Friday, 28 August 2009

Kindness x

This post is a very big thank you to one of the kindest ladies I've ever known. Steph from Mad Mummy. When ever I'm low or just in need of a friend, she is there with a phone call, email or if I'm really lucky a visit. Honey you have the biggest, kindest and most thoughtful heart. Thank you for every message, chat, hug and gift from you. Everyone means so much.

The postie delivered a packet full of loveliness in it was this yummy handmade cupcake card.
And now hanging in our front window this beautiful HOME sign, which i just love. Steph you really know my taste in things, spooky really almost like we've met in another life.
And just look at what she made with the fairy fabric that she won in my favourite coffee competition. I think Molly and Daisy's faces say it all. "thank you Mad Mummy" x
Here they are wearing their aprons for the cafe game they seemed to play all afternoon yesterday lol I had endless cups of coffee and cakes given to me. Fabulous though because they are fat free hehe!
Also in the lovely packet my little Granny got a fabulous brooch in the shape of a cupcake with the words "GRANNY CUPCAKES" she just loves it and I'll get a photo of her wearing it soon, she's off on a mini break in Norfolk at the moment. And last but not least, Jade now has her very own blue cupcake purse but she's away from us too, so photo's on hold for that one. But she says thank you and another thank you for making it blue, she's not really a pink girlie girl (sigh! how did that happen? lol).
Sorry this post took a while in coming honey and hope you didn't worry that it had got lost, it didn't we all love our presents. I'm just soooo busy catching up on here gets popped on the back seat sometimes. I really wish i could do everything in the same day. But that clock just keeps on ticking. Please keep leaving me comments, i love to read them after a long day.
Anyway have a lovely bank holiday weekend.
We have family coming to stay and i have news on my Dad but that will be next week. I'm knackered now and it's only five past nine am lol bloody hell does that mean I'm getting old LOL no just more coffee needed i think hehe!
Hugs and love,


Donna said...

What lovely, thoughtful gifts. The girls look delighted with their aprons, and so pretty too!

Please feel free to add my invite to your blog, I would be very happy. You can grab the image from my blog or I can email it across to you, let me know. Can you see who designed the lovely border for the invite? Claire is sooooo clever.

madmummy said...

You are so welcome hon! Glad all liked!!
Just a quick hello tonight as have just got home from Bluewater and hubby is struggling to get dinner!!
xxx Steph

Summer Blue said...

Aren't bloggers lovely. What gorgeous presents, I LOVE the aprons. I must say, you too are an extremely kind, considerate, caring blogger....just bigging you up Catherine as I think it's deserved!!
Your new house looks lovely. I'm so pleased that you are all settled again. I just KNOW that you're going through all the same feelings that I am at the moment about letting Molly go off to 'big' school and about how Daisy will cope without her big sister at pre-school. So I thought send you a cyber ((((HUG))).
Take lovely lady,
Jane. xx
P.S Looking forward to seeing Granny Cupcakes in your blog again when she returns from her hols.

Gingham and Flowers said...

What thoughtful and very cute gifts. The aprons are so sweet. No wonder your little cuties are looking so happy. Those chocolate cupcakes at the top of the blog look soooo good. Could really just eat one now!

LissyLou said...

Just catching up with blogs after being away for a bit - loving the new home - can't wait to see more piccies xxx

Elise said...

Hello, what a beautiful blog you have here ! I just had to leave a note for you - I've really enjoyed looking through your posts and pictures. They are all very interesting and creative. Best wishes and thank you...

saraeden said...

Hi honey and thank you for buying a cupcake brooch , you are a star x x
Not got your email about the cushion yet but i do have a bit of the fabric left :)

Love your gifts too and the girls look cute as always !
Must dash as i am trying to find flights for a sneaky weekend away ;)

Sara x x x