Thursday, 5 July 2007

The sun was out, so off we went!

Today I took one look at the lovely sunshine and thought to myself, I must get out with the girls for a nice walk up the hill and off to the library, for some new books. On the way I stopped and took this photo, this lovely view is at the top of our road. And the hill is full of wild flowers, some of which we picked on the way home. See photo further down.

Here are the girls at breakfast, still in the arty mood from the other day. Daisy just likes to eat the crayons and this makes Molly very cross. lol As you can see Daisy's just full of cheek. That the dinning table she's got on top of. Naughty little thing.
Fed and washed, off we set on our walk.

Molly loves the pigeons and enjoys chasing them. There is always loads of the things by the library, so she is spoilt for choice and just runs after them all. lol
It was very windy here, it's right next to the river and it smells all seaside when the tied is out.
Picked up these lovely books from the library. I fancy making some of the yummy treats from the afternoon tea book.
I also got the Derek Jarmans' garden, after Tracy from Cupcakes at home recommended it. The photos look beautiful and I'm looking forward to reading it.
I've been waiting for the Vintage Fabric Style to come in and was very happy to be told it was there ready for me to take home. Lots of lovely items to make and do.
And lastly Gordon Ramsay's Sunday Lunch. I just love his shows and the food he cooks, always looks so yummy. I'll have to give some of the recipes ago. I bought his wife's cook book for my birthday last year and that's very good too. I hoping Gordon's is just as good.

I left the library a happy bunny, arms full of lovely books to read and I picked up a DVD for a £1. The very funny Bruce Almighty. I do like a bargain.

On the way home as promised, we picked some wild flowers and Molly tried to catch the butterflies that where flying in and out of them all. There was so many different ones to collect. Wild sweet peas, buttercups, thistles and scabious's (they are one of my favourites because my Nana just loved them). They always remind me of her, she loved cut flowers in a vase. They always made her smile. Miss you Nana, but I know you're watching over me and keeping me safe. x

Once we got home, I made us some lunch. Here's Molly enjoying one of the yummy cupcakes I made. There is not much left, just crumbs. Don't think it touched the sides, she ate it so fast. lol After Daisy went for her nap and Molly and I sat down and watched the film I bought. She loved the funny newsreader man, with all the funny faces and noises he made. (if you've seen it you'll know what one I mean). If you've not watch it, it's well worth a look.
It was a good day, lots of quality time with the girls and I even made some painted some stock and enjoyed a coffee or two.

Shopping night again and a naughty McDonald's for tea, I know it's bad, but it's so yummy and makes a nice treat.

See you soon.

Catherine x

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