Monday, 29 June 2009

Looking on up...

...and going forward with life. I have to say how touched I am and thank you for all your loving, caring, kind, supportive comments and words.
They have and are really helping me get through this crappy time. And to Steph from Madmummy you are just a wonderful and caring person. I can't thank you enough for coming to see me on Saturday at the Maidstone farmers/craft market. That hug was just what the doctor ordered. And the little gift will stay on my mollycupcakes apron for every fair and market i do. Thank you lovely lady.
I have to do another special thank you to Tracy from Cupcakes at home. Even though your 100's of miles away from me you still touch my heart. Your kind words and blog post for me means more than words can say. Thank you my dear friend, i only hope i can return your love and support one day.
To my family you are all amazing and give me the strength to carry on come what may. I love all.

2 months to find a new home, fit for the cupcakes and within walking distance of playgroup and Molly's new school. House hunting wasn't on our to do list for the next 4-5 years, we really thought this house was for years. (That's what we was lead to believe!)
Shock i don't think I've every felt so stressed. I can only say it felt like i was going crazy and my head was being crushed in a vice. Nearly a week on after the letter dropped on the mat and now I'm sad still and could just sit and cry but I'm more cross inside and only show it when the cupcakes are in bed or not around me. Why? is the biggest thing i keep asking.
My Nana used to say that one door closes and another ones.
So we shall see where this huge explosion takes us in life.

I'll leave you with one of my favourite songs, it seems to help me and i calm down once listening to it. Just click the link. And enjoy.

Back soon with a happier post, i hate to dwell on things, it's happening the house and my Dad and there is nothing i can do about it. But be strong and strong I'll be....

Love to you all x

Catherine x

Friday, 26 June 2009

Lifes just come crashing down...

A bomb shell has been dropped into the cupcakes house this week one that I am still in shock over. 2 months notice is all i can say right now because I'm to upset, cross and shocked by it all. On top of that my lovely step Daddy and Mummy have been told that he has got alzheimer's. This is just something i have to deal with because it's out of all our control. And i need to be strong for my Mummy. But to be truthful I'm numb and don't really know what to do for the best. Keep calm and carry on and has my Nana used to say one door closes and another one opens.
So please forgive me in having a short break for a while and sorry to all of you that have entered my giveaway. I will just leave it open for anyone that wants to pop on to the post and join in. Just click on the word post to enter.

I do have the best man, cupcakes big and small, Mummy and Daddy, Granny and the best of friends for support.
And am so busy with work, it's helping me. I'm also off to the Maidstone farmers market/craft fair tomorrow so if anyone is around please come and say hello. A hug or 2 would be greatly received too.

Have a good weekend and I'll see you soon.


Catherine xxx

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Happy Birthday...

...To Ben's Mummy, my mummy in law to be and the cupcakes...

We all love you lots and glad you've had a lovely day. Looking forward to seeing you very soon down on the farm. When you join us for a one day of our week long holiday. Pack the sunshine lovely lady and a bottle of pimms lol
Don't forget tomorrow will be the results of my giveaway, so pop on over if you haven't already and leave a comment here telling me your favourite summer cake and colour. Best of luck x

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Happy Fathers Day x

Too all the Daddies, Fathers, Dad's, papa's and mine have a very special day you deserve it. Sit back put your slippers on have a cuppa and some pampering time.

All my love goes to Ben the best Daddy in my eyes in the world the cupcakes love you more than words could ever say. Even if you are a Mr Grumpy some days lol (little clue to your present shhh!).
Have a wonderful day we love you x


Friday, 19 June 2009

Eeek! we've got mice....

Cute little baby ones with their own matchbox beds.

You can find them here at Mollycupcakes for the yummy price of £13.50 + P&P about £1.65, i have 5 girls and 5 boys. On the boy matchbox the Ellie is blue. See above photo.

They both come with a little bedding set of mattress, pillow and knitted blanket. Too cute for words.

Please email me if you'd like one or pop on over the Mollycupcakes and pick up a set of handmade mice heart tags to go with one or two, if you'd like both boy and girl sets. They are a lovely gift or treat for yourself. Mice tags can be done in other colours, please ask.Matchbox size 11 x 8 x 5 cm

Wishing you all a lovely weekend and happy fathers day on Sunday. Lets hope the sun shines and we can all get out and enjoy it.
Please don't forget to leave a comment with your favourite Summer cake and colour on my 2nd year blog giveaway. Here... good luck everyone xxx

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Trying to keep up with it all.

The title says it all really, life in the cupcake house is just flying by with me trying to keep up. The washing, cleaning (ha! what cleaning lol), cooking, orders, making stock for fairs Argh! one in a couple of Saturdays time, I'd better get me finger out. Or my stall will have a minimalism look about it. If you are around on the 27th June Mollycupcakes will be at the Maidstone farmers/craft market from 9am-1pm. They are celebrating their 2 year anniversary. Come along and say hello.

Right the big 2 has been and gone. But I'll still be running a giveaway, just pop a comment on this post, telling me your favourite Summer cake and your fav colour. The cupcakes will pick out 2 winners on the 25th June. And a packet of treats will wing their way to the lucky ones, well I'll have to have 2 winners won't i x

Good luck to everyone x

The beginning of this month also saw my step Daddy turn 77, happy birthday you wonderful man, so glad you enjoyed your old fashioned sweets, hand made cards and DVD's. You deserve lots of treats. Love you x

I've popped my 2 favourite photos on here because they remind me of how you truly are and will always be in my heart forever. I know you will never be the same because the finger of fate has pointed, labeling you with a form of dementia and the Daddy that i once knew will be only a memory but one i will hold on to with all my heart. Keep smiling and be strong, thinking of you and Mum everyday.

This weekend just gone saw fabulous weather here in Kent, so we made the most of it and got out in our garden and up the allotment for both days. Lots of weeding, sorting, moving of some plants, watering and eating of strawberries.
Both the cupcakes played games of who can get the wettest and muddiest lol as you can see from Daisy's face, she won the wet right through the skin game. "Oh that's cold water Mummy" and Molly got the dirtiest but you can't really see it on here. Grubby grubs hehe! It was all good fun and we wouldn't have them any other way. My little earth children.
Some big sister cuddles in the sun dried them both oh and some more strawberry eating helped lol
It's wonderful having time out in the fresh air, it gives me a break from the painting and i go back to it with fresh ideas and am raring to go.

Being outside so much has inspired me to do these cute little birds.
They come in all of my colours but I've chosen just pink for this display and if they sell well at the market and fairs, I'll make them a new item on Mollycupcakes. What do you think, aren't they tweet sweet!

I'm loving my willow sticks supplied by our local fabulous florist Drury's we're luck to have them just up the road and they have the most amazing flowers and gifts in there. Well worth a pop in if your ever over this way. If you look inside you might even find a bit of Mollycupcakes in there too lol (i know shameless plug).

While picking up the sticks, I couldn't leave this beautiful peony behind, i dream that my little one in a pot will someday turn out to be this lovely.
The look and smell of it just says Summer is coming. So happy Midsummer, i think it's this Sunday on Daddies day. Enjoy the rest of the week and don't forget to leave a comment to be entered into the giveaway.
Many hugs x

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

I got to the Vintage & Handmade Fair yeay! Sorry this post took forever to do!

The building with the flag on the side of it is where the fair was held lol so sorry about the crap photo, i tried to take it when driving past after thinking oh bum! I've not got a picture of the town hall where it was. As you can see it was a beautiful day, blue skies and sunshine. And the place was heaving when i arrived and left.

No sooner had i got in the door and i was getting out my purse for some to cute to leave behind cards from Shabby Chic, pictures below.

My second stop after looking around a few more fabulous stalls, Acorn & Will Cowboys & Custard to name but a few...

...was at my best friend Claire's stall Made in Pixieland where she was being a real sweetheart and selling some on my Mollycupcakes stock. Thanks honey, I'll be returning the favour on the 27th June at the farmers/craft market at the town hall Maidstone Kent. (Details to come very soon).

Standing at Claire's stall chatting I also got to meet Lou from Ludabelle and Rachel from Rubyred and i have to say a big thank you to both of you for making me feel like a celebrity lol

Telling me that i was the most recognised lady in blog land because of all the photos i put in my posts. Now my head feels to big for my shoulders, thank you for your kind words. I floated around the rest of the fair feeling very special.

This other stall below is the work of Jayne from Country Cottage Chic and i snapped up the Stanley tin photoed a few pics down. Lovely to meet you sweetie and put a face to the blog.

While chatting to Jayne i was grabbed by the totally wonderful April from Cake Makes The World A Better Place, it was lovely to meet you. We've spoken so many times via email and through comments, it was great to chat face to face. You are as lovely in person as in blog land honey. Hope our paths cross again someday soon. X

These pretty cards remind me of a poster i had in my bedroom as a little girl. they are so colourful and full of lots to look at. You could almost jump right in to them. And well the Stanley tin just couldn't be left behind. Sadly i did miss out on all the yummy looking cupcakes that where on offer to buy. The queue was just to long and my head kept telling no Catherine, it will just add to your own cupcake top tummy lol
Maybe at the next one I'll stop for tea and cakes. Can't wait for that and it will be close to Christmas as well. Lovely just lovely. On my way out of the fair i saw my other fabulous friend Julia Vintage Heaven and got to meet Andrea her best friend who I've bought from and sold to. She is so lovely and i got the biggest hug. So good to finally meet you Andrea. Looking forward to maybe coffee and cake with you both next time I'm in Cheltenham.

My day out just me and Mr Cupcakes didn't end there. I got to cal in on my favourite shop in Cheltenham Rosablue and see my very good friend Penelope. Look what lovelies i came away with. Two fabric boxes just right for my craft stalls.And this fab wire storage basket. Plus an order for her shop via email, so a good visit indeed. And lovely to catch up with such a nice lady, i love her shop. If you're ever in Cheltenham pop in to Rosablue it's on the Bath Road or hop on to her website. There is even now a design your own fabric bit. I'm gonna have a go at that, maybe a range of Mollycupcakes own tea towels are on the cards.

After a lovely weekend staying with family and visiting friends, it was still good to get back home and see our kitties. Especially after the week just gone by when our very own little Daisy thought both the cats needed a glittery make over lol

A pallet of PVA glue and glitter ended in my having to bath poor Thomas outside. Just look at the poor old lad. He's not even trying to get away. Thankfully it all washed off really easy and he ran off to lick and groom him self. Megan got away with just a tiny blob and ruffled fur, i sear that cat is made of Teflon because she slides out of any grip LOL

They are both fine now and have very soft and shiny coats. And are watching Daisy's ever move hehe!

The bank holiday Monday saw us at little Amber's birthday party with the cupcakes. It was held in the playgroup hall and garden. And was a big hit with all the children.

They had party games, bubbles, face painting, crown making and yummy food.
I baked up loads of these chocolate cupcakes and took them along. They looked huge in with all the other party food lol I hadn't realised they where that big, more like muffins. The children didn't seem to mind, polishing them off. There is something magical about watching little ones eating cupcakes. They always start with the tops and lick off all the icing first. Oh to be that little again lol Ben and i had a fun eating competition with sugar jam doughnuts the other night. Seeing if we could eat them without licking our lips. It was fun and Molly and Daisy watched us laughing. Goodness knows what they where thinking lol
Give it a go sometime, being a kid again was great fun. And yes we both manged to do it, ending up with big sugary smiles.Wow it's late now, so I'm off for some well earned ZZZZZzzzzzz night night lovely ladies.
Have a good weekend.