Monday, 9 June 2008

We love you grandma come back soon

Last week Ben's Mum came to stay for a few days, Molly and I went to London on the Sunday to the Pulse trade show in Earls court, (great time with Molly she's now my number one sales rep lol). Anyway after finishing there we met up with Viv (that's Grandma) at Victoria Station and brought her home. And the girls took full advantage of having her here with lots of fun and singing games.

Luckily for us Ben had booked the next day off work and took us all down to a very drizzly Hastings. It didn't stop us having fun and the drizzle wasn't all the time.
Grandma didn't care about a bit of grey and damp skies, she was just happy to be with us at the seaside and enjoy sometime with the girls, Ben, myself and eat fish and chips yummy!

Which we did as soon as we got there and yummy double cod and chips for me and Viv and sausage and chips for Ben and the girls.

Bellies full we went off to the old town for a look around the fab shops there, sadly one of the really good ones with vintage china, eiderdowns, buttons etc... was closed on Mondays, a huge sigh was let out by me. As I spied lots of loveliness through the windows. Hey ho there is always next time. (Pretty please Ben x).

This little treasure was also closed. But I got a great photo and the opening times for future visits. Made in Hastings was open for business and I popped in with the girls to say hello. I'll be selling some of my very own in there over the next month or so. Exclusive ice-cream pegs and a couple of one offs. I had to put it all on hold last year as the little biz went full throttle and I really needed to grow another pair of hands to keep up with it all lol (anyone know a recipe? hehe!)
More news on when you can see in items in there coming soon, (can you tell I'm excited!).
And Molly is too, she just had to get in the photo and had great fun inside the shop, lots of pretty things to look and play with.

After doing the all the fabulous antique and junks shops in the old town, stopping at a great little place called Roberts Rummage. Floor to ceiling with everything you could think of. I bought some buttons and wooden cotton reels and could of stayed in there for hours lol but I didn't I had the family outside to think of and was only in there for a short while. This is definitely one I'll be coming back too. Bless the owner Robert he's just like someones old grandad a real sweetie.

Thank you lovely family for letting me indulge in my weakness of rummage shops. Now for fun by the sea. We spent ages just walking along the seafront and throwing pebbles in the sea. all the fishing boats behind us had been out and there was the left overs all up the beach, sting rays, cat fish, a few shrimp and lots and lots of crabs. All of which Daisy was scared of and ran screaming when she saw one lol

Molly on the other hand was very inquisitive and ooow and arrr's came from her, she even prodded and poked some of them (the crabs that is not the stinky fish). Yuk!

Down by the sea you can see how ruff is was but thankfully it wasn't cold. Very mild indeed just damp. And we made the most it.
Daisy thought about having a peddle but changed her mind when this came crashing towards her lol Run Daisy, run! Look how happy she is, just like her me as a little girl. Happiest on the beach.

So after a lovely one day we set off home all tuckered out and sleepy. Back home for a nice bit of tea and girls off to bed. Viv said off you both go then and have some couple time, this Grandma wants to babysit. So we popped out just to Bluewater and where I got some lovely new fabrics and pins from John Lewis, Ben picked some milk and razor's then on the way back a naughty McDonald's yum! Not the most romantic time but nice to have a little time together. Thanks Viv we all enjoyed your visit, we're come to you next in Cheltenham and raid Grandmas house lol

Don't forgot tomorrow is the last day of my one year anniversary giveaway, so pop on to the post and leave your comment and favourite flavour cupcake frosting/icing. Lemon seems to be winning at the moment, it's very popular. Our girls will pick out a winner on Wednesday afternoon. Good luck everyone and thanks for leaving all your lovely birthday wishes for my Daddy. He's very touched by your kindness.

Many hugs.

Catherine x


Garden girl said...

what a lovely grandma filled weekend you guys had! Lovely photos, and looking forward to hearing and seeing all of your latest lovely bits and pieces. Ice cream pegs sound fabulous!x

Vintage Amethyst said...

Sounds like a perfect time was had by all.
Oohhh I do love the seaside!
Alison x

Things Hand Made said...

thats sounds a lovely day. Lots of places now seems to have " Made in..." shops. Its really nice to see.

tillyboo said...

What a fantastic day you had. I love a good old rummage but haven't found anywhere inspiring round here yet.
I often look in on the 'Made in Hastings' website, their stuff is wonderfully unique and well done for getting your creations in there - I shall look forward to seeing them.
Oh, bum, I missed the cut for the giveaway, nevermind, just plain old butter icing is my fav though.

Rachael Rabbit said...

I was born in Hastings :-)