Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Spring / Easter swap anyone?

I'm doing another swap and this ones all about Spring and all things Easter. This is one of my favourite times of year, the colours, new bulbs and flowers popping up everywhere and new life of baby lambs and chicks. So what a perfect way to show how much i love it by having a Spring/Easter swap ladies.
Rules are 5 items or more and they must be Spring and Easter related, lots of wonderful bright colours used, lets try and get out of this flaming grey, dull, snowy weather we're all stuck with.
There can be food items, handmade items, bought or given items you choose. Just have fun with it.
Leave me a comment on this post or your details via email and I'll pair you up and post partners on the 10th April.
I hope you all join in and the Easter bunny brings you lots of eggs this weekend xxx
Must hop now lol

Saturday, 27 March 2010

It's Daisy time, 4 today yeay!

Happy birthday little Daisy flower, wow 4 years old. It only feels like yesterday i was putting nappies on you and feeding you myself. Now look at you, this year sees you starting big girl school like your sister Molly. And she moves up to year one. Both my little ones not so little anymore boo hoo :(
I hope leaving playgroup won't be to sad for you, i know you're miss auntie Ali and auntie Gail the most. We can pop back to see them when ever you want little lady.
I'm not looking forward to that leaving do, it was hard enough at Molly's. It's a few months for now and you're going to have so much fun.
Today we took Daisy to one of her favourite places, Bager hill farm. And we fed the chickens and ate cream tea, yummy.

But before we left, Daisy blew out her 4 candles on her sheep cake i made.
Bless her she says it's a Timmy one, (for all of you that don't know who Timmy is he's a little lamb with a lot to learn lol) kids program!
Birthday cake for just after breakfast yummy. I wonder what cakes the girls will ask for next. I think I'm setting myself high standards lol
It 20.34 now and Daisy has only just gone off to bed, very excited and full of sugar lol just what 4 year olds should be like. Happy happy birthday little lady, i hope you remember today and cherish the fun we've had. Lots of cards, presents, cake, cuddles and love.
Love you flower x
Mummy, Daddy, Molly and big sister Jade x x x x

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Mothering Sunday

My mothering Sunday started with 3 gorgeous cards, two handmade and one very carefully chosen.

Flowers and butterflies.
And not only one but two lots of beautiful Spring flowers. Thank you mini cupcakes x x x

And big cupcake treated me to a film, Marley and me. With my favourite actress Jennifer Aniston. (who big cupcake says i look ever so a little like) yer! i wish lol Thank you sweetie x x x
Now I was a very lucky mummy indeed because it was lambing weekend over at Hadlow college, so off we went. Just look at the gorgeous lambs awaiting there for us (not just us the 100 or more other people that went that too lol). This little girl was my favourite, isn't she sweet.

As you know our cupcakes are farming crazy and we will one day own our very own smalling holding, where we can grow veg, bring up lambs, have chickens and i can run my business and make it grow into something bigger. For ours and their future.
Miss Molly was so at home feeding the lambs and just got stuck in. (sorry to the little one in the red coat, you just wouldn't move lol) Molly's the one in the CK dress and dress cardie, oh how she's got taste hehe!
And here are Daisy and Jade, this little lamb thought that if he sucked on Jade's fingers long enough he'd find some milk in there lol i did have to pat Jade down to make sure she'd not popped the lamb under her coat, she was really taken with it.
It was truly a wonderful day for me, i was has happy as a pig in muck lol
Being there makes me feel even stronger about never eating lamb in my life again. I have only had it about 4 times and a couple of them wasn't through my own choice. I just didn't want to be rude after someones been to all that effort in cooking a Sunday roast for you. And inviting you there. (i didn't have the heart to say sorry i don't eat this).
But i hold my hand up and pledge NEVER to eat lamb again. They are beautiful and intelligent creatures.
And even after watching lambing live with the wonderful Jim and Kate Beavan, knowing how well looking after and cared for the lambs for meat produce are. And understanding they are not raising fields full of pets, but it's their lively hood. I found watching Jim explain how he felt about choosing the lambs that go to slaughter a very heart felt and honest answer. After all he's right they don't want for anything and have everything. He's helped bring them into the world, cared, fed and looked after them. And produced an excellent quality meat. I just couldn't bring myself to eat it. I'd never looked at it in this way before. But people that grow fruit and veg, like Mr cupcakes. Plant the seed, watch it grow in to seedlings, feed and water it and it grows into a prize tomato for eating or selling. That is how Jim sees his lambs. Giving them the best quality of life to produce the best quality meat. Simple really.
I wish all our meat and poultry was raised in the same free range and caring way. What a better place it would be.
Help support a couple of wonderful charities, just click the links Compassion in world farming and this wonderful couple who are working hard to preserve livestock and wildlife native to the highlands of Scotland. Caithness rare breeds

Look at this lovely little lady, i know i just couldn't even think of mint sauce. Could you?

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Happy Mothers Day x

Love you Mummy and miss you lots, wish you where closer so i could get my Mothers day cuddles for real. Thank you for my little parcel of goodies, you are naughty. You see ever year my Mummy sends me a gift for being a great Mum to my 3 girls and keeping them safe until the next she gets to see them. Thank you Mum its means a lot to me. I hope the card turned up, flaming Royal mail. Some extra treats for you next week. xxx
I hope all of you enjoy a wonderful day with loved ones and family, whether it be in person, by phone, text or web cam. Have a lovely time. x
We're off to see the lambing day here in Kent and I can't wait. The suns shining and I've been woken with gifts of flowers, Dvd's, handmade and shop bought cards.
But the biggest gift of all was the cuddles and kisses lol xxxxxxxxx money can't buy those X

Saturday, 13 March 2010

I want to learn the dance to this now lol

Well done Rufus Hound. Let's dance was so much fun, i loved watching it. It made me want to get up and dance too lol

Dig deep and donate Sport relief every bit helps x

My oldest Jade is doing a 3 legged race for a mile, well done honey. We're proud of you.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Bringing a little sweetiness to the day

I don't know about you but I'm sick to the back teeth with this flaming grey cold weather, so today i sat down at my computer and said no more. Today's going to be a happy, bright and full of cakes. Just ones to look for me, they are the best kind to keep the pounds off lol

Hope this has brightened your day a little and turned your heads away from the grey clouds outside. Have a lovely weekend.
Back soon with another guessing game and a Easter swap.
With love,

Friday, 5 March 2010

Mum's the word x

A mothers day special, 14th March is just around the corner. So i thought I'd share with you a few little items that would make any mummies day a smiley one.

Mum hanging hearts with pretty white flower and polka dot detail on reverse £2.50 + p&p each. And I love you mummy pegs £7.00 + p&p a pack double sided. Both available on NOTHS (click the word to visit).
Handmade mothers day cards all using vintage millinery velvet flowers and birds. Glitter card with Pansy £4.50 each + p&p available at Mollycupcakes only.
Pink vintage velvet bird and hand drawn flowers mothers day card. £4.50 +p&p available at Mollycupcakes only.
Pretty bluebird in vintage velvet and hand drawn flowers. £4.50 + p&p available at Mollycupcakes only.
Happy mothers day pegs with dotty and daisy design, double sided £7.00 + p&p available at NOTHS and Mollycupcakes

I hope you see something you think your mummies would like, please email me if you have other questions of would like something made in a different colour.
Have a lovely weekend, fingers crossed the suns shines on us all.
With love,

Monday, 1 March 2010

Who dunnit revealed

It was miss Mollycupcakes herself lol when asked why did you eat the icing off of mummy's display cupcake, she said "because it tasted good" hehe! what could i say to that!

Out of 22 of you only 2 clever ladies guessed Molly.

We still popped them into the mixing bowl but I have decided to send you both a cupcake treat.
Well done Alison from Vintage Amethyst x (Molly's very excited and full of sweets lol).
And congratulations to Pink Lady please could you email me you're details and I'll pop you're cupcake treat in the post.
I have to say that was fun doing a blog like that, I might make it a every 3 months who dunnit. Not that our house is full of little naughties lol
Thanks for playing.
With love.