Monday, 30 June 2008

The big bang!

Picture this I was sitting happy reading out in the garden and for once there was only the noise of school children playing in the distance and the sound of Molly and Daisy playing a shopping and baking game in the living room. Awww lovely I though to myself as I sipped some more of my 3rd coffee of the day.

Then all of a sudden the loveliness was broken by the sound of a loud thump and then screams from Daisy. Rushing into the living room I was faced with this sight.

Daisy had grown an egg on her little forehead just above her right eye. You can imagine my horror at the size of it (photo taken once it had gone down a lot). At it's biggest it must of been the size of a large egg and all purple in the middle too.
But after some much needed cuddling, kissing and singing (ok and a sweetie lol) She was calm enough to sit with Molly on the sofa while I checkout what to do on line. Now I knew what to do when this happened at the after school club I used to work at but when it's you're own little flower, I wanted to be doubly safe. So far I'd done everything right, now she needed a cold pack on it. And it had to be a pretty looking one, so a Cath Kidston red polka dot tissue, sandwich bag and frozen peas and hey pres toe girlie cold pack was given the thumbs up all round lol

20 minute's later and with some help from trainee nurse Molly and two spoonfuls of good old Calpol. Daisy was looking and feeling a lot better and running around again. Big sigh of relief from Mummy cupcakes.
I'm still not to sure what happened exactly but they both said it was the living room doors fault and she gave it a good smack and telling off lol
So I think she must of ran into the edge of it, how I just don't know and think I never will.
The good thing is that she is back to her happy, bouncy self and just has a tiny bruise to show she's been in the wars. I'm sure this won't be her last bump and bruise as she's always first to climb up on things and rush around at 60 miles an hour. We think she should of been a boy lol
I can just see her now in years to come making mud pies and playing with cars. Just like I was a little tom boy, grubby face and bruised knees hehe! We wouldn't have her any other way.
Big kiss little one (now calm down).
Catherine x

Friday, 27 June 2008

Thank you's all round x

Many thanks for all your lovely helpful comments about Molly going to playgroup. I'm still feeling uneasy about it all but these little feet will be walking off to one very soon. I am looking very hard into finding the right place for her. Small church or village hall ones are what I'm after. Something like what I went to.
I remember the days of milk in mini glass bottles with a straw and scalloped edged rich tea finger biscuits. And playing with hula hoops and space hoppers lol
I was very lucky to go to a village hall playgroup owed and run by my godmother and little Gran. So settling in was easy as I already felt safe and happy. I just hope I can find the same sort of place for Molly.
I do still get a lump in my throat when thinking about it, our little cupcake is growing into a big cupcake and will be left home and married before we've even blinked. It's so important to hold onto all the memories, that is why I love having this blog to share them all with you. Because I can go back into it and show them every detail of their early years.

Thank you again all you lovely, lovely ladies. Knowing I have friend like you to turn to helps me see things in a different light. And not just my silly Mummy I don't want to let her go out into the big mean wide world light.

Many hugs.

Catherine xxx

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Capturing the castle.

A few Saturday's ago we all drove off to Bodiam Castle near Hawkhurst. We'd driven past it lots of times and never had time to stop. So being the day before Father's day I though it would be nice to make a weekend of Daddy treats and go places he's wanted to go for a while.

So after a quick photo or two, it was off to the castle cafe for a point of lunch. And to fill our bellies ready for the adventure ahead. Climbing towers and fighting off knights and dragons lol

We ate outside because it was a lovely sunny day and where joined by lots of these little cuties. She was so friendly that I could feed her by hand. There was a tiny blue tit hopping around but it won't stay still long enough to get any photos. But as you can see this little Miss Sparrow was a real poser. "I'll take my payment in crumbs please" lol
Daisy made us all laugh when she dropped a piece of her bread roll and it was carried off by a group of sparrows and she cried and shouted "you naughty pigeons" lol bless her.
Once we'd left the cafe Daisy wasn't taking anymore chances of losing her bread roll and held on to it tight so no more birdies could get it.

Knight Ben stopping for a photo moment. Before returning to his princess Mollycupcakes who awaits him in the castle lol
This way Daddy stop posing!
Quack! "tickets please" if you've not got one then you're not coming in hehe!

Once across the draw bridge, we started to climb the stairs for the first tower, which was not as easy as it looks. We got so far and I had to come down with Daisy as she is a wriggler and trying to climb spiral stairs up was hard enough without having an octopus in my arms. Ben had ago but got all dizzy bless him. Safely back on ground he waited while myself, Jade and Molly went on up.
The view was amazing. Even the ducks came up to have a look lol (that's the little dot on the turret). Click and have a look lol

We explored and came back down so I could play with Molly and Daisy and Ben could go back up with Jade and have a look for himself. I'm not the best with highs so was happy with my feet firmly on the ground lol Hello up there!
It was a lovely day and we all enjoyed ourselves. So much so that Ben has now joined us to the National Trust for a year. Watch this space for more fabulous castles, houses, gardens and parks.
On father's day we all packed up the car ready to spend the day at Whitstable but it didn't go to plan, as the car had a small fault on it as we set off and we turned back around and came home. Ben had to drop the car off at the garage and make his way back. So I took the girls off again on the train and we ate more chips on the beach and enjoyed the sun.
Poor Daddy Ben missing out on all the fun but he didn't seem to mind as we'd had a fabulous time the day before.
These things just happen when you don't want them too, that's life is what Ben said. It's lovely knowing he wasn't cross and the car was all fixed the next day. Heyho there is always next year.
So I'll be planning extra treats for him to make up for it.
Catherine x

Tuesday, 24 June 2008


Happy birthday Mum x
Happy birthday Grandma x we love you lots.
Dear Viv have a fabulous day and enjoy a day out shopping and then watching Sex and the city. I've heard it's very good.
We're come up and see you soon.
Many happy returns. Lots of love xxx
Catherine x

Thursday, 19 June 2008

A day out with Mummy.

On Tuesday I decided to take the girls off to Whitstable on the train for the day. The weather was just right not to hot or cold. Lovely sunshine with a light breeze. Perfect for the beach.
After looking around all the great little shops there. Stopping at the charity and fabric shop for more gorgeous buttons. And dropping in on the sweetie shop with an Aladdin's cave in the back of it. The girls came away happy with a new pink bucket each. Just the right size for little ones and ice-cream pictures on the sides. Happy faces, happy Mummy.

"My tummies rumbling Mummy" says Daisy "can you see it grumbling?" lol

So it's banana milkshake and chips for us all, yummy! There is nothing like chips with a bit of sand on the side (thanks Daisy). lol

Now for some playtime, collecting water in their buckets and pouring it all down the front of themselves lol (it's only water I told myself with sigh).

After lots of trips back and forth, Molly shouted out "look Mummy a crab" here he is Mr Crab lol I didn't have the heart to tell them he was dead :( poor crabby lol The girls where so happy that they'd found one and I had to make sure I got a good photo to show their Daddy. Then we popped him back into the water to float off. "Bye bye Mr Crab" they shouted. I said off he goes to find Mrs Crab lol they where happy to hear that.
A little bit more playing and sand pile building, the sea started to come in and it was time to make a move home. By the time I got to the train station Daisy was fast asleep but Molly was full of chit chat. Bless her, she saw the nursery on the other side of the station with all the children playing outside and said "look Mummy those are all my friends I'm going to play there with them soon" with a heavy heart I know our little Miss cupcake is at the age for playgroup and I must sort one out for her. Baby bounce is great fun but not enough now for Molly she wants to do big girl things (that's what she calls them) and I know I must let her go. It will be good for her and Daisy to have their own time. It' just so heart breaking because I've been so very lucky to have all the time in the world with the two them, something I've got so used too. Working from home is the best thing in the world for me because even when there are orders coming out of my ears, my time is set by me and no one else. And I relish every moment with them when I'm not painting or sewing. Playing games, sitting and reading, drawing, watching films, days out or just snuggle time.
I'm sure all my sad feelings will disappear when I see how happy Molly is in her new playgroup, I just need to find a lovely one. It's very hard to choose, we all want to wrap our little ones up in cotton wool and not expose them to the big wide world (sigh). I'm so scared for her.
Any tips?
Many hugs everyone x
Catherine x
Ps, Pink Green please pop me an email with your address as you're the other winner of the one year giveaway x

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Housework nightmares argh!

Wednesday mornings in the Mollycupcakes home is housework time, so out came the duster, hoover, other cleaning items and apron. Down cam the laundry basket and on went the washing.
But what is this I see? it's everywhere from the hallway door right across the living room floor....
... these little monsters. Just like Hansel & Gretel they'd left a trail of muesli lol not bread crumbs.
Oh the joys of having two toddlers hehe! what will they get up to next? Watch this space I'm sure they're planing something as we speak.
It was fun listening to the muesli get sucked up the hoover pipe and the room looks extra clean now, just like the fairies have been in and waved magic wands everywhere (oh hang on that's me! lol).

I've been seeing more and more of these lovely things on blogs, popping up all over the place. So I though I'd have ago at making one.
And here it is. My very own pink toad stall with button and bead polka dots. I love it and it was great fun sewing it together. The only thing I forgot to do is pop a little piece of cardboard in the bottom, so it's falls over a lot lol (a little like me in my younger years out drinking with my girlfriend's lol).
I'm keeping this one all for myself but might make some more for the craft fair in July. Watch this space.....
Many hugs.

Catherine x

Monday, 16 June 2008

LOL I'd make an average wife back then.


As a 1930s wife, I am
Average">Take the test!

Have a go and see how you'd do. Just a bit of fun lol.
Thanks for the site from Cake Makes The World A Better Place.

Back soon with more news of fun days at the beach.


Catherine x

Sunday, 15 June 2008


Happy father's day to our Daddy.

Feeling safe and cosy in your arms as babies to big feeling safe and snuggled in your arms as toddlers. We love you Daddy, you're the best.

A father is a friend to play with, relish and rejoice in. He'll bring smiles on your darkest of days.

Thank you Daddy for all the love, cuddles, fun, happiness, magic kisses and big smiles you bring.
Have a great day.
Happy father's day to all Dad's everywhere and especially mine love you lots X
Catherine x

Thursday, 12 June 2008

And the winners are?.....

First one out of the fabric box chosen by the lovely Miss Molly cupcake herself is......
Pink Green
And the runner up out of the box chosen by the sweetest Daisy flower is....

My Life and Other Beads
Very well done to Cathy and Kathy (how odd is that the girls choose two lovely ladies with the same name) spooky lol Drop me an email with your addresses please and I'll get your gifts off to you in the post. I know I said I'd pop a photo on here of what I'll be giving away but I'm so behind with things that I never got around to it (sorry ladies). It will be something very nice though I promise x

Thank you to everyone that took part in my little giveaway and sharing your favourite cupcake frosting/icing. It seems that lemon and chocolate are the most yummiest followed by good old butter icing. Ok now I'm hungry, off to get a coffee and piece of fruit. Yes I've started watching what I'm eating again as I've jumped to just over 10 stone and am feeling the extra weight :( it's surprising how that bit extra makes you feel so bad. And it's all on my tummy argh! the worst place to put it. But I'm not going to let it beat me, no,no! I will get back to my old self soon. And before Ben's Christmas work dinner, I want out look gorgeous for that, as it will be the first I've gone too since we've been together. Wish me luck. Anyone got a magic wand?
Many hugs.
Catherine x

Monday, 9 June 2008

We love you grandma come back soon

Last week Ben's Mum came to stay for a few days, Molly and I went to London on the Sunday to the Pulse trade show in Earls court, (great time with Molly she's now my number one sales rep lol). Anyway after finishing there we met up with Viv (that's Grandma) at Victoria Station and brought her home. And the girls took full advantage of having her here with lots of fun and singing games.

Luckily for us Ben had booked the next day off work and took us all down to a very drizzly Hastings. It didn't stop us having fun and the drizzle wasn't all the time.
Grandma didn't care about a bit of grey and damp skies, she was just happy to be with us at the seaside and enjoy sometime with the girls, Ben, myself and eat fish and chips yummy!

Which we did as soon as we got there and yummy double cod and chips for me and Viv and sausage and chips for Ben and the girls.

Bellies full we went off to the old town for a look around the fab shops there, sadly one of the really good ones with vintage china, eiderdowns, buttons etc... was closed on Mondays, a huge sigh was let out by me. As I spied lots of loveliness through the windows. Hey ho there is always next time. (Pretty please Ben x).

This little treasure was also closed. But I got a great photo and the opening times for future visits. Made in Hastings was open for business and I popped in with the girls to say hello. I'll be selling some of my very own in there over the next month or so. Exclusive ice-cream pegs and a couple of one offs. I had to put it all on hold last year as the little biz went full throttle and I really needed to grow another pair of hands to keep up with it all lol (anyone know a recipe? hehe!)
More news on when you can see in items in there coming soon, (can you tell I'm excited!).
And Molly is too, she just had to get in the photo and had great fun inside the shop, lots of pretty things to look and play with.

After doing the all the fabulous antique and junks shops in the old town, stopping at a great little place called Roberts Rummage. Floor to ceiling with everything you could think of. I bought some buttons and wooden cotton reels and could of stayed in there for hours lol but I didn't I had the family outside to think of and was only in there for a short while. This is definitely one I'll be coming back too. Bless the owner Robert he's just like someones old grandad a real sweetie.

Thank you lovely family for letting me indulge in my weakness of rummage shops. Now for fun by the sea. We spent ages just walking along the seafront and throwing pebbles in the sea. all the fishing boats behind us had been out and there was the left overs all up the beach, sting rays, cat fish, a few shrimp and lots and lots of crabs. All of which Daisy was scared of and ran screaming when she saw one lol

Molly on the other hand was very inquisitive and ooow and arrr's came from her, she even prodded and poked some of them (the crabs that is not the stinky fish). Yuk!

Down by the sea you can see how ruff is was but thankfully it wasn't cold. Very mild indeed just damp. And we made the most it.
Daisy thought about having a peddle but changed her mind when this came crashing towards her lol Run Daisy, run! Look how happy she is, just like her me as a little girl. Happiest on the beach.

So after a lovely one day we set off home all tuckered out and sleepy. Back home for a nice bit of tea and girls off to bed. Viv said off you both go then and have some couple time, this Grandma wants to babysit. So we popped out just to Bluewater and where I got some lovely new fabrics and pins from John Lewis, Ben picked some milk and razor's then on the way back a naughty McDonald's yum! Not the most romantic time but nice to have a little time together. Thanks Viv we all enjoyed your visit, we're come to you next in Cheltenham and raid Grandmas house lol

Don't forgot tomorrow is the last day of my one year anniversary giveaway, so pop on to the post and leave your comment and favourite flavour cupcake frosting/icing. Lemon seems to be winning at the moment, it's very popular. Our girls will pick out a winner on Wednesday afternoon. Good luck everyone and thanks for leaving all your lovely birthday wishes for my Daddy. He's very touched by your kindness.

Many hugs.

Catherine x