Monday, 12 January 2009

The postie left lots of treats...

...For the soon to be Mr & Mrs. A lovely lady with the biggest kind heart left me a comment saying that she was sitting looking at one of those Ikea birds i am after for the top of our cake stand and that if i wanted it, she'd happily send it to me. But that's not all she put in with it this beautiful hand sewn Mr & Mrs picture which i just love sooo much, a little book of wedding favours, this pretty cupcake idea is in it and tells you all about the meaning of giving favours and throwing confetti.

There was also a lovely letter with stitching around the edges and a gorgeous lavender heart, filled with the lavender she had at her own wedding. So something old and something new all in the one beautiful item. I was nearly in tears with all of these lovely gifts, one lady's kindness brought me so many smiles. Thank you so very much Steph good things happen to good people so you're be getting you're reward very soon.
You can find more of Steph's beautiful hand made items on here at Mad Mummy designs. Well worth a look, lots of cute things for little people.

And here she is the birdie with no name, perched on top of our soon to be wedding cake stand, isn't she the cutest thing? it would of driven me and the whole cupcake house crazy if i didn't get one. I was starting to feel the sort of OCD i get when I've lost something. I don't really know why i love her so much, i just do. And smile now every time i look at it. I guess with all that's going on in the world, we all need a little bit of sunshine in ours lives and mine is planning and getting together items and prices for which will be one of the best days of ours lives. I hope sharing bits of it with all of you wonderful bloggers puts a smile on you're faces too.

It was a double treat from the postman, my beautiful friend Tracy sent this box of yumminess for me and the cupcakes. It is brimming with pinkness. The cupcakes where so excited they could hardly contain themselves lol Thank you honey for such a loveliness. ( and yes nearly all the strawberry pencils have gone). I had to put them up so little hands could not help themselves, that included Mr cupcake lol
Thank you all for the comments and support you keep leaving, it means a lot.
And yes if anyone else finds a box of Ikea birdies, I'll buy them or swap for something yummy off my website. Just drop me a line x
Back soon with an award from Yeovil at Pink feather paradise, thanks sweetie i will be handing it out to 7 more fabulous bloggers, it's just so hard to choose.

With love,


Shabby Chick said...

How gorgeous! Love all those things, they're lovely. I think fellow bloggers do restore your faith in human nature sometimes :)

So glad you got your birdie too, your wedding is going to be beautiful, I can't wait to see how it all pans out.

mel xxx

jules said...

what a lovely lot of gifts, especially the little bird for your cake. Looking forward to all the news as you build up to your special day

love jules xx

Pink Feather Paradise said...

What lovely goodies, there is every possibility that you are going to get alot of little wedding gifts from your blogland friends over the coming months.... It is a well documented fact that giving gifts makes you feel so happy.

We could all do with happiness at the moment! lol

X Alex

Shabby Chick said...

By the way I always forget to say that I love your blog hamster and I always feed him :-D

Mel xxx

MaryPoppins said...

What a lovely and thoughtful thing to do, and bring you so much happiness, I can see why you love your little bird so much it is so pretty :)

Good Luck for the big day :)


April said...

Hi sweetie, there's an award for you on my blog

April xx

Anonymous said...

Ooh what lovely things! I'm new to your blog and love pretty things, and I grew up in Rochester :) I live just outside of Brighton now and love it to bits.

Victoria Plum said...

I've tagged you on my blog - have a look, I hope that you will want to join in!

saraeden said...

Hi honey i haven't had chance to post it yet , it will be on its way soon x x

Sara x

Ellie said...

Hi Catherine - just thought I would let you know I have finished the wedding invite sample and it will be posted tomorrow, first class. The original invite is designed exclusively for you, using the birdie illustration. Let me know your thoughts. It was great to talk about your wedding and has inspired me to collect my wedding thoughts!