Thursday, 21 February 2008

3 Today.

Our little Molly is 3 today. Happy birthday little cupcake x

Wow this huge bump was you just about ready to make your big entry into the world. I'm on the phone to my Mum saying we're off to the hospital in a while as it's all started and the bubba's on the way. And yes I'm smiling and laughing with her lol stopping to huff and puff in between.

A few hours later (a lot of hours later!) and here you are, all pink and sleepy. 6lb & 13oz tiny little thing. Even the tiny baby grows where big on you.
This was your favourite place to sleep, just like you are still in my belly all tucked up into a little ball.
It snowed the day we brought you home, so when ever I see some I think of you. My sweet little cupcake Molly.
You face was a picture when you awoke to a new little sister in the house. Look at the surprised expression. Very cute. But you took to having a sister like a duck to water and show her so much love and care. That is until she takes one of your toys hehe!
Always there when the camera comes out, even from the early age of 1.
Strike a pose!
Wow and now today your 3 years old where has that time gone? Next it will off to nursery and then school.:(
You are growing into a beautiful, kind, caring and very loving little girl. Never change little one we all love you lots. X
You amaze your Daddy and I everyday with all the clever little things you learn. And we are both very proud that you are out of nappies in the day time. And use the big girl toilet.
Daddy says he'll have you making tea before long lol

Enjoy your birthday Molly. Hope you like everything and have fun at Monkey Biz.

Photos of the big day over the next few days.

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my last post and you never know I might pop the big question myself. But I need to think about it first. I'm an old fashion girl and believe that the man should ask in a very romantic way. Not the woman. I'd love to find a ring in the top of a iced cupcake and then be asked.

Just to be Ben's fiance would be the icing on top of my cake hehe! He'd make me the happiest person in the whole world. My Mum and Dad would be able to see my smile all the way over in Ireland, it would be so big lol

Catherine x


Curlew Country said...

Now those pictures are just too sweet for words - happy brithday Molly, have a fun-filled, joyous day.
What a cute post Catherine!
Stephx -
P.s. we obviously share great taste - we had exactly the same moses baskets for Barney & Archie. Its a bit battered now but I can't bear to get rid of it so the basket is home to some of the boys teddy bears and the blankets etc are stowed away in my linen cupboard! I think I'll have them forever.

Kitty said...

Happy Birthday Molly! Hope you all have a brilliant day - especially the birthday girl herself.


serendipitylovesnewyork said...

what a lovely birthdsy message, happy birthday Molly, she lookde so tiny, you forget how little they are. Have a good weekend

saraeden said...

Happy birthday Molly from all of us here x x x

buttercup & roses said...

Oh my god I am feeling seriously broody now!! What abolutly gorgeous pics!


I hope you all have a wonderful time...You must be such a proud mummy to have 3 gorgeously cute girls!!

Hugs, Jen xxx

tillyboo said...

What a lovely post !

I hope Molly had a lovely birthday, what a total cutie.

Just want to say a big thank you too for your fab post on my blog. You are very kind.

Garden girl said...

Oh blimey, I am sat here with tears running down my face! (hormones) Love the pictures, especially you on your big pink yoga ball- you look fab!Hope a happy day was had by the birthday girl, and that the party went with a bang!xxxx

Jennie said...

Happy birthday Molly!!

claire Maraldo said...

Happy birthday Molly - you are such a special little girl, you have the best smile in the world and you bring a lot of people great happiness -you and your sisters.

And your Mum and Dad aren't bad either!

Love Claire xx xxx

Nonnie said...

Happy Birthday sweet Molly. Have a lovely day. x

Vintage Amethyst said...

Aahhh how cute, Happy Birthday Molly! Sorry it is so late, hope you all a really cute day.
love Alison x

Mamma Millan said...

Hello, Sweden here!! What a lovely blogg you svit!!So nice things!

Thanks for the visit!!

God Evening Millan

Ragged Roses said...

Happy Birthday Molly, you're a real sweetie, Hope you hada wonderful day