Friday, 28 August 2009

Kindness x

This post is a very big thank you to one of the kindest ladies I've ever known. Steph from Mad Mummy. When ever I'm low or just in need of a friend, she is there with a phone call, email or if I'm really lucky a visit. Honey you have the biggest, kindest and most thoughtful heart. Thank you for every message, chat, hug and gift from you. Everyone means so much.

The postie delivered a packet full of loveliness in it was this yummy handmade cupcake card.
And now hanging in our front window this beautiful HOME sign, which i just love. Steph you really know my taste in things, spooky really almost like we've met in another life.
And just look at what she made with the fairy fabric that she won in my favourite coffee competition. I think Molly and Daisy's faces say it all. "thank you Mad Mummy" x
Here they are wearing their aprons for the cafe game they seemed to play all afternoon yesterday lol I had endless cups of coffee and cakes given to me. Fabulous though because they are fat free hehe!
Also in the lovely packet my little Granny got a fabulous brooch in the shape of a cupcake with the words "GRANNY CUPCAKES" she just loves it and I'll get a photo of her wearing it soon, she's off on a mini break in Norfolk at the moment. And last but not least, Jade now has her very own blue cupcake purse but she's away from us too, so photo's on hold for that one. But she says thank you and another thank you for making it blue, she's not really a pink girlie girl (sigh! how did that happen? lol).
Sorry this post took a while in coming honey and hope you didn't worry that it had got lost, it didn't we all love our presents. I'm just soooo busy catching up on here gets popped on the back seat sometimes. I really wish i could do everything in the same day. But that clock just keeps on ticking. Please keep leaving me comments, i love to read them after a long day.
Anyway have a lovely bank holiday weekend.
We have family coming to stay and i have news on my Dad but that will be next week. I'm knackered now and it's only five past nine am lol bloody hell does that mean I'm getting old LOL no just more coffee needed i think hehe!
Hugs and love,

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Some frozen peas and a bump on the forehead :(

Both the cupcakes on their way to the allotment, ready for some fun and then help Daddy cupcake do the watering.

Daisy had other ideas and on running back to the gates for home she went head first in to the ground. Coming up with a cut and lump. But the healing powers of garden peas and....
...she was left with a tiny cut and lesser sized bump. Oh Daisy what are we gonna do with you???
You really are trying to collect the biggest collection of bumps, cuts and bruises aren't you sigh! You are a little tomboy hehe! And smell of dirt and cookies most of the time. We really wouldn't have you any other way. X
Not to worry everyone, she really is fine and as i type this post, her and Molly are dressed up as princesses and princes running around the garden yelling lol oh our poor neighbours hehe!
A little note to anyone waiting for give away gifts or just gifts and treats, I'm so sorry for being so crap but they will be off to you very soon i promise. Time just isn't on my side at the moment, we've just given back the keys to the other house today and had to clean from top to bottom ( you know how it goes with rented houses, everything has to be spotless or no deposit). So I'm knackered to say the least. But be assured i will get on the case and goodies will be posted sometime this year lol Oooops i mean next month LOL
Big hugs x

Friday, 21 August 2009


Two very lovely ladies awarded me last week with these fabulous awards. Many thanks to and hugs go to Kirsty Ruby's mama made it

And another thank you goes too LissyLou . I now have to list 5 of my current obsessions and then pass them on to other bloggers.
Ok here goes... Obsession No.1 is unpacking and sorting out our house and getting rid of the old house we've been rudely moved out of.

Unpacking boxes and turning our new house into our home for as long as possible. Maybe not as pink as the one below lol but if i had my way the polka dot roof would stay hehe!
No. 2 is painting stock, stock and more stock. The more i have done the better for me, as i have a couple of fairs coming up and always worry that I won't have enough prettiness to take with me. So my fingers are a rainbow coloured mess most days lol but hey! they're mine lol
No. 3 is growing these lovelies, so i can have them as my wedding flowers next year. The wonderful little Granny gave me her rose to grow in our garden and everyday i go out and water it, asking it to please grow for me or i will have to buy David Austin ones instead. It would be fabulous to have my own roses from our garden. And they are so beautiful and smell amazing.
No. 4 is getting rid of this cupcake topped tummy and having one like....
.... again.
No. 5 is finding the right piece or pieces of furniture for our dining room. Something along the lines of this or a dresser. Every night and day i look at endless pages of farmhouse loveliness on Ebay and walk in and out of all the charity/old furniture shops, hoping that today will be our lucky day and something as nice as this will come home with me. My next stop is Detling antique fair in Sept, where i will go up and down every row looking slightly obsessed LOL
Lastly i have a No. 6 and that is finding the extra time to make on of these little lovelies, i have the baby food jar, dotty fabric, ribbon, wadding and even the buttons to fill it but have i got the time? no! argh! if you have spare time on your hands and fancy making one hop on to the link and follow Craft Puddings step by step tutorial and maybe even check out her hand made stamps on Etsy. She's a very clever girlie.
Well that's me all done for another post. I have to go and unpack a car full of odds and ends now, oh what fun lol
Thanks again ladies for my lovely awards xxx I'll pass them on to CraftyPudding,
Cupcakes at Home, Mad Mummy, Country In The Town and Ragged Roses. Please don't feel you have to join in ladies, i know how busy this time of year is.
Right off i go, empty the car and then take Daisy down to the doc's for her next lot of jabs. Poor little flower. Big kisses will make it all better lol
Have a lovely weekend.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Welcome to No. 4

Come on in and I'll show you around a little. These photo's where taken a couple of days after we'd moved so excuse the messiness lol I'll have tidier ones to show soon. In you come then the kettles on and cupcakes are baking....

...through the front porch and up the stairs...

"hello Daisy" behind her is our bathroom.

On the landing 3 bedrooms, I need to do photo's of them sorted and not full of boxes or messy lol

Back down the stairs...

...and round into the living room, it's got a lovely bright bay window and lots of room for our books, sofa and armchair.

Out into the hallway again and an even nicer photo of the front door, it's so pretty when the light floods through it, well even on dull days it's still beautiful.

Off round the corner and into the dinning room, no photo's of the kitchen just yet. I want to finish it first.

Walk out through the conservatory/my work room.

Oooops step over the singing fairy who's lounging in the floor lol

And we have the garden.

I think the cupcakes have spent 85% of their time out here because it's so big and there is room to run and play. This new addition (pink fairy castle) was a new home gift from our lovely next door neighbour at the old house. She's only down the road, but she has somewhere to come and sleep on her visits lol and the cupcakes haven't let her get away without trying it out for size.

A little snug i think lol thank you Fern the cupcakes love it. Big hugs from all of us.

Once again i want to say thank you to everyone that left comments, emails, letters and phone calls over our ruff unsettled time. We finally get rid of the other sometime next week and can then try to get back on track, saving and planning our wedding for Spring next year yeay!
I've been so touched by all of you kindness and am putting a huge open armed hug on here, hug, hug, hug.... did you get it? lol

On my next post I will share the 2 lovely awards I've been lucky enough to get and do the tag that comes along with them.

Have a fab Thursday xxx

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Catch up part 2 down on the farm.

Yeay we're in the new house and as you can all imagine life's gone even more crazy than normal. No photos just yet I'm still using the laptop and everything else is on the other computer including the cable to upload new pics. This beautiful house below is up for holiday lets from the lovely farmer Joe and Izzie. It's on the same land as featherdown farm which they also run. This fab place is all theirs so every penny goes in to their pockets and helps the up keep of the farm. Hop on over to the website for a look inside. Link

Now on to our catch up...

After our stressful news about the house, getting away to the farm was just what the doctor ordered, if you haven't heard of Featherdown Farms hop on over and have a look at their website, we've been to Belle Vue farm, Poulshot, Devizes, Wiltshire two times now and it was even more lovely this time than the last. Farmer Joe and his wife Izzie made our stay very special. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. They let us put the chickens in at night and out again the next morning. It was great fun chasing the odd one or 2 around the houses in dusk lol
The sky was beautiful at dusk
Sitting watching the sun go down and taking with it all the stresses from the last few weeks.
Bringing us even closer together and looking forward to a new start (again).
Our family joined us for one of the days and Grandma enjoyed some grand-daughter time with the 2 cupcakes and 1 little muffin lol
The goats put on a show for us all and for his next trick he jumps off the roof and in to a backward flip, landing on two hoofs and falling in to a Rollie- poly lol but i never got that on camera sigh! that would of been £250 in the bag hehe!
I think the ram wanted to say something but instead he just stood and watched us feed the chickens. He looks a little like Rodders the ram over on Tracy's Cupcakes at home.
Here are the girls enjoying a morning drink. The chickens are so friendly here, we had lots of cuddles.
Lots of relaxing time was had by all
And even Lottie bunny got in on the chilling.
The chickens kept us in eggs all week and we even got to bring some home it us. Look Vanessa we took the lovely egg cosies you made and they look so cute on the shelve with my pom pom chicken one from a swap.
I made it a home from home, hanging bunting up. Well there is always room for some bunting isn't there? hehe!
The wellies at the entrance and a warm fire roaring inside, we could of stayed forever.
But sadly all good things must come to an end and this was Daisy on our finally morning. Fast asleep and all snuggled in her hoody lol
All sleepy eyed and just waking up.
After packing up there was just time to see the chickens and collect a couple more eggs.
Molly was very happy with her warm find and pretty feather. Not to sure the chicken behind her was lol "cluck, cluck that's my feather"
Daisy came away with a warm one too.
Setting off on our journey home we stopped at my favourite little town Marlborough for sandwiches, cakes, drinks (coffee for me, yummy Costa) and a little treat.
Yummy cookie for the ride home
And a pink cupcake for miss cupcake herself.
A quick stop at a lovely little shop called Antiques & Tat, sadly their website is under construction so nothing to show apart from this rubbish photo i took while driving past. This little Aladdin's cave is well worth a visit if your ever over that way.
This lovely tin came home with me, it's so cute and was looking at me from a shelf. The last time i was in there a lot more came home but i was very good this time. I am looking forward to my next year visit in to this fabulous little shop. It's fast becoming a yearly stop lol Wishing the lovely lady all the best and saying hope to see her next time, off i went.

I hope you are all still awake and that i haven't bored you to sleep hehe! it feels like it was months ago since we where there, so much has happened. I know holiday snaps can be a yawn but i hope you enjoyed ours.
I'll have a few thank yous on the next post and maybe some house photos too.
Cupcake filled dreams x