Friday, 29 February 2008

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Half term is over normal service will resume.

Now with half term over and done with I can get back to some normal blogging. This post is a little all over the place with lots of photos. So please enjoy it.

I seem to have missed the whole Mother's day boat, I did have lots of ideas on the go and have stuff all around me on my desk but no good photos and time to put them on the website. There is only 1 item in that section. So next year I have a great start lol

I am however ready for Easter and with it being one of my favourite times of the year. I'm in my element with all the pretty new eggcups, hearts, pegs and spoons I'm making. Above is one of my new additions a large pink fine knit dress girl bunny from Maileg. My girls just love them and have already claimed this one as theirs. But I have 2 more for sale so please pop over and check her out she'll make a lovely Easter gift and unlike chocolate she'll be around forever. Remember a bunnies not just for Easter it's for life. hehe!

Below is my new range of Eggcups, I've done Daisies, Bunnies and Mice. They are ideal for dippy eggs and soldiers or the chocolate and cream filled kind (how do you eat yours?)

They will be added to the website over the next couple of days but if anyone would like one or two please email and let me know. £3.50 each they are a nice treat for any breakfast table or tray.

A couple of weekends ago we went off to Brighton for the afternoon. It was bitterly cold and not much fun, we didn't make it down to the beach and no Moo shake as it has sadly closed down (I was not a happy bunny) And when we found another milkshake place just up the road we didn't like the look of it. I think the hundred kids inside was the turning off point lol.

But I did get to look for some lovely items in Cath Kidston shop. And here is what I came away with 2 washed roses tea towels, a writing set and 2 pink vintage glasses. I even left with £8.00 of vouchers to spend next time we go to the Cheltenham branch. (moan! I hear Ben say hehe!)Molly had a lovely birthday. Thank you for all the birthday wishes you left her. You're all very kind.

She got some pretty cards this year, as you can see lots of pink ones, bunnies, cupcakes and ours was handmade by the fabulous Claire over at Made in Pixieland. I hung her bunting underneath it all for extra prettiness. Thanks to the gorgeous Vanessa for making that over at Just Original.

Molly got an M too from her little sister Daisy and it's now on the fireplace looking great. I think we're get a large D for Daisy's birthday from Molly. Kind of a cute little gift that they can both keep forever. And have in their homes when they are older.
We had a great day, with present opening in the morning, a trip to Bluewater with a McDonald's lunch and ending up in Monkey Biz for the afternoon. About 2 and half hours of play in there lol

Back home for some dinner and then birthday cakes. I baked tiny little cupcakes and a few normal size ones and decorated them all in pink and white icing and sweets. Yummy! Molly loved them and Daisy, Ben and Jade where pleased too lol It was a good end to a lovely day.
I wanted to show this photo of Jade she had her hair all curly for her birthday. Clever little thing she learnt how to do it with her GHD's. Funny because my hair is naturally curly and I always have it straight and hers is naturally straight. lol Why is it we always want the hair we don't have?
Here is the birthday girl with her cake, all chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate hehe!

And as you can see all the girlie's enjoyed it. lol
I hope you all had a lovely week with your children and had as much fun as we did.
Lets hope this bit of sunny weather is here to stay for a while longer.
Right back to it.
Ooow is anyone else going to the Country Living fair in March?
Catherine x

Thursday, 21 February 2008

3 Today.

Our little Molly is 3 today. Happy birthday little cupcake x

Wow this huge bump was you just about ready to make your big entry into the world. I'm on the phone to my Mum saying we're off to the hospital in a while as it's all started and the bubba's on the way. And yes I'm smiling and laughing with her lol stopping to huff and puff in between.

A few hours later (a lot of hours later!) and here you are, all pink and sleepy. 6lb & 13oz tiny little thing. Even the tiny baby grows where big on you.
This was your favourite place to sleep, just like you are still in my belly all tucked up into a little ball.
It snowed the day we brought you home, so when ever I see some I think of you. My sweet little cupcake Molly.
You face was a picture when you awoke to a new little sister in the house. Look at the surprised expression. Very cute. But you took to having a sister like a duck to water and show her so much love and care. That is until she takes one of your toys hehe!
Always there when the camera comes out, even from the early age of 1.
Strike a pose!
Wow and now today your 3 years old where has that time gone? Next it will off to nursery and then school.:(
You are growing into a beautiful, kind, caring and very loving little girl. Never change little one we all love you lots. X
You amaze your Daddy and I everyday with all the clever little things you learn. And we are both very proud that you are out of nappies in the day time. And use the big girl toilet.
Daddy says he'll have you making tea before long lol

Enjoy your birthday Molly. Hope you like everything and have fun at Monkey Biz.

Photos of the big day over the next few days.

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my last post and you never know I might pop the big question myself. But I need to think about it first. I'm an old fashion girl and believe that the man should ask in a very romantic way. Not the woman. I'd love to find a ring in the top of a iced cupcake and then be asked.

Just to be Ben's fiance would be the icing on top of my cake hehe! He'd make me the happiest person in the whole world. My Mum and Dad would be able to see my smile all the way over in Ireland, it would be so big lol

Catherine x

Friday, 15 February 2008

100 wow!

My 100th post today, it's been one of the best things I've ever done starting up this blog, I have made so many new and wonderful friends. Some of whom I've been very lucky to meet and others chat to on the phone and email. Thank you, thank you for coming back and reading my ramblings, hope you all stick around for my next 100 posts. You have all been a very special part of my life and moved me by your kindness and inspired me in lots of different ways. Please carry on. X

Now on to the mystery M. Well a few of you commented with an idea of what you thought it might be, but sadly no :( M question asked here this Valentine's. Between me and you I was secretly hoping. But that time might come one day. Ben made it a lovely day.

My M gift has a very sweet thought behind it. Just look at the photos, can you spot the difference?
Bless Ben when he bought the word HOME for me at Christmas, he picked up a W thinking it was a M. Hehe!
I never saw anything wrong with it until I was sitting on the sofa looking at Molly's M hanging on the fireplace and thought that word home doesn't look right, I think it's a W. lol

So being an old romantic Ben as replaced it this Valentine's. Along with a matching heart. And it looks just right now. HOME x
We exchanged the sweetest cards this year, I love mine with the tiny bird on a ladder. I feel this small and safe in Ben arms. (I know mushy but true).

How beautiful are these, the most amazing pink tulips my favourite in Spring time. Thank you Ben for a lovely Valentine's Day and the yummy dinner you cooked. Good old Nigella Express. Ben made her macaroni cheese and added some bacon to it. Very scrummy, give it a go.
He's not just gorgeous he can cook too, I am a lucky girl hehe! Love you Ben x
Jade had a fantasic birthday, lots of cards, money and balloons. Just what every teenager needs. We'll be off out to the shops in the half term and I have treated her to a deluxe manacure as her main gift from us. So she has that to look forward to next week.
Thank you for all the birthday wishes, they are all lovely of you and you made her day.
I hope you all had a romantic time and I look forward to reading all about it on your posts.
I've put the swap off for a few days as I have a couple orders that need my full attention and we're off to Brighton tomorrow. Yeay! here I come Cath Kidston shop and moo milkshake shop. A yummy bounty one has my name on it. lol (note to self ask how many calories are in it hehe!)
Then just have one anyway.

Have a great weekend, lets hope the sun shines and we can all enjoy it. Break out the crunchies and start that Friday feeling.

Many hugs.

Catherine x

Ps is anyone elses spell check not working?

Thursday, 14 February 2008


Happy Birthday to you my sweet girl.
You where a tiny 6lbs & 10oz just like a little doll, all pink and blotchy. New and shiny with that yummy baby smell.
Look at you now, I never thought this day would come my tiny little girl turning into a teenager wow!
Your next big milestone is sweet 16. As the years have flown by we've had our share of ups and downs. But grown together not just as mother and daugther but best friends too.
You make me very proud each and everyday. I am very glad your mine. And I look forward to watching you turn into the beautiful young woman you're becoming.
Love you lots Jade have a wonderful day and good luck with the Stars in your eyes competition tomorrow night. Knock them dead baby x

Happy valentine's Day to you all, this morning Ben came in with the girls and gave me a beautiful bunch of pink tulips, cute card, white heart and wooden letter M.

M? I hear you all say. All will be revealed tomorrow as there is a little story behind it.

Lots of love to everyone, I wish you all a very happy day. Back soon with more sweet treats.

And a swap I'd to do with anyone interested.

Many hugs.

Catherine x

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

It's nearly here!

Look at my happy girls lol. they give me a little smile everytime I sit down to work. And I have to say a big thank you to Sarah over at Paper-and-string for sending me the new pink heart.

As you can see she's very happy to have found a friend. She is here just in time for Valentine's day. Lets hope she brings me some luck on the romantic side of things (wink wink, nudge nudge)

I hope you all have a lovely day and it's filled with love and romance x x x

And that you all get some of these yummy chocolates (forget the diets for one day) and a glass or 2 of wine and a nice dinner. Followed by a cosy snuggle and early night (for the lucky ones of you lol)
Enjoy the day no matter what you do.
I thought I'd share with you some of my hearts, as it seems in keeping with things. I just love them. But am very pickie about where they hang.
They seem to be every where I look, even in the veg I cook. I never used this one I didn't have the heart (sorry!) to cut it up.
Back tomorrow with a big birthday wish to my oldest, who will be the grand old age of 13 argh! teenager alert hehe!
Will life turn into doors slaming and lots of am I bovered. Fingers crossed we sail though. Any tips would be fully appreciated x

Lots of love x


Catherine x

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Gorgeous little thing x

Introducing the new look Miss Molly, yeay!

And as you can see she's very pleased with her Mummies haircut. I tries to keep a bit of length in it and layered the messy bits that had been hacked off by that little monster. I'm happy, Daddies happy and Molly's happy. A good ending to a horriable nightmare.
LOL this is what Daisy thinks of it all hehe! yuk sickie. Cheeky madam.
This next photo is for Vanessa over at Just Original, look they really do love their dotty aprons, Molly got Daisy to wear her one last night when I was getting dinner ready. They ran off and played baking and throw the play food around the room. (one of their favourite past times at the moment) we keep finding felt cookies and doughnuts everywhere.

Who's that in the mirror? yes it's me doing a bit of arty photograpy. I think it turned out pretty good. I wanted to get the all the things behind me in it. It's not bad hehe!
This my lastest addition to my ever growing heart collection. A special thanks to Kim over at Ragged Roses for sending me this gorgeous pink one. I just love it and it looks so pretty hanging on the mirror. Pop over and checkout her lovely Esty shop where you'll find more fabulous things.

Here are the buttons I mentioned in my last post. I would like any feedback on them. I really like the way they've turned out, it's nice to do a bit of sewing. I can pop myself on the sofa, coffee by my side and put these together with my feet up. Awww heaven.

This one is my favourite and was very rewarding to make. I used a little piece of felt, scrap fabric and a little bead for the cherry. End result a yummy cupcake button.
Look out for these on my website very soon.
And I have just lanched the Valentine range of hearts, ideal for a little gift for you loved one.

I have been so fed up with all this dull, wet weather lately that when I saw these beautiful little baby pink tulips in our florist I let out a small scream of delight hehe! and snapped them up as fast as I could.
Aww! that is better a piece of spring in the livingroom. They make me smile everytime I look at them. Funny the affect a bunch of flowers can have. Oh and shh! a very small amount of sunshine too. I'm not saying this loudly because I don't want to scare it away agian lol. I'm hoping it will stay for the weekend. Fingers crossed.

Have a nice end to the week.
Cathreine x

Monday, 4 February 2008

Every mothers worst nightmare argh!

Molly where's your hair gone?

You can imagine the look of horror on mine and Ben's face when we found this had happened to her. After a nice day out looking for new shoes and cupcakes cases (I know a odd combination lol) we where invivited around an old friends of Ben. He has a little girl of his own and they all played nicely together. Dressing up and playing kitchens. Unknown to me and anyone else, his little girl had sissors in a table draw. And she wanted to play hair dressers. Poor Molly screamed the house down and Ben was the first into the bedroom and all I heard were the words "Oh no!"
And give me the sissors Daisy. Molly told us that the little girl had cut her hair off and then given the sissors to Daisy when she heard Ben coming up the stairs. And hid under the bed, she knew she was in trouble.

As you can imagine Molly, myself and Ben were so upset but thankful that nobody was hurt. The little girl got sort of told off (she gets her own way alot) so it went in one ear and out the other. We left shortly after this and got a naughty tea from the big M as a treat. Back home I had a go at sorting out Molly's hair. I will show you her new look in my next post. I used to do hairdressing at the sweet age of 16 but that's 17 years ago now. So I need a couple of days to get it looking just right lol you wouldn't want an appointment in my salon hehe! Watch this space for Molly's new look just in time for her 3rd birthday in 3 weeks time.

Working hard on orders and happy that one is completed and can be posted today. Here are some of the pastry brushes. They look like a rainbow. Do they have a pot of gold at the end I wonder! Checkout the website over the next few days for my Easter range. New eggcups, heart gift tags, pegs and door stops. There might even be some handmade buttons on there. That is if I can bring myself to part with them. I'm so happy with how they turned out. It's nice to do a little sewing every now and then. Painting pegs and dots can make me go crossed eyed. And giving something new ago is a real break and gives me a sometimes needed boost.
This is a little something I made for the girls, they are always playing with our dust pan and brush, so I kept the last one of these from my stock just for them.
It's gone down well with them, they've cleared up all their crumbs from the table and swept up the both the cats lol
Not the best of weather here today, very dull, wet and grey :( not going out in that lot. We're stay in and keep warm. Watch dvd's, do drawing and crafting. Mummy will drink coffee and the girls hot chocolate. And later when Ben gets in I'll pop out and post my order and drop books back at the library. Fingers crossed I don't get wet, I hate the rain yuk!

Enjoy your day everyone, keep warm and dry. Back soon.


Catherine x