Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Oh how i hate Tesco

Chicken Out! Campaign Sign-up
Sign up here x x x

And help make a change to the lives of 1000's of chickens. And stop Tesco right in their tracks with your support. Together we can stop over crowed chicken sheds. A typical chicken shed holds 40,000 birds, would you want to live your last 39 days in there? It’s not nice – but it’s certainly cheap.
And THAT is how Tesco can afford to offer you two whole birds for a fiver...

There is another way…

Is it worth the extra? It’s down to you.
You can boycott cheap chicken. You can demand better welfare standards from your supermarket. Or you could make a pledge to always buy a free range bird for the family roast.

Support our Chicken Out! Campaign and sign up NOW for a Free Range Future!



Katy said...

2 chickens for a fiver - that is shocking (they have to be awful, surely?)

I don't shop at Tesco....apart from to buy Cath Kidston bags, can I still buy them? Please? (I do only buy eat from my local farm, and haven't eaten battery farmed chickens for years)

Katy said...

that's I only buy MEAT obviously. Duh.

Kathy said...

Hi Catherine, I know it is awful isn't it. I love in Axminster where HFW River Cottage is and where the first chicken out was set and I even know "Hayley" - she is actually a really sweet person who used to help out in a Charity Shop that a local Primary School had in the town. I haven't purchased battery chickens/hens/chicken products for years now - My dad has a farm and he purchases hens from the Battery hen Trust (ex battery hens) and if you saw the state of them when they arrive at the farm, you would never eat a battery chicken ever again. I think Free Range is the way to go, not even the "RSPCA" ones have that great a life, never seeing the outside and the feel of grass. Terrible. Apparently there is going to be a program about intensive pig farming this week too. Again, just buy British and read the labels! Kathy

Shabby Chick said...

Hi Catherine

Thanks for the link, I will have a good read. I have to admit I have buried my head in the sand a bit over the chicken issue but I must find out more about it.

Just saw your lovely goodies in Salisbury Tourist Information centre by the way... I knew those pretty kids baking sets a mile off!

Mel xxx

Thecraftytrundler said...

So do I Catherine. It's a pity more people stopped buying this awful stuff, and make them change their ways!
I think the CK bags are great though!!! At least money is raised for a very worthwhile charity. Pity Tesco's didn't give them a higher percentage though.

Sharon xx

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I watched the original programme and Jamie's programme about eggs, I don't buy any cheap chicken any more, I only buy a free range whole chicken once in a while, I understand that free range will cost more, so I bite the bullet and pay, it taste sooo much better. I am trying to get back to the old fashioned view that you don't have to eat meat with every meal, plus I buy my eggs locally now from a lady who has some hens... I am thinking of getting some of my own too!
x Alex

Shabby Chick said...

No problems with the mention, it was just so great to see the talents of people I know from blogging recognised! They are good in that TIC, they win an award just about every year! I hope they take on more of your stock too.

If you'd like me to send you one of the postcards I will get you one next time I'm in town, if you email me your address to melbusybee@gmail.com. I didn't see pink but they did have duck egg.

Mel xxx

April said...

I stopped buying cheap chicken a long time ago and only ever buy my meat from an excellent local butcher - yes it's more expensive
- yes it's a bit of a trek
- yes, yes, yes it is totally worth it!

We now eat less meat but it is much better quality - same goes for eggs!

April xx

Little Knitter Gem said...

We always try to buy organic meat - or at the very least free range - the same with eggs. If we cant find either, we go without. But it's not just Tesco. At least they do offer a range of free range and organic chicken. I was in ASDA the other day, and not only were they doing a massive "promotion" by the front doors on their battery eggs (which amazingly had flocks of people picking them up and putting them in their trolleys), but the only chicken they had was three long shelves full of intensively reared chickens. We eventually found ONE free range corn fed chicken, after a LOT of searching. They have always been appalling for offering well-reared meat. :(

Gemma x x

Ragged Roses said...

Well done you Catherine!!! Thanks so much for writing this post, it's shocking to think what's happening to animal "welfare" at the moment.

thriftymrs said...

I've signed up. It makes me so angry. I hate Tesco. I saw three chickens for £7 in there not long ago. Wtf?

Oh and I couldn't possibly take you up on your offer but it is terribly, terribly sweet of you to offer and I'm very, very touched.