Friday, 15 February 2008

100 wow!

My 100th post today, it's been one of the best things I've ever done starting up this blog, I have made so many new and wonderful friends. Some of whom I've been very lucky to meet and others chat to on the phone and email. Thank you, thank you for coming back and reading my ramblings, hope you all stick around for my next 100 posts. You have all been a very special part of my life and moved me by your kindness and inspired me in lots of different ways. Please carry on. X

Now on to the mystery M. Well a few of you commented with an idea of what you thought it might be, but sadly no :( M question asked here this Valentine's. Between me and you I was secretly hoping. But that time might come one day. Ben made it a lovely day.

My M gift has a very sweet thought behind it. Just look at the photos, can you spot the difference?
Bless Ben when he bought the word HOME for me at Christmas, he picked up a W thinking it was a M. Hehe!
I never saw anything wrong with it until I was sitting on the sofa looking at Molly's M hanging on the fireplace and thought that word home doesn't look right, I think it's a W. lol

So being an old romantic Ben as replaced it this Valentine's. Along with a matching heart. And it looks just right now. HOME x
We exchanged the sweetest cards this year, I love mine with the tiny bird on a ladder. I feel this small and safe in Ben arms. (I know mushy but true).

How beautiful are these, the most amazing pink tulips my favourite in Spring time. Thank you Ben for a lovely Valentine's Day and the yummy dinner you cooked. Good old Nigella Express. Ben made her macaroni cheese and added some bacon to it. Very scrummy, give it a go.
He's not just gorgeous he can cook too, I am a lucky girl hehe! Love you Ben x
Jade had a fantasic birthday, lots of cards, money and balloons. Just what every teenager needs. We'll be off out to the shops in the half term and I have treated her to a deluxe manacure as her main gift from us. So she has that to look forward to next week.
Thank you for all the birthday wishes, they are all lovely of you and you made her day.
I hope you all had a romantic time and I look forward to reading all about it on your posts.
I've put the swap off for a few days as I have a couple orders that need my full attention and we're off to Brighton tomorrow. Yeay! here I come Cath Kidston shop and moo milkshake shop. A yummy bounty one has my name on it. lol (note to self ask how many calories are in it hehe!)
Then just have one anyway.

Have a great weekend, lets hope the sun shines and we can all enjoy it. Break out the crunchies and start that Friday feeling.

Many hugs.

Catherine x

Ps is anyone elses spell check not working?


Vanessa said...

Ah it all makes sense now! How funny is that!

Have a good day in Brighton, get spending those CK vouchers you have. Order me a bounty milkshake, I just love bounty's, good thing for me my hubbo and little dear don't!

Kitty said...

Awww, what a sweetie, getting you the 'M' with a matching heart ... don't they look nice?

You are a lucky girl ... all I got was my youngest writing 'To Mum, Happ Valentimes. XXX' on my shopping list.

*Sigh* x

buttercup & roses said...

Ben is such a sweetie, although I'd think he was a super sweetie if he would get down on one knee! I dont think you can give him any more hints hun,... You do know its a leap year dont you? That means its traditional for the girl to ask the guy!!!

Have fun in Brighton, I hear the shops are fab there.

And happy birthday to Jade, soz I missed your last post, Hope she had a lovely time.

Cant wait to see what the next 100 posts bring.

Love to you all, Jen xx

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Congratulations on your 100th post..have a fab time in Brighton, I love it there, enjoy spending in the Cath Kidston shop and those milkshales sound lush. I proposed to my hubbie one christmas eve and of course he said yes otherwise he wouldn't be my hubby, he said its was the most romantic thing ever although I chickened out of everything I had planned and gabbled will you marry me, I did put candles on each step so when he came down after his bath he knew something was up!! xx

Nonnie said...

Congratulations on reaching 100 posts! Well now it is all explained. Your new M looks lovely as does the heart. I agree with Jen though, make use of that leap year!
Hope you have a lovely day in Brighton. I love Brighton, haven't been for a while. The sun is shining brightly here in Kew so I hope it is down there too.

Garden girl said...

Hope you've enjoyed bright sunny weather in Brighton today- it's been beautiful here..what a lovely chappy you have, love the flowers and the letters.
Many congratulations on your 100th post- think I have a bit of catching up to do!xx

Ragged Roses said...

Happy 100 Catherine! Hope you had a good day in Brighton and the sun shone for you, we were in London on Saturday! I couldn't think of anything that was going on in Brighton to let you know of, I'm sure the shopping was fun! Ben sounds like a real sweetie! Take care

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Hiya hope you had a good weekend, just to let you know Ive tagged you, check out my latest blog to find out xx

julia said...

Sounds like you had a great Valentines. Love the "M"! Happy birthday to Jade (belatedly) and happy 100th to you!
Julia xx
(birdie pics to follow very soon)

shabby chic said...

my vision was wrong Catherine, i though it was that "M" the big M. Still very romantic of Ben. Hope you had a lovely time in Brighton and enjoyed your Moo shake, even though I live in brighton , I have never been in there!.

x Dominique

Katy said...

Pop the question yourself - go on!!!!
Happy belated birthday to Jade, a deluxe manicure is just what I need at the minute.
Your new 'M' looks great, as does the heart (another one?!), and I love tulips. They just don't last long enough, do they?!

saraeden said...

Congratulations on 100 posts hun !!
I hope you had a great time in Brighton ... it looks a great place to shop !!!

Sara x

Suzie Sews said...

Oh that is just so sweet...I love the little heart to as for the tulips, my fav.

jessica daisy said...

Congratulations on your 100th post! I'm looking forward to a hundred more.
Tulips galore! One of my favourites, Ben is such a sweetie, now your 'HOME' is complete, and a gorgeous heart to make it extra special.

Curlew Country said...

What pretty coloured tulips, I really like them! And bless your Ben, awwwwwww!

Curlew Country said...

Oh yes and its a leap year as Jennifer says - what do you reckon!?!?!?