Sunday, 25 November 2007

On memory of Ronnie/Dougal 1996-2007

This is the saddest blog I've had to type, but on returning from a lovely weekend with family and friends. I found my beautiful boy had passed away down the side of the house and was no longer with me anymore.
So I thought I'd put some of my favourite photos of him on here in his memory.

He'd had this Mr mouse for years and it was his fav toy and he'd always beat it around the room and end up snuggled up with it somewhere. Sadly it got lost on our last move into this house, but he didn't seem to mind. As long has he had me, he was happy.
He'd sit in the funniest of positions but always kept his pride and dignity covered lol
And the other love of his life was Megan, I remember the first time we introduced them. I was so scared he'd just a attack her and the fur would fly. But no they just hissed at one another and then became the best of friends. And would snuggle up together in the oddest of places. This is them in the rabbit hutch. Soppy things.
One of the funniest things Megan used to do to him was beat him round the head (no claws out) and then just put her paw on his head so he couldn't move. All this took place ever meal time, it was her way of telling him no not your turn until i say so hehe! I never thought he'd put up with it, but he did and it was the funniest thing to see. This huge tabby being bossed around by the smallest little female. He did love her and she's missing him already.

I'll miss your purr, love and soft fur, the way you used to hang on to the back door, climb up my leg if I was cutting up meat for dinner, the way you used to know if a packet of pork scratchings was being opened anywhere in the house, your meaow, that sounded like "hello", how you could never make it over the child safety gate in one go, how you'd run out of the room if one or both of the girls screamed, how you'd come and sit with me when I was feeling ill or low and how you found me again when you got lost for 3 months and jumped into my arms and cuddled in to my neck and purred with happiness, full of ticks and fleas from all the farm fields the vet said, but you came home and found me and stayed with me for 12 years. Coming with me even when I left to start a new life. You have brought me so much happiness and have given so much love. I will miss you dearly.

Rest in peace old friend, see you someday.

Catherine x

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

A cold won't stop me.

Even with a nasty head cold I still got up and set off to the CL fair with my oldest daugther Jade and we had a lovely day.
I picked up one of these gorgeous duck egg blue enamel spoons and now I'd like to get some others to match it or in a baby pink, so I'm asking anyone and everyone for your help, if you know where I can get them please do tell. I'd be very grateful x
I have a thing for pretty floral tea-towels and found this lovely one for only £1.50 wow what a bargain, I'd looked at some others on another stall and they where £5 each and that was in there sale basket, their starting price was £8. I thought that was mad for one tea-towel, no matter how lovely it was lol so we walked away form that one. And I found this just waiting for me to buy it, so home it came.:)
I was very happy to see a few of my items left on a friends stall, she said out of about 160 items I'd sent her, there was only 6 left. So she was very happy also and placed another order with me there and then. You can imagine the smile on my face, from ear to ear it was. A very happy bunny I was. It's lovely to know people like your stock so much and it nearly all sells out. Maybe one day I'll be able to do the show myself, but that will take a lot of work and I don't want my little ones to suffer. When they start school, I'll look into it. What do you think?

After the good news and walking around the top half of the show, Jade and I made our way into the food court. This part of the show is great, because you can try before you buy. And really you don't even have to buy lol. So Jade and I tested all sorts of yummy things, Xmas pudding, mince pies, cheese, sausages, biscuits with chutney, sweets, fruits juices, coffee and I just couldn't not stop at the Sloe stand. Where I had a sloe whisky, hmmm that did my cold some good, (well it was medicinal and not a treat really) hehe!

After we'd eaten our way though nearly every stall lol we went down stairs for the last part of the show. Jade got her self a cute pair of fleece mittens and a couple of Christmas presents. I treated her to a pretty bath bomb with glitter and I got given a free cupcake soap, so that was a nice surprise. We got there in the light and by the time we'd finished it was dark outside. Ben called to make sure we were ok, he was getting dinner on for him and the girls. So Jade and I had a naughty MacDonald's before we set off home.

Molly's giving her fun day with Daddy the thumbs up and Daisy singing yeay for Daddy lol

Happy and sleepy we got in about 8.30 ish to find the girls all warm and fast asleep in bed and Ben resting on the sofa. They had been very good for their Daddy and had a fun day of play, treats and DVD's.
We all settled down with a cuppa and watched Casualty. A nice end to a great day.

Thanks to Jade for being a wonderful daugther and shopping partner. Lots of love Mum x

Back soon with more.


Catherine x

Friday, 16 November 2007

Happy 4 years together, wow it's gone fast

Happy Anniversary Ben I love you so very much and want to grow old and grey with you. This is how I see you each and everyday. You're just as gorgeous now as the first few weeks we got together. Remember this day? My love for you has grown each and everyday and will grow each and every year.
And sorry you have a cold and feel all ickie, I'll give you lots of TLC xxx

Catherine x

Thursday, 15 November 2007

The big count down

Well the time is ticking away and Christmas day will be upon us sooner than later. Over the last couple of weeks I've been painting like mad for other peoples orders and now it's time for myself. I've a Christmas Bizarre on the 8th Dec and have looked into my stock boxes and they aren't looking very full argh! so it's paint, sew and varnish from now till then. I will try and post everyday like some of you have been doing. And I have to say a thank you those of you that have done this. Without having a coffee break and a great read I'd of gone and will go mad. So thank you for keeping sane x

Yeay! all finished, an order of hearts about a 125 of them, it was good to be able to take a photo of the finished items. Now I have to paint more for a couple of customers and the fair. I'll get there. And I hope they sell, they're ideal for hanging on the tree or present tags and only £3.50 a pack of 7 not going to break the bank.
I've had these yummy items for a while now and haven't had the time to photo them, but here they are. They're now packed away for Christmas for our two little ones. Aren't they sweet? Sophie Stansfield Designs is where you can buy them, just click on her link to find more yummy goods. And her new blog. Welcome Sophie. Thank you for all the little extras you put in for the girls. They will love them. x

I must admit I've had a few nice new items come in the post. This one of my favourites a gorgeous new apron. I'll be wearing this at the Christmas fair and I have some of Vanessa 's business cards to give out. Check out her lovely handmade items at Just Original. She was kind enough to pop in a cute dotty heart as a thank you for my order, I just love getting goodies. A big thank you Vanessa, you're a real sweetie. x I'm sure you all know where this lovely badge came from, that's right over at Cupcakes for Clara. It now has pride and place on my favourite scarf and looks very much at home. Thanks Laura and good luck with the wedding. xI just had to pop these photos on for you all to see, it's Molly and Megan. Megan the cat has a thing for anything furry and purrs and kneads hers paws into it. Molly was copying her and pretending to be a cat. What a funny pair. And this is what Thomas thinks about it all, charming isn't he? Put it away Tom! you naughty puss.

Have a good weekend everyone whatever you are doing. I'm off to the Country Living fair on Saturday afternoon. So I tell you all about it when I come back.

Keep warm, lots of hugs.

Catherine x

Monday, 12 November 2007

If you go down in the woods today

Not a very busy weekend just the normal bit of shopping and visiting family and painting lots of pegs.

So I thought I'd put some of the beautiful Autumn photos we took on a Sunday walk with the girls a couple of weekends ago.

This time of year is just lovely the sun is warm and the colours amazing.

Daisy was looking at these mushrooms with a look of yum on her little face so we quickly moved her off away from them lol. Here are our little wood pixies collecting leafs and sticks for an Autumn mobile. Photos will be taken soon of the finished item.
Aww and back home for a hot cuppa and a good read through this little lot. Then it's back to the painting and packing stock. Is there no rest for the wicked? lol

I hope you are all doing ok and everything for Christmas is coming together. Good luck to anyone doing fairs and markets. Lets all knock the top of the cheap crappy commercialized Christmas's and have a lovely homemade with love and family one.

Warm hugs.
Catherine x

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Don't you wish you had been her?

I just had to share this video with all you lovely hard working ladies, it's only short, so stop what you're doing put the kettle on, make a tea or coffee. Sit back and watch.

I just couldn't believe my eyes when I stumbled across this on youtube. I was looking for Radiohead songs and as Creep is my favourite I was delighted to find so many on there.

There is a bit of swearing in it as it's the oriental version of the song, so I have to say sorry for that. But please enjoy it.

The funny thing is the first time heard this song I was in a HMV store listening through the store headphones. What I want to know is where was Mr Depp then??? I would of played it much cooler than her lol ;) ;)

So I hope you all enjoy this and have a little break from the Christmas madness we are all in.

Hugs. x

Catherine x

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Halloween and Birthday wishes x

The little ones didn't know anything about Halloween but they did enjoy watching the pumpkin be cut out and light up.
And when we turned out the lights, they screamed with delight not fear thank goodness hehe! I'm sorry to say I didn't make anything with the pumpkins insides. Somewhere along the way it must of got dropped and was a little mouldy inside. Maybe next year I'll have a go at something. Not to sure I'll like though the smell of it puts me off lol

Molly and Jade got stuck into work on some yummy lemon muffins, ready for our visit to Claire's from Elfie & me. And they went down a treat. I think it's because of the two little cooks that made them with me.
On the 22nd of Oct my beautiful Granny turned 87 and here she is with one of her birthday cakes. Just one candle, I couldn't get that many on her eclair.

I took the girls round and we spent the day with her. She got lots of gifts. Here she is opening a special one from me.

When I was looking though my photos the other day I came across this one her and my Grandad. And I just knew I had to get her a copy do and popped into a little frame. It will remind her of happier times with him. Because sadly now he is in a nursing home and has had outsimers for about 9 years now and is just a shell of a man he once was.
My gran goes and sits with him everyday and feeds him every lunch time. I think it's her dedication and strength that keeps him going. She always says that the staff are fantastic but don't have the time to sit and feed him his food, where as she does and wants too.
I think all the treats she gives him, like cakes and chocolate help too hehe!
I am so proud of my Granny and as you can see so are her three Great Grandaugthers.
Big hugs for a amazing lady, we love you lots. Don't ever change. x x x

I hope I'm as fabulous as she is when I'm her age. She is an inspiration to me.

Hugs to all Mothers, Grannies, Nana's and Great Grandmas and Nana's.

Have a lovely week whats left of it. X

Catherine x