Tuesday, 19 August 2014

So on with the new and out with the old

So we have moved once again and now live in a lovely terraced house which feels more like home than a rented place.
The one and only thing I miss about the old house is it's own drive way because we must now live in the worst road in the world for parking, I've now lost count the number of times I've seen and heard people shouting at one another over the dead end, cars parked on either side of the road, so only one way up and reverse it down if there's no gap to turn it lol  it makes it a little like watching your very own Eastenders (not that I watch it for real any more).
But hey, it doesn't bother us :)  we know not to bother driving up it after 5.30pm because all the spaces will have gone.

Apart from that the road is a very nice place to live, we where welcomed to it by the Jubilee street party. Talk about meet all your neighbours at once.

So as you can see I still bake for family and friends, these where some courgette, sultana and cinnamon cupcakes for the girls headmistresses leaving party. Hubby just treated me to something very naughty and pink so I'll be baking able to bake more..... photo coming soon!

As for our little cupcakes they have grown loads and will be moving into years 4 and 5 in September. I am lucky to get to see them everyday at school because my other little job is a midday meal supervisor. It's such fun and everyday is different. And yes unlike the poor hard working teachers, I do get all the holiday's off, so no huge child care bill. I feel truly grateful for being able to do this job and it keeps me younger still ;)

And here is my beautiful Jade and her very lovely boyfriend Andy. Can you believe she's now 19 and out in the big wide world working as an events/wedding planner. She drives and is saving their first flat together awww.
I'm so proud of her and glad she has met Andy, who is a part of the family now x

I can't do this new post without a pic of Ben and I.
It's ten years together and married 4, so we're doing alright. 
And he is still......... hehe!
Enough for now, hope this little catch up was ok.

Hugs xo

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Hello blogging world, it's been far to long.

So I'm thinking it's about time I get back to this blogging game.
Hope you're all still here.