Thursday, 14 February 2008


Happy Birthday to you my sweet girl.
You where a tiny 6lbs & 10oz just like a little doll, all pink and blotchy. New and shiny with that yummy baby smell.
Look at you now, I never thought this day would come my tiny little girl turning into a teenager wow!
Your next big milestone is sweet 16. As the years have flown by we've had our share of ups and downs. But grown together not just as mother and daugther but best friends too.
You make me very proud each and everyday. I am very glad your mine. And I look forward to watching you turn into the beautiful young woman you're becoming.
Love you lots Jade have a wonderful day and good luck with the Stars in your eyes competition tomorrow night. Knock them dead baby x

Happy valentine's Day to you all, this morning Ben came in with the girls and gave me a beautiful bunch of pink tulips, cute card, white heart and wooden letter M.

M? I hear you all say. All will be revealed tomorrow as there is a little story behind it.

Lots of love to everyone, I wish you all a very happy day. Back soon with more sweet treats.

And a swap I'd to do with anyone interested.

Many hugs.

Catherine x


serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Happy Birthday again Jade! What lovely words you have spoken about her Catherine!! I would love to do a swap with you as I haven't done one yet so haven't a clue what to do, please tell!!
Your Ben sounds lovely, what a nice Valentines wake up!! I had a gorgeous card and a murano (is that howyou spell it)heart keyring, he thought it would be perfect for the key to the new house!!

Curlew Country said...

What a loely mum you are! Happy birthday to Jade, hope you have a great day a good luck for Stars in Your Eyes.
Pink tuplips - how pretty! Enjoy the day.

Two Crofters said...

the suspense of the M is killing me!
i think it could be........ x
speak soon and thank you so much for your message x
t x

Two Crofters said...

forgot to say Happy Birthday Jade - you are as pretty in person as you are in the pictures your mum takes - you really are turning in to a sweet young lady x
t x

Kitty said...

Happy Birthday Jade ... you are a very pretty girl. Hope you all have a lovely day. x

Vintage Amethyst said...

*Happy Birthday to Jade*
*Happy Valentine's Day too*
Hope you are having a wonderful day filled with love!
love Alison x

shabby chic said...

Yes happy birthday jade , have the most wonderfull day and eat lots of cake.
I have a vision what this "M" is ! will have to see if my vision matches! your m . Have the most wonderfull valentine with Ben you deserve it x Dominique

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

I wonder if I'm thinking the same as Two Crofters and Shabby Chic, about the M word or are we hopeless romantics?? I'll keep you up to date with my house and please don't keep us guessing over M!

saraeden said...

Happy Birthday to Jade sorry its a day late !!

I hope you have had a wonderful day
and i too cannot wait to hear more about " M "

Sara x

Oh and yes it was from me !!!

Garden girl said...

Ahh, what a lovely post- brought a tear to my eye! Hope a lovely birthday was celebrated by all.x

Nonnie said...

A very Happy Birthday to Jade. Hope she has a lovely Birthday. She's a lucky girl to have such a lovely Mum. I'm so intrigued to know what the M stands for. You are very naughty to keep us guessing! I have a sneaky idea like a few others. Hope I am right!