Monday, 24 September 2007

Brighton and the longest drive home ever.

As you can see from the photo it wasn't the best of weather to go to Brighton. Grey skies and choppy seas but we made the most of it. And my darling Ben took me to the Cath Kidston shop twice while we were there. So I was a happy bunny :)
Just round the corner from CK shop was this cute milkshake shop called Moo Juce, I popped in and got a menu ready for our next visit here. We'd just eaten so we didn't fancy one this time, but on the way home I wish I had. Sitting in the car reading all the different flavours made me just go yum! I'll pop the web address on so you can have a look for yourselves. just click on menu (be warned don't look if your hungry or thirsty lol)
We'll try one next time and let you know how it was.

Here is what little goodies I got a huge bag, some pretty paper and pink and polka dot tissues. I didn't break the bank it was only £2.35

But I could of spend more, upstairs there is a small dresser full of the most gorgeous vintage china sets, some that matched my little rose plate. But I said no Cath don't be naughty this time, wait and have a treat with your birthday money. Gosh I'm a good girl lol Ben was very proud of me :)

After leaving Brighton, we drove right along the south east coast, it was lovely even though the weather wasn't the best. When passing through Eastbourne I couldn't believe my eyes, it really is the old age capital lol there was coach loads of the elderly and hundreds of them along the seafront, bless them all. They where all enjoying themselves and making the most of the break in the clouds.

We traveled onto Bexhill and Rye where we stopped off for a bit of fun in a park. The girls loved it and ran around trying to go on everything they could. Legs stretched and fresh bums lol, off we went again driving onto our last stop my childhood town Dymchurch. I used to spend most of my summer holiday's here and have such happy memories from here.

Luckily there was a Sainsbury before we got there, and we picked up some sandwiches, cocktail sausages and drinks for our journey home.

This photo is very dark because by the time we got there it was dusk and the tide was coming in fast. But we still managed to get on to the beach and through a few pebbles in the sea. Daisy did her normal trick of running straight for the waves lol. No wet feet this time hehe! just happy faces. I am a little sad to see that the sea defences will be coming right along my beloved seafront where I used to play pirates and look for crabs and shells, but in my heart I know it's for the best. I will always have my memories no matter how much the place changes. Even though the beautiful little clapper board bungalow and pretty flowered garden is no longer there, I can still see it in my head every time I close my eyes and hear my Auntie Eileen calling me in for tea. The nasty new red brick house that stands in it's place can't take away any of my memories, they will live on me forever until my last breath. And I thank Ben for getting one last photo of the place before it was taken from me. I'll post that one next time.

Now it was dark and the girls fed and sleepy we made our way home. After a lovely day I felt very happy inside. And it didn't rain yeay! if anything it got a bit warmer, so someone was watching over us.

Maybe we will come back next summer and the girls can ride on the donkey's, build sandcastles, eat ice-creams with flake in them and fish and chips in the paper. My kind of heaven. You can keep your Costa, give me a British seaside anytime. Is it anyone Else's?

See you all soon x

Catherine x


The Leaping Hare said...

Well that was a fun packed day. I didn't know there was a CK shop in Brighton shame on me drat!

julia said...

Glad you had such a lovely day, the girls must have had a ball. You know, I prefer the beach in Winter when it's deserted and we can wrap up warm.

Big news, CK has opened a shop in Cheltenham - this could be very dangerous for my bank balance - I said to my friend that we have to stop going in or we'll be arrested for stalking!

Julia x

Nonnie said...

I agree that British seaside is the best. Infact, not just the seaside but the countryside too. I wouldn't mind if I always had to have my holidays in this Country. There are so many lovely places to go to. Sounds like you had a really lovely day.

pink-petal-designs said...

You had another great day, and you was so good in the cath kidston shop !!
Sarah x

Kat-in-a-flap. said...

Oh that looks like a great day out and how wonderful to visit your childhood haunts.I told you that you belong near the sea.I can't believe you were so good in Cath Kidston !!!!
I bet it was fab to visit.
I love Britain for holidays too,although I did travel in my 20's,I feel happier not flying these days.
Happy memories,
Hugs Kat xx

shabby chic said...

hi glad you had fun in Brighton !, I live in Brighton and was in cath Kidston new shop 5 mins within it opening !. I bought 1 sheet of wrapping paper and a key ring !. next time you are in brighton let me know and will recommend a couple of hidden gem shops !

Katy said...

what an excellent day out! My fave seaside is Walberswick in Suffolk. There's nothing there but the fun you have to think of yourself - no arcades, no donkeys, only the ice cream van to spend your pennies on. I spent so many happy summers with a bit of string, a bacon rind and a bucket catching crabs off the bridge!
And well done for being so restrained in CK - I have been eyeing up that house shaped sewing basket. Should I buy it for myself now in case they sell out at christmas?????

Rubyred said...

Hi Catherine,Your hair looks really lovely!Sounds like you had a lovely time in Brighton,the CK shop looks great.As you know it hadn't opened when I went there,still a bit peeved about that!Love your childhood memories
Rachel x

Ragged Roses said...

Oh what a shame it was raining in Brighton for you! Do you know I'm now used to the CK shop and have been into town twice now without going in - how's that for selfdiscipline? It does seem that you had a wonderful, jam packed day! Hope you're enjoying yourself now,even though Ben is back at work.
Kim x

Cathy said...

I've never been to Brighton, but we are planning a trip next year - it's somewhere I've always wanted to go and we have friends there. Sounds like you have a lovely time. You were very restrained in the CK shop - well done!
Cathy X