Friday, 27 June 2008

Thank you's all round x

Many thanks for all your lovely helpful comments about Molly going to playgroup. I'm still feeling uneasy about it all but these little feet will be walking off to one very soon. I am looking very hard into finding the right place for her. Small church or village hall ones are what I'm after. Something like what I went to.
I remember the days of milk in mini glass bottles with a straw and scalloped edged rich tea finger biscuits. And playing with hula hoops and space hoppers lol
I was very lucky to go to a village hall playgroup owed and run by my godmother and little Gran. So settling in was easy as I already felt safe and happy. I just hope I can find the same sort of place for Molly.
I do still get a lump in my throat when thinking about it, our little cupcake is growing into a big cupcake and will be left home and married before we've even blinked. It's so important to hold onto all the memories, that is why I love having this blog to share them all with you. Because I can go back into it and show them every detail of their early years.

Thank you again all you lovely, lovely ladies. Knowing I have friend like you to turn to helps me see things in a different light. And not just my silly Mummy I don't want to let her go out into the big mean wide world light.

Many hugs.

Catherine xxx


Ragged Roses said...

Oh I love red shoes!!!! Those litttle red shoes on those little red feet - I know just how anxious you must be feeling about playgroup, I'm sure it'll be okay for both of you, You'll still have special times together and your blog has captured so many wonderful memories for your children. Take care
PS I love Bodiam Castle too!

Garden girl said...

Do they do her shoes in grown up sizes??
I am sure you will find the perfect place Catherine, when you walk in you will just know it.Take care xx

Kitty said...

Gorgeous shoes! I remember feeling like you do now, but I did the rounds of local playgroups/preschools, and found one with such a lovely 'crafty' atmosphere. Both my little people absolutely loved it there, and even now talk about the times they had there. Good luck. x

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Those red shoes are adorable you have to keep them when they get too small!! The playgroup Mason went to was just like the one you want Molly to go to, I used to help out now and again and it was a very happy place to be!! Claire x

julia said...

Loving those little red shoes! I know exactly how you feel about playgroup but she'll love it. Time moves on very quickly for us mummies but our children will have some fantastic memories to look back on.
Julia x
ps. Good move joining the National Trust, we use our membership loads!

JuicyFig said...

I can still remember feeling devestated when Taryn started play group, ran in, and never gave me a second glance, and now I drive her mad with tales of her as a child - constantly!!!

It is all part of the process of growing up, and every second is precious!


Raindrops to Rainbows said...

Just been catching up with you, your idea of what a playgroup should be is just what kind of place id like to send my children to. Little church groups always seem so friendly & cosy, and a village hall kind of group would be just the same but without the religious bits if thats not your cup of tea. Ooooh, i long for the day when i have children to make these decisions for, God willing.

Lindsay XX

Jessica said...

I love those little red shoes-the look like the shoes on the front of Apples for Jam!

Anonymous said...

cath, don't worry but follow your instinct. if it feels right then go with it.
little girls are growing