls playing in the garden, while I worked in my little summer house creating new beautiful items too sell. And Ben in his office, looking out at us. And big family Christmas's, with chilly walks along the seafront before dinner. Well one day maybe? if you work hard enough in this life you can achieve anything.
And if we win the lotto, I'll be knocking on that door for sure hehe!

So maybe one of these cute beach huts would be affordable. They are just adorable. I photoed my 2 favourites. This one was open when we came back and all the inside was decorated in the same blue and had blue and white polka dot curtains hanging up and sweet little cream deck chairs and table. Set out on it was a yummy looking cream tea, served from a pretty vintage dinner set. Very shabby chic.
The pink one was the sweetest and Molly loved it, saying "Mummy likes the pink house Daddy" Ben just laughed and said "I bet she does" I would of loved to see the inside of this one but sadly it wasn't being used that day. I'll just have to imagine. And hope it's open next time we visit. Cor! I'm nosy lol
Here's just another photo of one of the beaches, this one gets very busy. We used our heads and went to the further away one, it's just a short walk away from here. And the parking is free ;)
This is the seagull Molly was feeding chips too, look how big he is. She was a little scared at first but soon realised he'd run if she got to close and that was more fun than feeding him lol. Poor bird all he wanted was some grub. Ben named him Boris and he seemed to follow us for a while until he saw all the chips had gone. And off he went and Molly waved goodbye.

If you click this photo you'll see Daisy's enjoying a mouthful of sand, argh! I give up trying to stop her and Ben just can't watch lol She'll give up eating it in her own time. All I can say is it must taste good because she shoveled handfuls in. Crazy little thing. And the more we said no the more she did it. Anyone else's children eaten strange things?
This is a good sign of a fun and happy day, 2 tuckered out little girls fast asleep in the back of the car. Dreaming of sandcastles, sea, shells, and ice-creams.

Even Buttercup Bunny slept all the way home. Bless!
I hope everyone enjoyed a lovely weekend, with the bit of sun that shone. I must say I'm a very nice mocha colour now, even with the 50+ suncream I had on. Sadly my legs are still whiter than white, makes Ben laugh to see them. They do need a bit of work lol. Lucky I don't wear many shirts, so they can stay hinden for a while longer :)
Oh I didn't get a butter dish, not yet! but I know there is one out there somewhere just waiting for me too come along and find it.

Take care x

Bye for now

Catherine x