Friday, 30 April 2010

Swap loveliness

All these lovely goodies came for me in the post this week, thank you Melissa for all the beautiful items, they are fabulous. As you can see the cushion is a big hit with my cat Thomas. He's so cheeky i popped it on my favourite chair and he got on and nicked it lol
Thank you for the cupcakes sleepover bag, they will use that for the first time after our wedding garden party. They're staying with friends for the very first time and having their own bag will make it more fun. X
And another big thank you goes to Gemma for all the lovely items below. My favourite is the chick in the egg, it's so cute.
How cute is this...
And the cookies, well i just found it so hard to bite into mine because it's so pretty. Bunting is my favourite thing. But once I'd taken a bite, well it wasn't long before it had gone :o( tasted wonderful with my morning coffee.
As you can see the flower one got a big nibble out of it before i could photo it LOL i wonder who that was? hmmm miss Daisy hehe!
Thank you once again for my lovely swap items they are all and where hehe! fabulous.
I hope you enjoy yours, they are in the post now. A little later then i wanted just because life runs away here in the Cupcake house and even more so as the moment because of the wedding plans and orders.
Many thanks to everyone joining in the Spring Easter swap, please let me see photo's of what you got.
Have a good weekend.
Oh one more thing, you'll be pleased to know that last Saturday while in Bluewater i found my wedding dress and it came home with me yeay!!!! I'm so excited now i could burst lol
cupcake love x

Friday, 23 April 2010

It's great being a kid!

Oh to be able to jump on the bed again, me thinks i might break it if i tried LOL
So I'll leave it for the cupcakes to enjoy.
Have a good weekend.
Trying on as many dresses as i can tomorrow, maybe I'll find that special one, who knows.
I hope the swap is going well, back on Monday with more news.
I know a couple of you couldn't get hold of your partners, i hope it's been sorted now.
With love,

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Flowers and wedding favours

I had to just share with you these beautiful flowers, now you'd think they where florist bought but no they are in fact picked from Granny cupcakes very own garden. Aren't they amazing, and they smell wonderful too. I do think she has green fingers because she can take the smallest of cuttings and it will grow. She makes me laugh when we're out for a walk and she sees something she fancies. And says "I'll just have a little piece of that" and whoop she's nabbed it off a bush, tree or flower lol next thing it's growing in her garden. LOL she's fabulous.

I've just last night popped my wedding favours on to NOTHS so if you're thinking of something different go on over and have looksie. £2.50 each, with Mr & Mrs on one side the date of your wedding or plain on the other. You choose.

I hope the swaps going well, please let me know what you've all got. I'm posting mine tomorrow and sorry to the couple of ladies that didn't get in. I've just been so busy and not had time to contact you, maybe the next one.
I will be letting you know a little more about our wedding plans soon because OMG it's only a few weeks away argh! really should find a dress to wear lol I'm not worried really ;O)
With love

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Frozen Mummies, happy children hehe!

Take one very grey, cloudy and cold day. Mix it with lots of crazy Mummies and children and you've got us yesterday having an Easter egg hunt picnic by the river in Rochester lol
It was oh so cold but we all wrapped up and made the effort to go. The children had a fab time, playing on the swings, slide and generally just running around.

On our table we sat on cushions and snuggled in blankets while the egg hunt began. The lovely lady in this photo with the fabulous bright pink socks is Lara. A big thank you to you lovely for organising this half term fun.
The children look so cute running in and out of the bright yellow daffs and are totally unaware of the cold Brrrrr!
Just look at the big smiles, amazing what a few chocolate eggs can do lol
Anyway a couple of hours sitting in the cold was enough for all us Mummies and we packed up and headed off to our fabulous little cafe The Deaf Cat Cafe which has now moved in to bigger premises. Yeay! and looks lovely, congratulations to Laura and fella the owners x.
I really did forget to take more photos or it may just have been that my fingers had stopped working, due to the cold but just picture 7 little girls and 4 Mummies on sofas, armchairs and tables, all chatting, drinking hot chocolates and coffee's eating yummy cakes and cookies.
A cute picture indeed, and it made me giggle looking at all the girlie's together because they just looked like mini versions of us, laughing and chatting about who found the most eggs. LOL
What a wonderful day we had.
Sometimes the simple days out are the best, aren't they x

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Happy Birthday Mum x

Happy birthday Mummy, for this blog i just wanted to do a post full of some of my favourite photos of you because this is one of the ways i get to see everyday.
I know we could go on the web cam but it always breaks up. So apart from the pictures of you i have in my head these ones are second best to seeing you for real.
With your love and support you've let me grow into the woman i am today and i thank you for that with all my heart. Letting me make my decisions and choosing the path i have in life, which has turned out to be the best thing I've ever done. Standing by me through the crappy times and watching me grow stronger and happier with each step.
Love you very much.
See you soon, sorry it's been so long.
Hugs and birthday wishes for a wonderful day x

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Swap detail mix up lol

Some of you lovely ladies have been emailing me with your address details, i think it's because you've read the last bit of my post saying email me you're addresses and I'll post your items off to you. That was only meant for Scrumptious Treats and Miss Sew & Sew, as we're all swapping together.
I hope this has cleared it up for you all.
Please send you're swap partner you're details not me :o)
Happy swapping x

Friday, 9 April 2010

Swap pairs just in...

ok here we go lovely ladies, just click on you're pairs and swap emails and addresses once you're Spring / Easter swaps are completed.

Rules again are 5 or more items, handmade, food, sweets, bought or recycled. You choose as long as they are Spring and Easter related. All swaps to be completed by or around 23rd April.

Have lots of fun and please drop by and tell me what lovelies you all got.

Right here are the pairs as follows,

The Vintage Gardener & Jude

Jackie & Saraeden

Crafty Helen & The Mad House

Anna & Jille

Isobel & Bekimarie

Vintage Girl & Pixiedust

Scrumptious Treats & Miss Sew and Sew your have to swap with ME! Hope you don't mind but there was a even number of you and with little old me joining in it made it odd, so i got to go in the pot twice yeay!

Please email me you're addresses and and i can post your items off once I've finished collecting them. X

If there are any problems with links or anything just drop me a line, but apart from that have fun and thank you for joining in.

With love

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Spring / Easter Swap Extended until the 9th April

Hello everyone, thank you to all of you that have already asked to join in the swap. I thought I'd extend the cut of date by a few more days.
So there is still time to join in, please just leave me a comment on this post or the one below and I'll sort pairs out Friday 9th April now instead of today. I just thought that with the Easter break some of you might miss out. And i don't want that to happen lovely ladies.
Hope you all had a nice Easter weekend, we went off to a Easter fair, did an egg hunt and ended up at Whitstable on the bank holiday Monday.
It's also just occurred to me that i need a kick up the bum about our wedding lol I've nothing to wear yet and no invites written argh! it's the 6th of April already and our wedding day is the 28th May LOL how much notice should you give your guests?
It will all be fine I'm sure. I'm relaxed and so is Mr cupcakes.
The cupcakes have their dresses and hair clips. They just need shoes and a single flower with a ribbon wrapped stem, sorted!

Enjoy the rest of the week, back soon x