Friday, 21 August 2009


Two very lovely ladies awarded me last week with these fabulous awards. Many thanks to and hugs go to Kirsty Ruby's mama made it

And another thank you goes too LissyLou . I now have to list 5 of my current obsessions and then pass them on to other bloggers.
Ok here goes... Obsession No.1 is unpacking and sorting out our house and getting rid of the old house we've been rudely moved out of.

Unpacking boxes and turning our new house into our home for as long as possible. Maybe not as pink as the one below lol but if i had my way the polka dot roof would stay hehe!
No. 2 is painting stock, stock and more stock. The more i have done the better for me, as i have a couple of fairs coming up and always worry that I won't have enough prettiness to take with me. So my fingers are a rainbow coloured mess most days lol but hey! they're mine lol
No. 3 is growing these lovelies, so i can have them as my wedding flowers next year. The wonderful little Granny gave me her rose to grow in our garden and everyday i go out and water it, asking it to please grow for me or i will have to buy David Austin ones instead. It would be fabulous to have my own roses from our garden. And they are so beautiful and smell amazing.
No. 4 is getting rid of this cupcake topped tummy and having one like....
.... again.
No. 5 is finding the right piece or pieces of furniture for our dining room. Something along the lines of this or a dresser. Every night and day i look at endless pages of farmhouse loveliness on Ebay and walk in and out of all the charity/old furniture shops, hoping that today will be our lucky day and something as nice as this will come home with me. My next stop is Detling antique fair in Sept, where i will go up and down every row looking slightly obsessed LOL
Lastly i have a No. 6 and that is finding the extra time to make on of these little lovelies, i have the baby food jar, dotty fabric, ribbon, wadding and even the buttons to fill it but have i got the time? no! argh! if you have spare time on your hands and fancy making one hop on to the link and follow Craft Puddings step by step tutorial and maybe even check out her hand made stamps on Etsy. She's a very clever girlie.
Well that's me all done for another post. I have to go and unpack a car full of odds and ends now, oh what fun lol
Thanks again ladies for my lovely awards xxx I'll pass them on to CraftyPudding,
Cupcakes at Home, Mad Mummy, Country In The Town and Ragged Roses. Please don't feel you have to join in ladies, i know how busy this time of year is.
Right off i go, empty the car and then take Daisy down to the doc's for her next lot of jabs. Poor little flower. Big kisses will make it all better lol
Have a lovely weekend.


Pomona said...

Lovely to see my teacup and flowers in the top pic! Well done!

Pomona x

LittleGem said...

Well done on your award! Some lovely obsessions there! I wondered if I could ask you a quick question about your painted goodies (wooden spoons etc) as I'd like to make a personalised baking set for my neice for Xmas (thinking early!) and wondered what sort of paint is best to use? And do you need to varnish them? Thanks in advance!
Gem xx

Rubys mamma x said...

Hi Catherine, you're very welcome for the award! I cant believe you've managed to fit in a post since you've moved-you must be either very organised or just ignoring the piles of stuff which need new homes finding!
I love the David Austin roses too, they're stunning, if i got married again i think id just like a posy of tiny bud roses or bluebells!
K xxxx

renaissance said...

Congratulations on your awards Chatherine and good luck with that list.

saraeden said...

Thank you for the comment hun and yes i do have some of the flower fabric stashed away .. email me and we can sort something out :)

Sara x x x

Donna said...

Hey gorgeous, I haven't visited in ages! I am so sorry to hear of the worrying time you have had of it lately. Can't believe you have moved again, it seems like only yesterday that you moved, poor you! Your new house looks really lovely though and I hope you get to stay for a long time.

The Cath Kidston paint is no more, which is VERY bad news I think! It is such lovely paint to work with and the shades are just right. I managed to get a bit from Craig and Rose. If you ring them up they are really helpful and will tell you what they have in stock. The good news is that what they do have left is very very cheap and a tester pot goes a long long way. Give them a call and see what you can get. Good luck.

Big love

Donna xxxx

Elise said...

A fellow cupcake !!!!! Hello, I'm leaving you a comment to say how fabulous your blog is ! Really unusual and interesting posts and you have cool pictures too. Thanks so much for taking the time to share them.. best wishes...