Friday, 30 April 2010

Swap loveliness

All these lovely goodies came for me in the post this week, thank you Melissa for all the beautiful items, they are fabulous. As you can see the cushion is a big hit with my cat Thomas. He's so cheeky i popped it on my favourite chair and he got on and nicked it lol
Thank you for the cupcakes sleepover bag, they will use that for the first time after our wedding garden party. They're staying with friends for the very first time and having their own bag will make it more fun. X
And another big thank you goes to Gemma for all the lovely items below. My favourite is the chick in the egg, it's so cute.
How cute is this...
And the cookies, well i just found it so hard to bite into mine because it's so pretty. Bunting is my favourite thing. But once I'd taken a bite, well it wasn't long before it had gone :o( tasted wonderful with my morning coffee.
As you can see the flower one got a big nibble out of it before i could photo it LOL i wonder who that was? hmmm miss Daisy hehe!
Thank you once again for my lovely swap items they are all and where hehe! fabulous.
I hope you enjoy yours, they are in the post now. A little later then i wanted just because life runs away here in the Cupcake house and even more so as the moment because of the wedding plans and orders.
Many thanks to everyone joining in the Spring Easter swap, please let me see photo's of what you got.
Have a good weekend.
Oh one more thing, you'll be pleased to know that last Saturday while in Bluewater i found my wedding dress and it came home with me yeay!!!! I'm so excited now i could burst lol
cupcake love x


Stephanie said...

So glad you found your Wedding Dress!! Hope all is going well in the run up to the big day!
xxx Steph

Anonymous said...

Hi there - I finally managed to get in touch with my swap partner, so thanks for help. Fabulous news about the dress!xxx

Scrumptious Treats said...

Glad you liked your pressies and also glad the biscuits got to you in one piece as its the first time i've posted them. Can't wait to see pics of the wedding dress.

Gemma x

Miss Sew & So said...

i am sooo happy you loved the box of goodies- and that the gals 'sleepover' cupcake bag will become part of your wedding festivities....our cats take to my cushions too...and the kids playroom gets all my kitchen bunting- thats what makes a house a home...isn't it...
soooo looking forward to seeing THE DRESS!!!

thanks for the fun of the 'swap'...

have a lovely weekend- dress-tick!

melissa x

Kissed by an Angel said...

Fabulous swap gifts!!! Delighted you have found your wedding dress!!! Can't wait to see the photos!!!

Tracy x said...

woo hoo a dress!!!
cannot wait to see it and thank goodness you found it - i was starting to really think you were going to have to go with the shock the mother in law option ;)
love to you all
t x

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oooohhh such lovely swap goodies.
Have a lovely weekend.
Love Alison

THIS'N'THAT said...

All looks delicious! Looking forward to seeing the wedding pics. Enjoy your countdown.
Lesley X :)

Anna said...

ahhhh your swaps are lovely.

i received my lovely goodies...Jill and i ended up doing it a little later than planned with both of us being busy busy.
i will email you a picture incase you want to put swaps up on here??
but my little parcel of goodies still hasn't got to he :( ...Im very disappointed and rather annoyed with our stupid postal system. its the first time i've ever had a parcel not turn up to someone. nothings coming up on the tracking. so i will have to sort something else out. i don't want her to miss out on the swap.

Not long til the wedding now :) how exciting!!!

anna xx