Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Spring / Easter Swap Extended until the 9th April

Hello everyone, thank you to all of you that have already asked to join in the swap. I thought I'd extend the cut of date by a few more days.
So there is still time to join in, please just leave me a comment on this post or the one below and I'll sort pairs out Friday 9th April now instead of today. I just thought that with the Easter break some of you might miss out. And i don't want that to happen lovely ladies.
Hope you all had a nice Easter weekend, we went off to a Easter fair, did an egg hunt and ended up at Whitstable on the bank holiday Monday.
It's also just occurred to me that i need a kick up the bum about our wedding lol I've nothing to wear yet and no invites written argh! it's the 6th of April already and our wedding day is the 28th May LOL how much notice should you give your guests?
It will all be fine I'm sure. I'm relaxed and so is Mr cupcakes.
The cupcakes have their dresses and hair clips. They just need shoes and a single flower with a ribbon wrapped stem, sorted!

Enjoy the rest of the week, back soon x


Anna said...

ooo yes i'd totally missed that one. i'd like to join too please. just let me know what i need to do.
oh im sure your wedding will all pull together and sort itself out, it'll be amazing.though yes it really isnt long away.(got a friend in the same boat hers is the 23rd may and we've not got invites yet, not sure where it is,if we need to book hotels or days off work lol)

bekimarie said...

Glad to hear you're so calm about the wedding 'hehe'.
Blogged about your swap today so hopefully you'll have some more come over.

Beki xxx

Bobo Bun said...

Hi Catherine

Been meaning to pop by for a while now, but you gave me the right kick up the bum I needed. Now about swapping, I hang my head in shame. I've vowed no more swapping until I finally get yours posted. What's it been - a year? I think when we get it sorted it'll need its own special post.

Enjoy the hols - oh and I agree, the wedding will all get sorted, but I think maybe you need to get a bit of a wiggle on with those invites. If not, just you and the kids just as much fun.

Lisa x

Tilly Rose said...

Hi ya, thanks for the message re moving/renting etc...i have to say I love renting...i have found that its not the house that makes the home but whats inside.....we owned our own house before and this one still feels like our even though its not......the dresser is big and heavy so you would need a van to collect it. we are in Devon so would be a round trip for you of about 8-9 hours, however, i'm only looking for 150-180 for it so its a bargain really....let me kow if it is of serious interet to you...happy wedding planning......xxx

Kissed by an Angel said...

You are VERY laid back about your wedding!!! I can't wait to see you photos!!!

Jude said...

Hi, Yes please include me I'd lourve to join. Cheers Jude

Amanda said...

A laid back approach to the wedding sounds best. We did Vegas, so easy and still had our little family there too. My friend had two (changed her mind) dresses off ebay (China) gorgeous. If you do do that be a little bit generous with the sizes you send them as they cut the material with not much seam allowance.

Purple Sparkle said...

I'm so glad it's not just me! My wedding is 1st May and I was recently speaking to someone who was horrified that I hadn't worked out how I would wear my hair yet! I sent out invitations today, so about 3 weeks before the wedding. Although all of our guests do already know it's happening, so it was a formality really. I don't have any shoes either. Congratulations! :-)

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Good luck with the wedding preparations, so much nicer to have a chilled out wedding I am sure :-) Oohh I may join your swap, just have to ponder a day or two more as it will be my first and a bit scary :-o

Garden Girl said...

You've got NOTHING TO WEAR??? Hmm. If you need someone to go wedding dress shopping with...?!
Glad you're chilled out. The day is about you and Ben and thats all that matters. You'll have a fabulous day and look like a princess.
I'm going to pass on the swap my dear, all so manic this end, but thought I would pop in and say hello. Glad all is well with you and the little people, lots of love xxx