Saturday, 29 September 2007

Keeping me busy.

Wow the times just flown by and I've not had the time to keep up with my posts. I feel bad for not posting everyday or at least every other day. But I'm back now and the order is complete, so I'll resume normal blogging next week.
Just look what my little girl can do and she' only 2 and a half. Drinking from a big girl cup, chocolate milk and no help from us. We are so proud of her. Well done Molly x
Ah arr! "give me your gold says Molly" and Daisy has already found mine and ran off with my purse in the back ground. Now she just has to learn how to open it lol.
Ben saw this gorgeous pirate top in a cute little boutique called Baby Blue, we where looking for something pink and cute for Ben's sisters new baby girl Ava who joined this crazy world last Saturday at a very healthy 8lbs. Congratulations to you both Sam and Paul x
But instead Ben came out with this sweet top for Molly. He couldn't resit it and she does look so cute in it with her other new baby pink dotty headband. I was so happy to find that in a little shop in Whitstable, it was peach and I dyed it pink for her. And only a £5 bargain, we all love those.

I've been wanting this book for ages after that lovely Kim from Ragged Roses reccommended it in one of her posts, so I thought before I buy it I'm going to give it a test run. So thanks to the library for getting it in for me. Home it came on Tuesday after baby bounce and look whats inside...
These yummy pink iced cupcakes, they will be the first recipe for me, anyone want one?
The girls settled back into baby bounce with out their daddy there, I missed him being there another pair of hands and eyes and lap to bounce on was great. And I know he enjoyed seeing his girls singing and dancing. It all went well and Daisy was tuckered out and slept on the walk home. A good sign of a fun time zzzz
So here it is the reason I've been so busy, a huge reorder, all in red ready for Christmas. Now I know after this little lot that I have to make up a load of stock in red argh! Christmas! is anyone else in a whirl and a little over whelmed by the Christmas rush?
I do have a bit more good news, that lovely shop Made in Hastings wants to have some of my stock on a return or sale contract and I'm over the moon yeay! And there is a couple of Christmas fairs on the cards too. So it's paint, paint, paint. Be a mother, partner, cook, cleaner, nurse and generally everything else that comes up too. Just like all of you lovely ladies in the same boat. We can do it! after all it will be worth it in the end.

So here is some of my red Christmas range, I just wanted to share some with you.
Cupcake Pegs £3.10

Dotty hearts decorations £3.50
Children's play baking set £6.00
If you'd like any items shown please just email me for details.

I have to say thank you for all the lovely comments I've received on my Brighton post, they all mean a lot to me and if I've not got back to any of you yet, I'm sorry and will catch up soon.

Night night for now. I think I'd better let Ben get on here now, I've been naughty and made him sit and watch What women want on the telly hehe while I hog the computer downstairs.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Hugs Catherine x

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Winter's on it's way.

I think this photo just says it all, autumn is here and Winter to follow. This is a beautiful tree just over the gardens near my Granny's house. The sun shone through it and court my eye, so I snapped a photo before it was gone.

We had a lovely day with her, the girls just love to play outside and she got them a cute little bike, As you can see Daisy was first on it and drove around for ages. Making all the brum brum noises as she went lol

Molly got out the dressing up box and was a fairy princess for the whole afternoon. She span and twirled around and around spending magic in the air.
Here she is my proud Granny and you can just see my oldest in the back ground, plugged into the telly.
The girls are enjoying treats and a cuddle. Just what Granny does best.

I'll leave you with a couple of photos of some beautiful flowers in her garden. They still make it feel like summer. And the pink rose smells so sweet and fresh. Just lovely.
Just a short post due to over load of work. It was nice to have a break at Granny's and just enjoy some fun time with her and my girls. Ben had a well deserved rest at home ready for his return back to work on Monday.
Back soon with some new photos and stories to share.
Take care everyone x

Catherine x

Monday, 24 September 2007

Brighton and the longest drive home ever.

As you can see from the photo it wasn't the best of weather to go to Brighton. Grey skies and choppy seas but we made the most of it. And my darling Ben took me to the Cath Kidston shop twice while we were there. So I was a happy bunny :)
Just round the corner from CK shop was this cute milkshake shop called Moo Juce, I popped in and got a menu ready for our next visit here. We'd just eaten so we didn't fancy one this time, but on the way home I wish I had. Sitting in the car reading all the different flavours made me just go yum! I'll pop the web address on so you can have a look for yourselves. just click on menu (be warned don't look if your hungry or thirsty lol)
We'll try one next time and let you know how it was.

Here is what little goodies I got a huge bag, some pretty paper and pink and polka dot tissues. I didn't break the bank it was only £2.35

But I could of spend more, upstairs there is a small dresser full of the most gorgeous vintage china sets, some that matched my little rose plate. But I said no Cath don't be naughty this time, wait and have a treat with your birthday money. Gosh I'm a good girl lol Ben was very proud of me :)

After leaving Brighton, we drove right along the south east coast, it was lovely even though the weather wasn't the best. When passing through Eastbourne I couldn't believe my eyes, it really is the old age capital lol there was coach loads of the elderly and hundreds of them along the seafront, bless them all. They where all enjoying themselves and making the most of the break in the clouds.

We traveled onto Bexhill and Rye where we stopped off for a bit of fun in a park. The girls loved it and ran around trying to go on everything they could. Legs stretched and fresh bums lol, off we went again driving onto our last stop my childhood town Dymchurch. I used to spend most of my summer holiday's here and have such happy memories from here.

Luckily there was a Sainsbury before we got there, and we picked up some sandwiches, cocktail sausages and drinks for our journey home.

This photo is very dark because by the time we got there it was dusk and the tide was coming in fast. But we still managed to get on to the beach and through a few pebbles in the sea. Daisy did her normal trick of running straight for the waves lol. No wet feet this time hehe! just happy faces. I am a little sad to see that the sea defences will be coming right along my beloved seafront where I used to play pirates and look for crabs and shells, but in my heart I know it's for the best. I will always have my memories no matter how much the place changes. Even though the beautiful little clapper board bungalow and pretty flowered garden is no longer there, I can still see it in my head every time I close my eyes and hear my Auntie Eileen calling me in for tea. The nasty new red brick house that stands in it's place can't take away any of my memories, they will live on me forever until my last breath. And I thank Ben for getting one last photo of the place before it was taken from me. I'll post that one next time.

Now it was dark and the girls fed and sleepy we made our way home. After a lovely day I felt very happy inside. And it didn't rain yeay! if anything it got a bit warmer, so someone was watching over us.

Maybe we will come back next summer and the girls can ride on the donkey's, build sandcastles, eat ice-creams with flake in them and fish and chips in the paper. My kind of heaven. You can keep your Costa, give me a British seaside anytime. Is it anyone Else's?

See you all soon x

Catherine x

Saturday, 22 September 2007

Going, going, going, gone!

I baked, iced and we ate. Going,
Gone hehe!
Just like the cake my long curly hair has all gone, I had it all cut off on Friday and I'm very pleased with it. Now I just need to work on that flat belly and I'll be a happy bunny with myself. So I'm nearly there lol these things take time and my passion for cupcakes don't help me. It's the low fat ones for me from now on. And just a little treat every other day ;)
I have a few nice days out to tell you all about and lots of photos to show. I'll catch up on another post, this ones just a quickie.
And I want to say a big thank you to all of you that have left me comments and emails over the last couple of weeks. If I haven't got back to you yet please don't think I've forgotten you, I've just been very busy and we've all had a cold to deal with too.
Ben's back to work today after his two weeks off and the girls and I miss him already. And he's turned the sun off and it's raining here and all grey and dull :( I think winters well and truly on it's way. Oh well that means the big C word yeay! and my birthday too, so lots to look forward to. I have to just say I'm loving looking at all your beautiful Christmas stock, it brings a little sparkle and shine to my day. Thank you ladies x
Right coffee time, anyone want to join me?


Catherine x

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Fun at Drusillas.

Last Wednesday we took a trip to Drusillas Park. It's somewhere as a child I always wanted to go every summer. And I am pleased to say it that it is still just as lovely.
We had a bit of lunch first, using the picnic area next to the car park. I thought this was a great idea. You know what it's like with child as soon as you get in anywhere, they want food and drinks. It was nice to have lunch first and then enjoy the day. And this way we could treat our self's to a yummy ice-cream before we left for home.

There is a lovely petting farm where we found these gorgeous ladies. I wanted to bring them home, if only we had a bigger garden lol We'd have pigs, chicken and ducks. Maybe one day.
We did come home with these 2 little cuties, they just followed us around all day. Hehe! So I couldn't leave them behind and I thought "well they'll keep the grass short" lol
There was so many different monkey's to see. In this photo there is two can you spot them? Ones wearing a stripy top lol
And the other is being very rude and showing off his bum (look in the far right corner, cheeky monkey)
Here's Molly's favourite bunny, it's a priate bunny because of it's patch over one eye. What a real sweetie.
After we'd all seen every animal and stroked all the ones we could. We let the girls lose in the play area for some bouncing fun.
They've both been on my friends trampoline and couldn't wait to have a go on this one. The park have sunk it into the ground, so the girls where very safe and Ben and I could relax for a while.

Even our wriggle bum Daisy stayed on it and played. She is very good at bouncing around on her bum. lol and giggled every time stood up and then landed back on it.
We didn't ride on Thomas, due to it being very late in the day when we found him and I don't think Daisy would of sat down nicely for it. She's get up and go bubba and only likes sitting down for a short amount of time. lol I don't know where she gets it from? hehe!
Anyway I got this cute photo of Ben with Thomas. Molly didn't want to stand with him. She was scared that the train was going to move. I noticed that a couple of other children felt the same. Aren't they funny when they get something in their heads. Daisy wouldn't pose either, she was to busy with her ice-cream. I think Ben looks good and enjoyed sitting there really. ;)
I was so happy to turn the corner and find that the stocks were still there. My Mum has a photo of me and my Uncle Fred siting in these same stocks. Years ago, I'll ask her for a copy and how old I was.
Molly wouldn't put her feet through because she had to sit right on the edge of the bench and it scared her. So she stood and smiled instead. And that was good enough for me. x
If any of you have little ones or really any age, I recommend it for a lovely day out. Pop onto their link and have a look.
On the way out of the car park Ben turned to me and said so you fancy going to Brighton then? I squeaked with delight and off we set.
And here it is ladies the new gleaming Cath Kidston shop. Just opened. Sadly this is as far as I got to it. Our little Daisy had other ideas and was yelling for me, she hadn't had her normal nap and was all grumpy and only Mummy will do in these times. So I clicked a quick photo and said there will be another time. And there will be sooner than I though. My lovely Ben is taking us back to Brighton tomorrow, so yeay! I'll get to go in and maybe even buy a little something. And the girls and Ben can enjoy a yummy milkshake from that shop that can make you any flavour you want. I'm really looking forward to it and will take lots of pics.
I'll night night now as it's very late and I'm blogging from the laptop again. And the bed is calling to.
Sweet dream x

Catherine x

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Part two of Ben's birthday.

Here's part two of Ben's birthday. He opened up his presents with a little help from the girls. When he finished Molly said "oh poor Mummy hasn't got any prezzies" bless her, she's real sweetie. We bought him a new electric razor and Jade got him a new book to read by Ian Rankin. My lovely Mum and Dad sent him money, so he can treat himself. His Mum, Sister and brother-in-law got together and got a flying lesson. So watch out if your flying anywhere over the next 4 weeks, as Ben will be in the skies lol I will get some photos of that day, it should be fun.

It was lovely spending time at Whitstable, the sun was out, sky blue and not to busy. We sat on the beach and ate the birthday picnic. After we went off for a nice walk along the seafront. And pose for lots of photos.
As you can see no haircut for me just yet, my hairdresser was of sick for the whole of last week, so I've re booked it for this Friday. Thinking about it, it was probably for the best the old appointment was on a 13th. Not a good number for some. Maybe it's fate that it's been moved. I don't know, I'm just looking forward to it now.
Ben took this gorgeous photo of some flowers just growing happily in the pebbles. If anyone knows what they are please let me know. They look a little like mini Gerbras or medium size Daisies.
Playing on the beach we spotted this funny little dog swimming around in the sea. It was barking like mad at something. And then we saw what it was, the owner was throwing pebbles into the sea and the dog was cross because it couldn't find them again. Poor little thing, I felt sad for it, because it couldn't understand what was happening to the pebbles. And just got more and more upset. I must admit I was glad when they both went away. It entertained the girls they just thought it was having fun. And Molly said awww look Mummy a doggy, it's swimming.
On the way back to the car we walked along a back road and I saw this gorgeous light pink house, I think we ever buy a home by the sea, it would have to be a pretty coloured one, like this. It was just so nice and if you can see the lovely curtains in the top window, they where just screaming out Cath Kidston style. If the people living there would of let me in for a nose around I would of jumped at the chance lol well who wouldn't hehe! One day I'll live by the sea with my beautiful family, I feel it's meant to be. My good friend Kat did a reading for me and she knew straight away I was drawn to the seaside. She is a very wise lady and talks a lot of sense. Pop over to her blog for lots of lovely tales about her live and family, she has helped me. Thank you Kat in a flap, your a good freind. X

So Ben's now 30 and looks just the same to me, I'm sure he'll still look the same to me when he's 40. Just gorgeous. After all age is just another number, it's how you feel that matters. He says after 2 weeks off work on holiday with me and the girls running him ragged hehe! he'll feel about 70 lol and he'll go back to work for a rest. He loves it really and wouldn't change a thing. He is the best Daddy and partner in the whole world and I'm so glad I found him and he fell for me. Happy birthday honey x

Catherine x

Happy birthday Ben part one.

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Ben happy birthday to you.
Today my gorgeous Ben is 30 and I love him more today than yesterday and will love him even more tomorrow. I'm so very proud of everything you do, you deserve a lovely day. I hope you enjoy it all. X

I hung up some buntting and a birthday banner and pegged all his cards on a line across the room.

Molly and Daisy helped blow out his candles and couldn't wait for a bit of icing off the top.
But I also made a whole pile of blue iced vanilla cupcakes for them to eat. Ben's cake is his favourite, fruit with extra glazed cherries. Yummy anyone want a slice? hehe!
I've done this post in two parts because I wasn't sure what the day holds. See you soon with what we got up to.

Catherine x

Friday, 14 September 2007

Day trip to London.

We set off nice and early for the Top draw show in London. And I got the change to have a look in some shops along Kensington high Street. And that was a real treat for me as the last time I'd walked there was in 1997, so about ten years ago. Not that much had changed and the huge Marks and Spencer where my Mum used to work was still there. It was a little odd walking past the till she used to serve from. It put a lump in my throat as I went by. I used to go and meet her sometimes after work and if I got there a bit early, I'd get to see her working on the tills. Mum and Dad now live in Northern Ireland, so it's a little bit further than a train ride to London. I do miss them both lots but will be visiting them soon. For now I have very happy memories of them living in London and I hope these photos on this post makes them smile too.

After looking around the trade show and coming away with lots of Christmas ideas and leaflets, oh and a couple of photos of the Poppy Treffry stand. Thank you you lovely ladies, you where very sweet. I wanted to buy 1 of everything. But I'll have to wait and see.
We decided to walk back to the train station going through the parks, instead of bus or tube, so the girls could have some fun and run around. Here we are in Kensington Park. And Daisy's having a ride on her Daddies shoulders. She gets a better view from up there.

Here in Holland Park, the girls enjoyed a good run and chased lots of the birds, ie: swans, geese, pigeon's and ducks lol they had a great time.
And we even made a little friend. What a poser hehe! he was so close to us, Ben could of stroked him. I think he was just happy that Molly had given him a crisp. He's nibbling a prawn cocktail skip lol crazy squirral

Once through the park we made our way down the Mall and waved at the queen (oh course she waved back lol)

Nearly back at the station, I got Ben to take this photo of big Ben. The suns setting and there is a lovely colour to the sky. You can see how busy it is, everyone going about there business. It's so true this city never sleeps.
Safely on the train home, the girls where still going, full of excitement after a busy day for them. It was Daisy's first trip to London and I was very pleased with her. I think Molly just took it all in her stride and stayed very close and did what she was told when not in the buggy.

It was a lovely day and we where all slept very well that night.

Catherine x