Monday, 12 November 2007

If you go down in the woods today

Not a very busy weekend just the normal bit of shopping and visiting family and painting lots of pegs.

So I thought I'd put some of the beautiful Autumn photos we took on a Sunday walk with the girls a couple of weekends ago.

This time of year is just lovely the sun is warm and the colours amazing.

Daisy was looking at these mushrooms with a look of yum on her little face so we quickly moved her off away from them lol. Here are our little wood pixies collecting leafs and sticks for an Autumn mobile. Photos will be taken soon of the finished item.
Aww and back home for a hot cuppa and a good read through this little lot. Then it's back to the painting and packing stock. Is there no rest for the wicked? lol

I hope you are all doing ok and everything for Christmas is coming together. Good luck to anyone doing fairs and markets. Lets all knock the top of the cheap crappy commercialized Christmas's and have a lovely homemade with love and family one.

Warm hugs.
Catherine x


Ragged Roses said...

Lovely photos, it's a great time of year isn't it. Good luck with all that crafting
Kim x

jessica daisy said...

What a perfect autumn day, you little girlies look so cute.
I'm soon to recieve the dec issue of country living from mum who has a subcription, can't wait!

Katy said...

I love Autumn, it is the best time of year!
And I second you -lets knock 'Made In China' on the head this year!

Curlew Country said...

What fab pictures and your little wood pixies look so sweet. Its been such a lovely dry, beautiful autumn hasn't it. I took my little men to an fun day at a National Trust woodland, it was brill and they made autumn crowns and mobiles too. I have an identical magazine stash on my living room table, perfect for cosying up on an autumn evening with - my absolute favourite pastitme, although I'm spending most of them painting now (oh and I've got a matching tablecloth aswell - great minds think alike obviously!)Good luck for your Christmas fairs, here's to handmade and hope you sell out.