Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Gorgeous little thing x

Introducing the new look Miss Molly, yeay!

And as you can see she's very pleased with her Mummies haircut. I tries to keep a bit of length in it and layered the messy bits that had been hacked off by that little monster. I'm happy, Daddies happy and Molly's happy. A good ending to a horriable nightmare.
LOL this is what Daisy thinks of it all hehe! yuk sickie. Cheeky madam.
This next photo is for Vanessa over at Just Original, look they really do love their dotty aprons, Molly got Daisy to wear her one last night when I was getting dinner ready. They ran off and played baking and throw the play food around the room. (one of their favourite past times at the moment) we keep finding felt cookies and doughnuts everywhere.

Who's that in the mirror? yes it's me doing a bit of arty photograpy. I think it turned out pretty good. I wanted to get the all the things behind me in it. It's not bad hehe!
This my lastest addition to my ever growing heart collection. A special thanks to Kim over at Ragged Roses for sending me this gorgeous pink one. I just love it and it looks so pretty hanging on the mirror. Pop over and checkout her lovely Esty shop where you'll find more fabulous things.

Here are the buttons I mentioned in my last post. I would like any feedback on them. I really like the way they've turned out, it's nice to do a bit of sewing. I can pop myself on the sofa, coffee by my side and put these together with my feet up. Awww heaven.

This one is my favourite and was very rewarding to make. I used a little piece of felt, scrap fabric and a little bead for the cherry. End result a yummy cupcake button.
Look out for these on my website very soon.
And I have just lanched the Valentine range of hearts, ideal for a little gift for you loved one.

I have been so fed up with all this dull, wet weather lately that when I saw these beautiful little baby pink tulips in our florist I let out a small scream of delight hehe! and snapped them up as fast as I could.
Aww! that is better a piece of spring in the livingroom. They make me smile everytime I look at them. Funny the affect a bunch of flowers can have. Oh and shh! a very small amount of sunshine too. I'm not saying this loudly because I don't want to scare it away agian lol. I'm hoping it will stay for the weekend. Fingers crossed.

Have a nice end to the week.
Cathreine x


serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Aw Molly looks very sweet with her new haircut. Typical sister, I bet Daisy wants a new haircut now?
Your buttons look lovely, where do you find the time to make everything, you must have extra hours down your way...lol or you don't sleep!!

Kitty said...

Gosh doesn't Molly look grown up with her 'new' hair?! She looks lovely. Nice piccie of you too! x

Garden girl said...

Hi Catherine- the buttons are great-how do you make them? (don't worry, I can't sew, just interested!) Miss Mollys hair looks most grown up and sophisticated. Isn't your pink heart lovely? Kim makes such beautiful things- I can highly recommend her lavender pillows, they smell fabulous.x

Two Crofters said...

just beautiful x

Kathy said...

Catherine, Molly's hair looks really pretty, I did laugh at her face saying yuck. The colours of your tulips are gorgeous, my muminlaw gave me a bunch of tulips the other morning and they are all vivid colours - very 50s! Kathy

Millie's Mummy said...

Molly's hair looks wonderful. Very impish! Not sure I could be so creative if somebody had done the same to my Millie's hair though!
Got your super hearts and pegs today. Fabulous!!!
Liz x

claire Maraldo said...

She looks cute whatever her hair looks like! Can you imagine what haircuts our cuties will come home with when they are teenagers?

hope everything is OK with you. I will phone you when I get back.

Take care now.

Lots of love and stuff to you all

Claire xxxx

Curlew Country said...

What a fab do! please can you do mine next time?! Isn't she a sweetie, what a peach.x
I love the buttons, what pretty fabric.

Kat-in-a-flap. said...

Molly looks great,I know what you mean about it being every mums worst nightmare for a child to cut their own or another childs hair.
You have done a great job and it will grow.
Love your tulips,
Hugs Kat x

Ragged Roses said...

Hi Catherine, what a wonderful new haircut for Molly, it looks lovely. Thank you for such a kind and generous mention. Your buttons are lovely, what gorgeous fabric. I love the pink tulips in the jug, so pretty and pink, of course!

Katy said...

So the button on my pegs was one of your creations, then? I was really impressed with it (and am keeping it for something special - a doll for Grace).
Molly's hair looks lovely - well done Mum! :)

cd&m said...

The haircut is great, I remmber my own sons having to be rushed to the hairdressers after cutting each others hair to make paint brushes! Can you believe it ?

jessica daisy said...

Oh Claire, you've saved the day, Molly's hair looks lovely, I'm sure you can remember I had the same thing with Ella in October, so I know how you must have felt.
I love the little button you've made, I love making fabric covered buttons, I turned some into pins for my pin board by gluing drawing pins on the back. Your tulips look gorgeous, they are one of my favourite flowers!

vintage twist said...

Your girls are so very sweet and so pretty!