Wednesday, 31 October 2007

It's good to be back, hello everyone. I've missed you all x

Well here it is the reason I've been away for so long.

A huge order, I've been working my bum off hehe! up most nights until midnight. So I can only say sorry for not keeping up with you all. I have popped on every now and then to read a couple of posts and see how you are. And I see that most of you are just as busy. Isn't this time of year great. I am loving it. And have now taken on a couple more orders.
Also got a phone call last night saying that I have been chosen to have a stall at the Christmas fair in Maidstone a couple of days before my birthday. So I'm hoping to get a lot more stock made up and ready for that. Will be a fun day, as I'm next to my best mate Claire from and I can't wait.

Half term as come and gone and the girls have been the best at this mad time. So we thought we all deserved a little weekend break. And Ben still had his 30th birthday helicopter ride to take.

So off we went on Friday night to Cheltenham. It was a good drive no traffic at all and we arrived at 9.30pm. A first for us, it's normally about eleven before we get there. So the girls back to bed and a nice hot drink for us. We sat and chatted to Ben's mum, until we where all sleepy again.

The next day we got the meet baby Ava and her uncle Ben got all broody. I'll pop a photo of her on here sometime soon. I'd better ask first. She's a real cutie and I have to say I'd think about having one more. But I'd love to be married first. I still live in hope for that big question to be asked.

That afternoon all of us set off for Ben's birthday treat. And he just loved it. I couldn't get any really good photos of him flying but I did record it all for him. I think he's now been bitten by the bug, as he's been playing flying games on the computer. Bless him "ok honey one day if we win the lotto, I'll get you a helicopter" x

The girls enjoyed watching him and Molly now tells everyone my Daddy went in a helicopter. lol

So it was a good weekend, Grandma babysat and we went out for a nice drive. And to top off the weekend, I went into my favourite shop in Cheltenham and bought a few bits and Penelope the owner said that the pegs I made her had sold within a couple of weeks and she was very pleased because someone bought one of her own handmade peg bags to go with a pack. So she placed a bigger order with me and I left with a even bigger smile on my face. And some goodies of my own too. ;) I'll pop a photo on here soon. Checkout her website, she makes everything herself. In the most beautiful fabrics.

All in all it was a very nice weekend and I'm glad we had a break. It done me some good I came back refreshed and I got the huge order all finished and it's now on it's way to my customer. Now I can get on with the others and prepare for the fair.

Thank you to all of you that have left lovely comments on my posts and I will catch up with you all very soon.

And one last thank you to Jennifer from Buttercup & Roses for my beautiful heart she sent, it is hanging with my hearts on the fireplace. And looks lovely. Thanks sweetie your a real honey. I hope your teeth are all better now. x


Catherine x

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Oh what a night!

I've been waiting for some time off off to tell you all this one.

Have you ever had a night that made you feel like this?

Well I'll tell you about ours. It was on one of our normal Thursday night shopping trips, we set off as usual and all was fine until the car started jumping around the place and that was when Ben informed me that we where nearly out of petrol. Ever hopeful I just thought everything would be fine and we'd make it to the station. How wrong I was.

Apart from Ben who had thought about putting on a zippy top the girls and I had no coats and the sun was going down fast.

So when the car came to it's final stop and we'd all been beeped at by passing cars (which really helped the situation, not!) we had to get the girls out of the car and carry them and the petrol can and make our way to the shopping centre, which we though was just up the road. But it turned out to be about a 2 mile walk from where we'd had to leave the car. By the time we reached the shops it was very dark and we where all knackered, Daisy had fallen asleep on my shoulder and Molly was diffing off to on Ben's.

But we'd made it in one piece and now poor Ben had to fill up the petrol can and walk all the way back, while I started the shopping. Luckily Daisy slept for most of it and Molly helped me fill the trolley. So we'd got most of it done by the time Ben came back.
I popped in a couple of naughty treats into the trolley to cheer Ben up later. He'd need some tlc after this little lot.
Once back home and very late now, shopping away and girls tucked up in bed. Ben and I snuggled on the sofa with a hot cuppa and said to one another not to let the car run out of petrol ever again, it could of been so much worst. Even though at the time it felt pretty bad lol we where very lucky not to be stuck out in the middle of nowhere. Or rain or snow.
A lesson learned I think, always take a coat, blanket in the car and most of all fill the car up hehe!
Night night x
Catherine x

That naughty Nigella Lawson!

Well i have to say that naughty Nigella has done it again lol After watching her program on Monday night, Ben and i turned to one another and said well shall we?

And this is what we made, one lot of that very yummy, very naughty donut French toast. Probably not the best thing to be eating at 9'o clock at night. But it was so yummy we couldn't resist. For all you Nigella lovers give it ago. It's in her new book Express a bargain at half price in Waterstones. All you need is some, bread, eggs, vanilla, caster sugar, strawberry jam if you've not got fresh strawberries to blend, a bit of butter and a splash of milk. And away you go. I'm going to make some this weekend for the little ones to try. Bet it goes down a treat.

Play time for the girls the other night, as they trap Daddy in their little house. I don't know how they all fitted in. I think it's on it's last legs, as you can see the roofs come off and it's lost it's two window shutters. Isn't it true what they say, give a child a present and they'll put it to one side and play with the box hehe!
This week we've had to start using the naughty box for Daisy, as she's being a little madam. Here she is doing one of her favourite tricks. Standing on the dinning table talking on my old phone. It looks so cute but it scares the hell out of me every time she does it. So no more!. She is put onto the naughty box for one minute, until she learns not to do it. I tried just putting her down onto the floor and she thought it was a great game lol So it's time to get tough. :( sorry sweetie, but you'll thank me for it later in life.
Does anyone else have the same troubles with their little ones? Does the naughty box, step or cushion work for you?
Oh i had to share this with you. My darling Ben came home with my very own copy of Apples for jam. I screamed with delight and hugged him. I was very happy to take the loaned copy back to the library, so someone else can now get it and fall head over heels in love with it.
i will be passing this onto my girls when they grow and leave home. But for now I'll just cook as many of the gorgeous recipes from it as possible.
Thank you Ben your a real sweetie to me. x I love my little treats x

Bye for now.

Hugs for the rest of the week.

Catherine x

Monday, 15 October 2007

Yeay! my postman's back x

Thank goodness the postman's back. And look what dropped onto our mat this morning. This gorgeous little present for the girls grandma Celia.

Miss frog, we've named her. You can find her over at paper-and-string and lots more lovely items just like her. I'll be buying the cupcakes next, hoping Sarah will have some hanging ones for me. :)

I think the girls grandma will just love her, as she's frog mad lol

It's been a while since my last post, as normal I'm up to my eyes in it. And up most nights late painting hundreds of pegs, spoons and other items. I've just had the biggest order come in and what with the Christmas fair I have booked and stock for the library, this will be me for the next few weeks lol See photo below.

I am loving it. Everyday is a challenge to get items ready but I'm up for it and prepared. Isn't it amazing how things always come together. I enjoy working for myself and not having to answer to a big boss. I set the goals, tasks and deadlines. Leaving the rat race behind me was the best thing I could of ever done. Having more children and meeting Ben and now this little business of ours. I'm complete.

We had a nice weekend, even though the girls and now Ben have a cold, we still got out on Sunday. Ben had to work from home on Saturday. I went out down the town with just little Daisy. It was lovely to have a bit of just me and her time. She loved it and was so good. And Molly loved having her Daddy all to herself if only for a couple of hours. I think it did them good and showed them both how we share our love between them. And have no favourites.

So Sunday we got up nice and early and headed off for Lakeside. We didn't get any traffic and the shops where lovely and quiet. We got Molly's gorgeous pink boots, she photo above, some Peppa pig socks, a tube of Peppa pig figures for Daisy, some more stock to paint for me and this fabulous pink polka dot dust pan and brush. Just right for any domestic goddess. I had to laugh to myself as Ben went up and paid for it by himself. I just wondered what the cashier must of thought lol
Anyway as you can see the girls just love it and gave it a good test run and swept up the kitchen floor. Although Daisy just wanted to brush every ones hair with it lol the little monster.

Thank you Ben for buying it for us and keeping up my pink obsession. And putting up with it. You are the best. X

Today was lovely the girls got stuck into some drawing and gave me time to do my emails and sort out what needed posting. Now that we all can again.
Molly just loves to draw, I think she'll be giving us lots more beautiful pictures over the years to come.
And Daisy is following in her big sisters foot steps. I love the look on her little face, with her nummy on one side of her mouth. That's what we call her soother but sometimes it's hard to know if she's asking for Mummy not nummy lol and only she knows and gets cross if you get it wrong. Already she's showing us who's boss hehe.
Here are their master pieces, they now hang on the wall in the kitchen. I was so pleased when I typed in Peppa pig into the images page of google and found these. You just print them off and away they go. Just right for my two Peppa pig mad girlie's. It's all Daisy goes on about at the moment. Bless her she was over the moon when I let her get the tube of Mummy pig, Peppa and George from Mother care yesterday and hasn't put them down since. They have to go to bed in the little cot at the end of hers. lol The funny things we all do to keep them happy. And it's all worth it to see their little smiling faces. I just melt.
Later in the week I'll have a story about my oldest daugther who can work her magic on me and make me melt with that big smile and a please, just like the little ones do. I bet I'm not the only one who falls for that one!

I'll leave you all now with my new Christmas frame, she's called Noel and she's a cheeky little strawberry bird who's flown off with the baubles from my tree. Their is only one of her and she's for sale at £4.25 plus the P&P if any one's fallen for her charms, just drop me an email.

Night night to you all from this very sleepy head. Sweet dreams x


Catherine x

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Hair rising moments.

Going swimming for the first time with the girls was a bit of a hair rising time for Ben and I. My oldest daughter came with us and she helped out, she is very confident in the water and swims like a fish. I'm more of a just put my feet in and sit in the shallow end kind of Mum lol. Which was ok because the toddlers pool was only about half a foot high, just right for the little ones and me. They loved it, there was a slide, bubbles, climbing things and waves. And it wasn't to busy. So after about what seemed like 50 goes on the slide, Daisy climbed up onto a big dragon and that's where the first hair rising thing happened. I was right next to her but she slipped and banged her left cheek on one of the dragons humps, argh! I was waiting for the blood but she was very lucky and hadn't cut anything. Poor little mite, she screamed and had lots of hugs and magic kisses. After a while she had forgotten all about it. And playing bouncing up and down in the waves with her Daddy made it all better.

Once we'd all got showered and hair washed, we started to get the girls dry in the changing room and that's when accident number two happened and this one makes Ben and I cringe when we think about it. I'd thought ahead and brought along an old towel to put on the floor because they are always so wet and slippery. But poor Molly put one foot down off of the bench she'd been sitting on, missed the towel and went down splat, knees, hands and face hit the floor. I think the screaming could be heard in the next village. She had a big fat lip and a cut knee and was very scared by it all. But Daddy hugs, Mummy kisses and a whisper of sweeties from big sister Jade made her all better. And some chippies and chocolate and strawberry milkshakes in the cafe helped. So nerves and mess, one fat lip and bruised cheek we went home hoping that our next visit to the swimming pool would be a better one.
It took a while but I got most my stock into these cute pink boxes, I just need some more now. Yeay! trip to Ikea and maybe I can get that gorgeous glass cakestand. I'll keep you posted.
Hot cinnamon and brown sugar pears, just a little something I popped in the oven Sunday night as a yummy pud. It went down a treat after the roast pork chops and all the trimmings. I think that Jamie Oliver is doing something like it on the Sainsburys adverts, but as I can't stand him, I did my own version of it. I'm more of a Nigella and Gorden woman myself lol god what a snob I am hehe! So I just peeled, chopped, sprinkled and steamed in the oven and 10 mins later a yummy pud served with cold custard. Happy little ones and happy Ben.

We just seemed to have loads of pears this time in the fruit box delivery and I didn't want to waste them. I think I'll give a pear tart ago next time. Or something from Nigella's program. I have now found myself recording it just so I don't miss any yummy recipes. She's so funny, posh talking but as mad as a hatter hehe! and her house is just gorgeous. And I just love the way she eats everything. My kind of woman. Did you see the yummy cheats chocolate croissant she made on Monday, I'm going to have to make those. Anyone want to try one?

Well this was Tuesday, it just poured and poured. But it didn't stop us going out to baby bounce the girls had a great time and loved taking their umbrellas out. And I got some more good news. In the library there is a glass cabinet for all sorts of displays and because I'm not going to do a child's Christmas craft class (just not enough money in the funds) the lady that organises all that sort of thing and dealt with me last time, as arranged for me to display some of my stock in there and sell it for me. They of course will have a small % but it's a great library we use it all the time, so I'm more than happy for them to make something out of it too. I would hate for it to close or any library to close. They are just great places to go and I think we are all very lucky to have them. I always take in any old books I've finished with and they use them or sell them. It all helps.

So I thank Kim the library manger and hope to help and support them over Christmas. And look forward to putting together a pretty display and selling lots.

I'll leave you today with this sunny corner of our kitchen.

Yes the sun's shining and the washings out but the little ones have runny noses, so it's warm drinks, blankets, cuddles and calpol all round. Back soon hopefully feeling better.


Catherine x

Saturday, 6 October 2007

Double eggs, pie and snowmen!

You can image my surprise when I broke these eggs and two yolks came out lol I let out a scream and shouted "ooww come and look at this" I've never seen this before and couldn't believe it and there was 2 more just the same and 1 normal. Ben made me laugh when he asked are they safe to eat? well they where fine and tasted double yummy. Now do you think the last 2 eggs will be the same? We'll have to wait and see. As anyone else had mad eggs like these?
I'm very pleased with my first go at pie making, it was very easy and great fun. As a child I always loved rolling out the pastry and cutting out the shapes and the feel of it squashed between my fingers. I think that's why I still like the feel of playdoo, it brings back happy memories.
Here they are all cooked and ready to eat, yummy steak, mushroom, onion and ale pies.
We had them with oven chips, peas and carrots. Ben liked it so much that he took some to work the next day for his lunch and emailed saying he could get used to this lol
Hot meat pies or veggie ones just make me think of cold winter nights with yummy warming food. Not long now and we'll all be making mince pies and mulled wine, I can't wait, what about you?

Still on the Christmas theme, these little fellows are now live on the website.
There is a snowman on both sides and dotty tops, pack of 6 for £3.80 if anyone would like a pack or packs ;) please just email me or pop to the website for a look. Thanks x
After a fairly busy week I got sit down and recover this cute little Maileg ironing board for Molly. This one is hers but Daisy took a fancy to the little iron and ate a piece of the handle lol She'll eat anything the naughty madam. I'm sure I can give it a paint to bring it back to new. Molly loves how it looks now and has had her bunny ironing all morning, I'll try and get a photo to show you.
It was a lovely sunny day yesterday and was nice to have sometime in the garden. The girls played and ran around and I manged to take some photos for the website, just a few new bunnies and accessories ready for Christmas. I've used this lovely flowering bush as a back ground for a couple, I don't have a clue what it is, any ideas? It's just very pretty and looks bright and happy.
Lastly our little Daisy is now at the stage where she won't have a nap in the afternoon and she just keeps on going and going until she falls asleep on her feet. If I'd taped this it would of made a good you've been framed clip lol

I put her on the sofa after I took this photo and she napped away for at least half an hour and then off she went again. I don't know where she gets her energy from, I think I should bottle it, we'd make a mint hehe

Not sure what we're doing this weekend but they say the weathers going to be nice, so we'll have to wait and see.

Enjoy whatever you're all doing and catch you all soon.


Catherine x

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Meet Memphis, she says Meaow!

Yes I couldn't resist the gorgeous items that Tracy over at cupcakes at home bought from they have a lovely esty shop and even nicer website. But like Tracy warned try not to fall in love with them all lol. I did want to get a cute bunny but wasn't so keen on the one left on there, so I'm going to wait until she makes some more. I did get a card with a bunny on. And I'm not going to give it to just anyone. My girls are having it in a frame for their room. I couldn't part with it lol silly me.

To my delight the adorable Memphis kitten is just as cute in the flesh (well wool hehe) as in the her photos. Megan and her hit it off straight away.
And where soon cuddled up together on the back of the sofa. Megan says "yes another female in the house to keep those males in check" wink wink!
Next it was the girls turn to play and Molly settled her down in a nice pink basket cover with some milk, cookies and her little mouse.
I think Molly just loves her as she's played with her all afternoon, taking her in and out of their little house and sitting watching telly with her on her lap.
I'm sure I'll get time to have a go later when she's in bed lol

But for now as you can all see Memphis is happy and content.

Go on treat yourselfs.

Have a good evening, I'm off for my coffee and when make some more Christmas stock. New photos to show you all soon.


Catherine x

Monday, 1 October 2007

A nice weekend for all.

I love my headband, thank you Sarah from Pink-petal-designs. This photo is just for you. x
We had a very busy day on Saturday. Ben cut down my Gran's very large holly tree from her back garden and we cut it up into bits and took it off to the green dump. It was so tall and to much work for her to up keep, as she's 87 this month, I feel she's done the right thing by getting rid of it. Even if she was a little sad to see it go. Normally she's given loads of it away at Christmas time. But this years it's come out in berries to early and was just dropping all over the garden. So now it's gone the garden looks a lot lighter and she still has the tree stump to hang all the bird feeders from. After all our hard work, Granny included because she looked after the girls while I helped Ben. She treated us to a yummy fish and chips dinner, (sausage for Ben he hates fish lol) Thank you Granny you're just the best. x
Sunday morning we where woken early by the girls, 7.30am seems to be when they are full of beans. Ben had a little lay in while got breakfast on the go and a nice cuppa tea.
The day before I'd done my best smile and said Lakeside please :) So off we went about midday ish. Nothing in the Next 2 day sale, we stopped for a bit of lunch in the food court. Yummy pizza.
Then popped into my second home lol Ikea. I wanted to get some more pink storage boxes and a beautiful glass cake stand. No luck with that, I couldn't find one apart from a display one, wish I'd nabbed that one. But there is always a next time. Hehe! did you hear that groan? it was Ben, say oh no not again! please no! lol
He was a really sweetie and bought this gorgeous bedding, I saw it and just fell in love, it's so pretty and only £25 with 4 pillow cases. Bargain! Thank you honey. x
I did get the pink storage boxes, 2 lots but I should of got a couple more. Because as you can see from the photo below I've a lot of stock to sort. So I'm sure we'll go back soon and maybe I can get that cake stand then. Was that another groan? lol
Before coming home we made one last stop at the big book shop with Starbucks in it. And I treated Ben to a yummy strawberries and cream frap thingy and a mocha for me. The nice lady in there gave Molly and Daisy a free gingerbread man, because he was all broken. Bless it's nice getting something for nothing. Mind you ours drinks did come to over a fiver. But worth every penny. Yum. There was lots of good books but no time to stop and look, as we'd got there to late in the day. I'm sure we'll go back.
So a lovely weekend, of family, treats and smiles. Just what the doctor ordered. I hope you all had a lovely time to.
I just had to pop this photo of our cat Thomas, I court him in the week up on top of the kitchen cupboards. And I think his face just says it all. "Don't even think about getting me down" lol
What do you think he's thinking?
Have a good week.

Catherine x