Thursday, 29 January 2009

Get well soon Little Granny

Bless my little Gran, she's having a rubbish time of it. A nasty abscess came up last week and she ended up in hospital for 2 days. and now it's been removed she has to go through the pain of having it cleaned out and packed again everyday for the next 2-3 weeks. They've given her lots of medication to help with the pain but it still hurts like hell.
And worse of all is that we can't visit because the little cupcakes won't understand that they couldn't run and cuddle her like they usually do. So it's lots of phones calls and well wishes from here.
Get well soon little Gran, you mean the world to us. Love you x

Thanks for all you're fabulous comments on my Chicken out post, it's lovely to hear that so many people care for the welfare of our animals and birds. Did you all see the saving British bacon one last night. It was an eye opener. Always check the label. And lets keep it British.

Have a lovey weekend and keep warm it's going to be a cold one. Brrrr!

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Oh how i hate Tesco

Chicken Out! Campaign Sign-up
Sign up here x x x

And help make a change to the lives of 1000's of chickens. And stop Tesco right in their tracks with your support. Together we can stop over crowed chicken sheds. A typical chicken shed holds 40,000 birds, would you want to live your last 39 days in there? It’s not nice – but it’s certainly cheap.
And THAT is how Tesco can afford to offer you two whole birds for a fiver...

There is another way…

Is it worth the extra? It’s down to you.
You can boycott cheap chicken. You can demand better welfare standards from your supermarket. Or you could make a pledge to always buy a free range bird for the family roast.

Support our Chicken Out! Campaign and sign up NOW for a Free Range Future!


Friday, 23 January 2009

A very long post indeed.

Two big thank yous for the lovely awards, I'm very touched by them. Thank you for thinking of me, Alex and April you are both honey-pies and i wish you lots of happy cupcake moments for 2009 x

I will be passing them both onto the following bloggy lovelies:

Thrifty Mrs Fiona Gingham&Roses Kelly LastdayofMay Claire Elfie&Me

Donna Flower Jane PetticoatLane Anna AllThingsLovely
Tracy CupcakesatHome Claire SerendipityLovesNewYork Julia VintageHeaven

Kim RaggedRoses Alison VintageAmethyst Sara Allabouteden

Vanessa JustOriginal Right well that's 14 of you 7 for each award I got but really I want to give both of them to everyone in my Blogs i love to read and everyone that leaves me comments.

Oh my i have also been tagged by Victoria Plum thanks honey. So here are 6 random things about me!

1) I have a slight bit of OCD, if the knifes & forks are all mixed up i just have to sort them into the right places and face them the same way. Argh! Ben comes along and messes them all up. lol Just for a laugh (eyes rolling, men!).

2) I love everything pink but never ever wear it. I'd like to but I'd end up looking like a marshmallow.

3) I have a Bonne Maman jam jar full of tiny paper hearts and dots from the hole punchers, i just can't seem to throw them away and have to keep them in a jar. Maybe i could use it as confetti? lol

4) I can't knit, not one single bit. I'd love to do it and sit making hats, mittens and scarfs for everyone.

5) I own 33 pink storage boxes, you know the ones from Ikea. It's all for Mollycupcakes of course and not just because I'm barking lol I do look at them sometimes and think are they breeding over there in that corner lol

6) I love to cook for people and am the first to offer when cupcakes or other such treats need supplying. And i can't wait to get all the food sorted out for our own wedding, I've already got some ideas for the fruit cupcakes and wedding cake shaped cookies.

Not sure who to pass this on to really as i know a lot of you have already been tagged, just have ago if you feel like it and let me know. X

A short while ago someone and please forgive me but i can't for the life of me remember who it was, asked about the girls home made cooker. Well here it is. Just a storage box from good old Ikea, some black sticky back craft foam and gorgeous old looking handles from Homebase. And you have yourself a cute little cooker with storage space inside.

As you can see the cupcakes are cooking up a storm for Mr Bunny lol he's their first customer of the day.

While I'm talking about those cupcakes of ours, Daisy thought to herself that all the snow had gone from outside and that made her sad, so she created her own in their bedroom lol (yer thanks for that Daisy) at least it smells nice lol

Last weekend saw us with another member to the family. Jade's best friend Charlotte came to stay. The girls headed off shopping on the Saturday and on the Sunday we all went off to Hastings. And it was cold brrrr! Here is Daisy getting a big cuddle from Charlotte, she'd just woken up from the drive and no one else would do. Charlotte most defiantly has a way with children, it's what she wants to do after school. We'll give you a babysitting job any day. Daisy took a real shine to her, bless.

While Daddy was off getting bags of chips for all of us, we popped into the seafront arcade to keep warm. And the cupcakes high jacked this ice-cream van lol 99 anyone?

After sitting on a sheltered seafront bench enjoying our piping hot chips followed by a bag of sugar doughnuts Yum, thanks Ben for the treats they where just what the doctor ordered. We all started walking towards the old pier but decided that it was far to cold for walking along there so made our way across the road and off to the old part of Hastings, down a back street which was filled with little book, junk, cafes and sweet shops. And was out of the ever so cold wind.
This little sweetie shop was here when i was Molly's age and still here 30 years on. In pile the girls followed by Daddy who was paying lol
A bag of sweets each later and it was my turn for treats lol and off to my favourite shop in Hastings, Roberts Rumage. It's full to bursting with old vintage loveliness. And i was good this time and only came out with a lilac cotton wooden reel, 15p won't break the bank. Off down another road full of junk and vintage shops, then it was off to the beach.
We must be crazy is all i can say and thank goodness it wasn't raining as well. It blew away a few cobwebs and a little more i can tell you lol

Just look at that sea, wow it was ruff. But beautiful at the same time.

Ben and i snuggled for a photo and thought we'd be cheeky, just look at our tongues lol they are blue not from the cold but a yummy sweet from that shop. Blarrr!
Back in the car everyone soon warmed up and was falling asleep, apart from Ben of course. A fab day had by all, if somewhat chilly. Who says the seaside can't be fun in the Winter.

A new week sees Molly making this cool robot and chasing Daisy around the room with it. Awww sisters.

It's Friday now and I'll leave you with my new favourite song, hope it chills you as it does Ben and i.
Have a good weekend, many hugs.

Monday, 19 January 2009

How to bring a bit of happiness to the world, why get people dancing of course lol

Just sit back and watch this. The first time i saw it on the telly, i jumped up and starting dancing. It made me smile for the rest of the evening.
Amazing to see how people just came together an forgot all the crap in the world.
Please enjoy. My favourite bit is the old lady dancing to Do You Love Me, that could be my Granny, she'd join in. Shake it Grandma lol
Well done T-mobile life truly is for sharing.

Sorr i couldn't get the youtube thingy to work this time, butjust click on the link and you can watch it.

Catherine x

Monday, 12 January 2009

The postie left lots of treats...

...For the soon to be Mr & Mrs. A lovely lady with the biggest kind heart left me a comment saying that she was sitting looking at one of those Ikea birds i am after for the top of our cake stand and that if i wanted it, she'd happily send it to me. But that's not all she put in with it this beautiful hand sewn Mr & Mrs picture which i just love sooo much, a little book of wedding favours, this pretty cupcake idea is in it and tells you all about the meaning of giving favours and throwing confetti.

There was also a lovely letter with stitching around the edges and a gorgeous lavender heart, filled with the lavender she had at her own wedding. So something old and something new all in the one beautiful item. I was nearly in tears with all of these lovely gifts, one lady's kindness brought me so many smiles. Thank you so very much Steph good things happen to good people so you're be getting you're reward very soon.
You can find more of Steph's beautiful hand made items on here at Mad Mummy designs. Well worth a look, lots of cute things for little people.

And here she is the birdie with no name, perched on top of our soon to be wedding cake stand, isn't she the cutest thing? it would of driven me and the whole cupcake house crazy if i didn't get one. I was starting to feel the sort of OCD i get when I've lost something. I don't really know why i love her so much, i just do. And smile now every time i look at it. I guess with all that's going on in the world, we all need a little bit of sunshine in ours lives and mine is planning and getting together items and prices for which will be one of the best days of ours lives. I hope sharing bits of it with all of you wonderful bloggers puts a smile on you're faces too.

It was a double treat from the postman, my beautiful friend Tracy sent this box of yumminess for me and the cupcakes. It is brimming with pinkness. The cupcakes where so excited they could hardly contain themselves lol Thank you honey for such a loveliness. ( and yes nearly all the strawberry pencils have gone). I had to put them up so little hands could not help themselves, that included Mr cupcake lol
Thank you all for the comments and support you keep leaving, it means a lot.
And yes if anyone else finds a box of Ikea birdies, I'll buy them or swap for something yummy off my website. Just drop me a line x
Back soon with an award from Yeovil at Pink feather paradise, thanks sweetie i will be handing it out to 7 more fabulous bloggers, it's just so hard to choose.

With love,

Friday, 9 January 2009

Our mini Nigella, a light dusting of snow and some Christmas crafting

Eat your heart out Nigella, watch out here comes miss Molly. And look what she made, well with a little help from her Mummy. We must of made about 36 of them and i have to say they tasted so much yummier because of Molly's help. Poor Daisy missed out on making these because she was fast asleep on the sofa full of a cold and Calpol, bless. We gave the lovely ladies and Tony at the cupcakes playgroup a box of these all wrapped up with a pink bow and some naughty green and blacks cookies. Just to say merry Christmas and thank you to them. I think I'll be making more this year and giving them as yummy gifts. I was so happy how they looked all wrapped up in a box. A nice little treat.
Here is our light dusting of snow, it made everything look so pretty.
My mother's day tulips are just poking their heads up through the snow, i can't wait for them to come out, oh how i love the Spring time. Every things new and full of life and everywhere looks so beautiful. Roll on the Springtime...
Tiny footprints in the snow lol they almost look like the moo cow has got up a walked off. (that's what under the pile of snow and he's looking a little green lol).
Well it took a few days for it to melt and the cupcakes and i jumped in ever bit of snow left on the ground on our walk to playgroup but sadly it's left us now. Oh how i wish we could get the sort of snow Ben and i remember getting as kids, so thick it lasted for days and you could build snowmen and go sleighing in it. I'd love the cupcakes big and small to enjoy the kind of fun we both had as children when the snow came.
I thought I'd share with you our cupcakes first Christmas decoration creations from playgroup. They both came home everyday with something new and i had such joy in hanging them in our front window. These will be treasured forever more.

I love that Mr Snowman has his hat upside down lol me thinks he's been at the mulled wine lol
This year brings a few new changes the biggest one being Molly starting big girl school in Sept. It seems a million miles away now but i know it will be here sooner than later. Daisy will be 3, hopefully leaving the terrible two's behind her, Jade will turn 14, two more years closer to the big 16 and making choices of staying at or leaving school and well Ben and i who knows, we might be planning our wedding for sometime this year. Have to see how the pennies go. I don't want a big thing just family and close friends. Reg office, pretty photos by the castle, nice dresses for the cupcakes and a little do back here at home in the garden. Bunting hanging, cupcakes baked, bubbly on ice and some music. Awww perfect. I'm planing things in my head already and have lots of money saving ideas for a wonderful day.
Wishing you all a lovely weekend and hoping no one else is struck down by this mean old bug that's going around, it seems everyone I've spoken to has had it. I've been a lucky bunny and only had a day or 2 with a tummy thing and little cold. I must be strong as an ox lol just hope i don't look like one hehe! i know i ate to much food this Christmas, well someone had too finish it off.
Catherine x

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Home Sweet Home

Your Home Says That You Feel Settled and Calm
You don't come across as very intellectual or serious. You seem like a bit of a goofball.

You have amazing hygiene, and it shows. You are sparkling clean!

You are a very domestic person. You enjoy decorating, cooking, and making things homey.

You are a very nurturing person. You find meaning in taking care of others.

You feel settled in your life. You have enough time to focus on little details.

You are a very self sufficient person. You can get along well without much help.

Your friends see you as honest, humble, and responsible.

I enjoyed doing this test, I am indeed settled and calm here, more than I've ever been anywhere.

Thanks Shabby Chick for this one. Happy new year.


Catherine x

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

What does you're cupcake say about you? I'm loveable x

Your Cupcake Says You Are Lovable
At parties, you tend to be a social butterfly. You enjoy making conversation and making sure everyone is having fun.

You hardly have any restraint. You only hold yourself back when absolutely necessary.

The most important thing in your life is love.

You are laid back, flexible, and easy to get along with. To know you is to care for you.
The Cupcake Test

Thanks for this fun cupcake test April, now which one are you? go on have ago.

Catherine x

Ps, still no luck with the bird from Ikea, but Manchester store still says they have about 40 packs of them left. So if anyone is going that way, please think of me xxx I only want 1.